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              THE FRANK G. HENRY DOGS (By Mariano Peinado) (Updated May 21, 2023)


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In the early 1900s, or early 20th century, excuse the redundancy, from an advertisement in a dog magazine of the time, Frank G. Henry, an important an extraordinary breeder of the breed in the forgotten, prophesied how would be the Pit Bull of tomorrow, that is, what the Pit Bulls of today would be like. Henry was so satisfied and proud of his dogs that he could not imagine the Pit Bulls of the future, which were of better quality than the ones he himself already owned at that time. That feeling of Henry's was prophetically captured in an ad in a canine magazine of the time, the ad that we can see in the previous photograph heading this chapter dedicated to his person, his little animals and his work in favor of the breed.


Henry took his first American Pit Bull Terrier by importing it from England around 1895. Henry named to the animal HENRY'S “RICHMOND. Henry was so pleased with the performance of this animal, that he used it extensively in his breeding plan. Within Henry´s the breeding plan, also used different crosses with LLOYD'S “PILOTand LLOYD'S “PADDY.


      HENRY'S “RICHMOND FIAPBT Pedigree Online         CHARLIE LLOYD'S “PILOT FIAPBT Pedigree Online


Henry's dogs were characterized, among other things, for being balanced dogs and for their physical strength. They were physically proportioned, with a good predisposition for work. They had a good prey and grip. As for the color, Henry's dogs were usually black color, he also had some white, brindle and Red Nose.


Frank G. Henry's RED TODDY was a Red Nose, which, due to its valuable and predominant genetics, worked in the year 1900 with dedication and care by Henry in his breeding plan, managed to transmit a great influence to the own breed through its descendants, achieving in my opinion, just at the beginning of the new century, inaugurating a "NEW ERA" in various important "new" genetic ramifications that would soon come to the breed, which would begin to give much what to talk about among fans even in the present times.


                                                      HENRY'S “RED TODDY FIAPBT Pedigree Online 

                          RED TODDY POST HENRY'S “RED TODDY


The RED TODDY was one of the most important Henry stud dog, if not the most. Despite the fact that at that time in the year 1900 the term Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) did not yet exist in the breed, or abbreviated as Red Nose, indeed the RED TODDY met the 5 pigmentation requirements to be classified as a Red Nose. According to Bob Hemphill, it was not until approximately the year 1920, when Dan Mc Coy began to use the term Old Family Red Nose for all those specimens of the breed, which, regardless of their genetic origin, possessed 5 very specific pigmentation characteristics, being the 5 pigmentation characteristics that the RED TODDY showed, being the following:

- Mantle brown color in its different tonalities, admitting itself the white color, - The nose red, rosaceous or colour meat, - The corner of the pinkish lips. - White, brown or pinkish nails. - Amber eyes.


Dan McCoy, Bob Hemphill, Bob Wallace, Bob O'Neal and other breeders around them, used the Irish Red Nose dogs of the old Irishman William J. Lightner in their respective breedings, since they were the dogs they knew in their environment, they were enthusiastic about these dogs and managed to make them very popular. I believe that, for this reason, several fans today mistakenly believe that Red Nose dogs are only those, which come from Lightner and from these breeders from the same Lightner environment who bred their dogs. These fans to whom I refer, who are under this misperception, they believe it, because it was Dan McCoy, from the same Lightner environment who created the term Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) or Red Nose in 1920 for those specimens of Lightner himself that met the aforementioned 5 pigmentation characteristics, without knowing that before and after those Lightner Red Nose specimens, there were many other specimens in various places, which also met the same 5 pigmentation characteristics , that is, also Red Nose, but from other genetic origins of the breed as good or better than those of Lightner or of the mentioned breeders from his environment, Red Nose such as RED TODDY, or its son HENRY'S “RED TODDY JR, however, due to the mere fact of not being in their environment and because, furthermore, these specimens had an important part of their genetics of English origin, the breeding work carried out with them by Henry was not taken into account and this question, happened the same tham with Henry with other breeders who were not from Ireland, nor from the environment of the breeders mentioned above.


It must be known that at that time in the USA there was a huge rivalry between irish and english dogmens, in terms of seeing which dogs were the best in the fight, since at that time dogfighting was not an illegal activity as it is today in most countries of the world. However, the blood, genetics or strains of both countries in American territory, were already quite mixed with each other, since, for example, the Irish dogs had already been mixed with crosses that were made with English Pit Bulls such as LLOYD'S “PILOT, LLOYD'S “PADDY, BURKE´S “RAFFERTY, etc. and vice versa.


William J. Lightner with Timmy 

                      William J. Lightner With his Red Nose named as Timmy.


Those same fans, who mistakenly believe in the denomination of Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) or Red Nose, think that only the Red Nose arose from Ireland, without knowing that other bloodlines, genetics or strains also arose from Ireland. various pigmentations as important as that of the Red Nose, but not so well known, even, other bloods, genetics or strains also arose equally Red Nose, not only Lightner's. Dishonestly, some have wanted to monopolize for their own benefit, but to the detriment of the breed and its fans, the denomination or nickname, which Dan Mc Coy created for Pit Bulls that met the aforementioned 5 pigmentation characteristics and that many specimens of the breed show from its own origins hundreds of years ago, I am referring, of course, to the Pit Bulls known as Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) or Red Nose. That attitude is not right, that is ugly.


In the same dynamic as the above, in other places, not only in Ireland, Pit Bull Red Nose also emerged, and other bloodlines, genetics or strains of various pigmentations as important as that of the Red Nose also emerged. I think that the ramification genetic or genetic branch called Old Family Red Nose (OFRN), or simply Red Nose, only belongs to the breed itself and its fans, because it are identified genes, which are part of the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT or Pit Bull), the Pit Bull Red Nose does not belong to any specific place, nor to some specific Pit Bull, nor to some specific breeders, nor to similar matters, which lead to the confusion of the fan, in some cases intentionally.


Bob Hemphill (in the left), Bob O’Neal (center) and Gaboon Trahan (in the right) talking in a diner 

Bob Hemphill (left), Bob O’Neal (center) and Gaboon Trahan (right) talking in a diner.


It is interesting to know that before Dan Mc Coy began to name those specimens of the breed that possessed the 5 pigmentation characteristics already indicated with the term Old Family Red Nose, from Ireland itself, this Pit Bulls were already called with the term Old Family Reds or even, by many fans, they were not even called in any way, because it are 5 pigmentation characteristics typical of the breed itself, as I have already detailed. The term Old Family Reds, was used to remember a group of Pit Bulls that lived around 1850 in the counties of Kerry and Cork in Ireland, which were bred by some Irish fans for the aforementioned 5 characteristics of pigmentation and in that place they became popular, since at that time many specimens congregated, forming in that place a great family of Pit Bulls with the same 5 pigmentation characteristics, also due to consanguinity between the specimens themselves, since some Breeders refused to cross their dogs with others dogs that did not have the 5 pigmentation characteristics, since to be recessive genes they quickly lost the pigmentation that they liked so much if they were crossed with Pit Bulls with different pigmentation, but that does not mean, that the Old Family Reds was created in that place, nor on those dates, it is simply more of the same than what I have already explained with the denomination of the Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) or Red Nose.


It is difficult for me to explain all this, but I believe that it is becoming clear that the Old Family Reds did not originate with that family of Irish Pit Bulls in 1850 in counties Kerry and Cork, nor that Lightner, nor Dan Mc Coy neither Bob Hemphill, nor Bob Wallace, nor Bob O'Neal, nor others, from the year 1920 were the creators of the genetics of the Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) or Red Nose, because they simply showed interest in a plan of breeding in their dogs based on the fixation of the 5 pigmentation characteristics, and later, they will call them with the term OFRN or Red Nose, since those 5 pigmentation characteristics that their Pit Bulls presented are essence and part of the breed and nobody else's, it's just that, simple.


This blood, genetic or strain of Pit Bull, named in the year 1850 as the Old Family Reds in Ireland and some 70 years later in the USA, as the Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) or Red Nose, the common denominator of these terms, it is found in the pattern of the 5 pigmentation characteristics already mentioned, regardless of whether some of its ancestors were black or another coloration, the place, the breeder, etc.

By TRADITION, those specimens that currently show those same 5 pigmentation characteristics, it is indeed appropriate, to continue calling them Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) or Red Nose dogs, an adequate and correct way to identify a group of Pit Bulls for its pigmentation. If the traditions are adequate and correct, I think they must be preserved, but clearly, without Chinese tales involved.


Bob Wallace and his wife Doris Wallace with Wallace’s Red Brave AKA Curley in 1962 

Bob Wallace and his wife Doris Wallace with his Red Nose Pit Bull named as Wallace’s “Red Brave” AKA “Curley” in 1962.


Concluying, the denominations Old Family Reds, Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) or Red Nose, are terms to identify a specific group of Pit Bulls, terms which are not synonymous of creation nor ownership, therefore much that some insist on affirming the opposite to confuse and achieve benefiting their own interests.


One of the best specimens bred by Henry was a black dog called BLACK STAR, with considerable genetic influence from RED TODDY, which was owned by Earl Tudor. Earl crossed BLACK STAR with JACK SWIFT, producing TUDOR'S “JUDGE, an extraordinary result, resulting from crosses between many black Henry Pit Bulls. TUDOR'S “JUDGE was the great-grandfather of HARVERY´S “RED DEVIL, and this one, in turn, is the father of FERGUSON CENTIPEDE, both Old Family Red Nose specimens, or Red Nose, ancestors of other later Red Nose, such as example; BASS´TRAMP “RED BOY, etc.         






                                                                       TUDOR'S “JUDGE FIAPBT Pedigree Online



The genetic ramification of Henry's dogs in descending scale from his Red Nose HENRY´S “RED TODDY, followed by his descendants (many of them black) HENRY´S “ BLACK CUP, HENRY´S “·BLACK BRANDY, HENRY´S “·PLUNGER, HENRY´S “BLACK STAR, TUDOR´S “JUDGE”, TUDOR´S “BLACK JACK Jr., etc., from my point of view, I think it is the most important genetic ramification developed by Henry in his dogs, since it was one of the genetic ramifications of the breed that contributed to giving rise to TUDOR´S “DIBO, which , has from its sixth generation several times repeated TUDOR´S “BLACK JACK Jr., TUDOR´S “BLACK JACK, which come from Henry's dogs.


I contemplate all this and expose it, simply to make known a quite unknown facet and I think it is important within our wonderful and noble breed dog, without intending to diminish the merits of other breeders, who also contributed very much that extraordinary specimens, among them TUDOR´S “DIBO, came to be reality, breeders such as were; CON FEELEY; JOHN PH COLBY; W.M. SHIPLEY; EARL TUDOR; W.D. SMITH; etc., etc.


                                    Mr. and Mrs. Colby with their four young children — (1914)

                                                              John P.H. Colby and his wife with their four children — (1914)


The genetic ramification of TUDOR´S “DIBO is practically the base genetic ramification, the backbone of the breed in present times, from which other very important genetic ramifications were generated, such as those mentioned like the ELI Dogs, the Jerry Clemmons Dogs, Floyd Boudreaux, Earl Tudor, Reverend Howard Heinzl, and of course, that of "The BLACKS" from Maurice Carver's breeding plan, among many others. From my point of view, the measure of value and importance of each and every one of these genetic ramifications, curiously, go hand in hand and closely related to the amount of percentage that they possess in their genes of TUDOR´S “DIBO itself. The genetics of TUDOR´S “DIBO in its various ramifications, is internationally recognized precisely for its value, not only for good reproduction, but also, with respect to the various qualities and genetic virtues that they possess, to facilitate the effective and good development of Work and Sports in which this doggies framed within any of the genetic ramifications coming from TUDOR´S “DIBO were and are entrusted.


Returning to the main subject that brings us this day, Henry's dogs, after carefully appreciating some of the photographs that have been preserved of his dogs over time, with special attention to the photographs of his Pit Bulls with pigmentation of black color, I observe that Henry was right, with respect to the statement that he expressed in his publicity that can be seen in the first photograph of this tribute report, when Henry describing his dogs that he had just at that moment as; Henry's Dogs of Tomorrow, implying that the Pit Bulls of the future would be like the ones he owned at the time.


I think that, indeed, his dogs could perfectly pass for Pit Bull of the present time. I think this is largely due to the enormous genetic influence that Henry's Pit Bulls have transmitted in various ways to Pit Bulls today, despite having spent more than 120 years in many of their specimens.


So that the reader can carefully appreciate what has been said before and later draw their own conclusions, as an example, I show the photographs of some important Henry's Black Pit Bulls, which lived between the years 1905 and 1920, being some of the ancestral seeds from TUDOR´S “DIBO, from The BLACKS, etc.:


                           HENRY'S “BLACK CAP FIAPBT Pedigree Online                            HENRY'S “SHELLBARK FIAPBT Pedigree Online

    HENRY´S BLACK CAP  567329 - copia


                                                                      HENRY'S “BLACK BRANDY FIAPBT Pedigree Online


             HENRY'S “BLACK BRANDY FIAPBT Pedigree Online                         HENRY'S “PLUNGER FIAPBT Pedigree Online                       




                                                                 TUDOR´S (HENRY) “BLACK STAR FIAPBT Pedigree


                  Many people considered BLACK STAR as the best specimen bred by Frank G. HENRY in all his breeding work.



              HENRY'S “LADY IN BLACKFIAPBT Pedigree Online                 HENRY'S “NAPOLEON JACKFIAPBT Pedigree Online



    HENRY'S “BLACK TODDYFIAPBT Pedigree Online                                    HENRY'S “MIDNIGHTFIAPBT Pedigree Online



              HENRY'S “BLACK DEMONFIAPBT Pedigree Online                        HENRY'S “BLACK PADDYFIAPBT Pedigree Online               



HENRY'S “BLACK MOLLIEFIAPBT Pedigree Online                  HENRY'S “BLACK PANSYFIAPBT Pedigree Online



                   HENRY'S “BLACK DUKEFIAPBT Pedigree Online                           HENRY'S (LOWRY) “CZARFIAPBT Pedigree Online



The genealogy in scale descending of Henry's Pit Bulls, were some of the dogs of other good breeders in turn, I mean Jim Williams, Joe Corvino, Al Brown, Earl Tudor, Maurice Carver, W.D. Smith, Howard Heinzl, Floyd Boudreaux, etc., excellents specimens of the breed, for example; TUDOR´S “DIBO, in my opinion, the best reproducer of all ancient and modern times; “BLACK JACK” and his son “BLACK JACK Jr.”; “BLACK SHINE”; “BLACK WIDOW” and his daughter “BLACK GIRL”; “BLIND BILLY”; “CLANCY”; “GOLDIE”; “ELI”; “BULLYSON”, etc.


Starting from the year 1900, in scale descending from the important Pit Bull “RED NOSE” of Frank G. Henry, the RED TODDY and its many descendants of black dogs, whether these had a greater or lesser genetic weight of the RED TODDY, their descendants , directly or indirectly from them, other specimens with "RED NOSE" pigmentation were appearing in turn, where some breeders used the genetics of these and other “RED NOSE” specimens and their descendants in their respective breeding plans, later appearing others specimens “RED NOSE”, as for example; HARVEY´S “RED DEVIL, FERGUSON “CENTIPEDE , BASS´TRAMP “RED BOY, etc.


1237 71342346_1291276434329437_5547502157491601408_n


Within Henry's breeding plan and his genetic combinations, over time, as they were worked on and developed by other breeders, they would originate in new genetic ramifications, these being mostly black color pigmentation and latter, some of these black Pit Bulls, they converged in specimens with RED NOSE color pigmentation, which, this type of combinations in the color of the pigmentation, is something normal, most natural within the pure essence of our canine breed from its origins.


It should be noted that the result of breeding a male and a female both RED NOSE, cannot come out with black dogs, nor with any other pigmentation than not be RED NOSE. Yes, black dogs or other pigmentation can come out, when only one of the parents is RED NOSE, as is the case of the RED TODDY, when Henry obtained extraordinary black children from him by covering him with females that were not RED NOSE. In the same breeding dynamic, as indicative the pigmentation, we can also appreciate and verify the opposite of this genetic effect, of black dogs, such as PIRAÑAS ARNOLD X LADY, coming out extraordinary RED NOSE like the RED PIT. Unlike the RED NOSE, it is that, from two black dogs, RED NOSE dogs yes can come out as in the one in this example.




With these last exposed examples, it is more than demonstrated that the exclusivity of Pit Bulls with the 5 “RED NOSE” pigmentation characteristics, belongs to no one but the breed itself and its fans, as can be seen with all kinds of details in the report entitled BLOODLINES? and from the section “OLD FAMILY RED NOSE” (OFRN):



From left to right: Barry Scarcelo (Ponderosa Pits), Mariano Peinado, Danny Burns (RIP) (Ponderosa Pits) and Gary Hammond showing the books written by Mariano Peinado. Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A. Extraordinary dogmen, excellent people.


The first American Pit Bull Terriers that Earl Tudor owned came from Henry's dogs in 1915, although Earl Tudor, in his family environment since he was born in 1895, was always surrounded by American Pit Bull Terriers. The culmination of Earl Tudor's breeding using Henry's dogs was reflected in his dog “BLACK JACK” and his son “BLACK JACK Jr.” , which were some of the ancestors of TUDOR´S DIBO; 


              Earl Tudor 4 años y Jane 1890 

Earl Tudor with 4 years old and "JANE" the American Pit Bull Terrier in 1899. Photograph was taken in Kentucky before that the Tudor´s family moved to Oklahoma.


In some moment in the Earl Tudor´s life, he had more than 100 American Pit Bull Terrier in his yard. Tudor crossed the Henry dogs as pure as he could and crossed them with the families of Con Feeley, Colby, Bill Shipley, etc. Earl Tudor was 58 years old when he took to DIBO” from the Reverend Howard Heinzl from Arizona. The names that more appear in the first 8 generations of DIBO” pedigree, are Earl Tudor from Oklahoma with 39 times, Con Feeley from Illinois with 36 times and Bill Shipley from Texas 24 times.


One of the best kept secrets by the few breeders of the time who knew it, was that if you breed a family of blacks coming from English dogs, such as BURRISON'S “NIGGER, the mother of HENRY´S “RED TODDY, If a RED NOSE puppy comes out of any of its litters, you should keep it as best as possible in your yard without hesitation, to use it as a reproducer in your American Pit Bull Terrier family, because it will be a stud dog with practically all the guarantees of success in your breeding plan. Everything seems to indicate that Frank G. Henry knew this secret very well.


I can attest since my personal experience that this very well kept secret is right. My Red Pit (Red Nose) was the result in the first time that I crossed two blacks in early 1994 (Arnold X Lady) and used it like my stud dog in my family dogs. The result? I can say without fear of contradiction, I have not had another stud dog like him with such genetic dominance over the females that it covered and to conveyed it so many qualities and virtues to its offspring, giving outstanding results in jobs, sports and big game (wild boar) where were used, including like a family dog ​​(pet) were extraordinary.




                                                RED PIT” DE VILLA LIBERTY

                 Red Pit revista 2 

                                          THE LAST VIDEO IN THE “RED PIT´S LIFE 


"RED PIT" Online Pedigree - SUCCESS obtained by some RED PIT children   - Others pictures of "RED PIT"


After the work that Earl Tudor and his wife Flo did in breeding Henry's Pit Bulls for decades, the two of them and without even knowing it, an important part of their breeding through TUDOR´S “BLACK JACK and his son TUDOR´S “BLACK JACK Jr. and very especially through the genetics of TUDOR´S “DIBO, he came together in the well-known ELI Dogs, in The BLACKS and many other good ones of today.

                                          TUDOR'S “BLACK JACK                            x            HENRY´S “NELLIE

 TUDOR´S BLACK JACK.  Earl Tudor with Black Jack and Cunningham's Nellie


                                                                                               TUDOR'S “BLACK JACK JR

image011  Imagen


Some people mention the possibility that BOUDREAUX '"ELI" and TUDOR'S (Mayfield) "NIGGER" are direct descendants of TUDOR'S "BLACK JACK" and its son TUDOR'S "BLACK JACK JR." (Both father and son came from the HENRY dogs) by its black color and its physical resemblance, or so they say. We must not forget that we are talking about dogs of the same breed dog, which is not surprising at all if any of these specimens to show similar to one another, is normal that may occur between individuals of the same breed dog and it not mean that they have to be nor much less direct family, nor the breeders of these dogs lied in their respective breedings when these breeds were reflected in its pedigrees.


However, comparing the old but clear pictures of TUDOR'S "BLACK JACK" and "NELLIE", the TUDOR'S "BLACK JACK JR." parents, with the photographs and video of BOUDREAUX' "ELI" and TUDOR'S (Mayfield) "NIGGER", you might see on the top of this report, we clearly understand that it would be foolish to consider that there was a direct connection between all these dogs, both the color and the physical structure are not similars.


What happens is that some people or “breeders” sometimes tend to misconduct with other breeders, by false gossip invent hoaxes to discredit subtly in one way or another way others breeders who work dogs with genetics to consider too competitive with which they breed, and  them want to remove from among a vile and petty manner. It also often happens that some people wish to discredit the Official Pedigree of the breed (ADBA) because their dogs do not have it, then also inventing lies and gossip hoaxes to discredit intelligent and subtly the effectiveness of the Official Pedigree of the breed, thinking that if they get it, his mixed dogs in most cases, would be revalued in the eyes of fans with little experience in the breed. For a proper protection and right promotion of the breed, unfortunately I fear that we must seriously consider this last, to find a logical answer to this whole thing, which is not sufficiently clear nor clean.


To put an example of easy understanding about this last, I add a private full discussion of the Online Pedigrees but with different names of the users involved in this debate, for not to feel them uncomfortable and annoying to see that the private debate is now displayed in public. This debate comes in handy to understand what I am referring, specifically between the contacts between users known as Mrs. X and Villaliberty, this last obviously is a server. Mrs. X as you will see in the debate, is dedicated to intelligent and very subtly to discredit the honest old timers and also some breeders of nowadays (including a server) that we Registered our dogs in the ADBA. Mrs. X also is dedicated to intelligent and very subtly to discredit to the Official Pedigree of the Breed in International scope, I mean to the ADBA pedigree, so that in this "intelligent" and subtle way runs like wildfire among fans around the world a series of hoaxes and false gossip like if it were a truth, gossip and false hoaxes that go with bad intention against the fans and against the breed itself.


This debate is one of the most read and transited by the users around the world in Online Pedigrees, which I have to say, that it inspired me to carry out this report in which we find ourselves and therefore, I am satisfied and grateful to this debate, which I think can be a great complement to this report, for that reason I add it in this place.


   Online Pedigrees Debate entitled HISTORY ON ELI/CARVER (By Mr. D)


                NRY 001

From left to right: Ray Squires (APBT Club President), Mar Bartolomé (Villa Liberty kennels), Kate Greenwood (ADBA President at the time), Mom "Renne" Greenwood (ADBA), Abel Santillan (ADBA Judge & breeder), Mariano Peinado (Villa Liberty kennels). All these are exceptional people and exceptional dogmen & dogwomen.


Another thing related to this last but quite different, is when some breeders of other times sold some of their dogs without pedigree because they had some suspicion with the buyer, as it could make them the competitive in the future and did not want to facilitate their knowledge to certain people of his many years of breeding experience, which did not inspire the confidence necessary to deliver the pedigree since which they could acquire the breeding knowledge. Then is possible that some breeders, in some cases it might be that not tell the truth to the buyer how the animal was bred, hence the saying that some breeders did not want some people have their secret recipe of how they had been bred their dogs.


Conversely, when they gave the puppy with pedigree, this was completely different, because in the pedigree was impregnated for ALWAYS the breeder´s word and honor, like this subject had been all the life, this was sacred for the good and honest breeders and dogmen.


                HENRY 001 

Richard Stratton showing at his home the first book written by Mariano Peinado. 1997, San Diego, California, USA.


Returning the subject about TUDOR'S "BLACK JACK" and his son TUDOR'S "BLACK JACK JR.", like I noted above came from quite preceding the time of the dogs that I have spoken in the first part of this chapter, times specifically came from the 20s, so we should not think that are the direct ancestors of BOUDREAUX '"ELI" and TUDOR'S (Mayfield) "NIGGER" like some people say or insinuate with intentions not clear, or just do it for ignorance for wanting to appear something that they are not, at least for those that we are located within the times in the history of the breed, is just absurd to contemplate this possibility.


However in my humble and personal opinion, to say that who really I do believe it is in the breeding work, honesty, honor and word of the breeders, word and honor that placed in its moment with all his confidence and in visible way in the Official ADBA Pedigrees of nowadays, as to come right now to invent some gossiper with hoaxes and to question the honesty, the word and the work of a lifetime of these gentlemen mostly deceased, without conclusive evidence, by principles I refuse to doubt this question, sorry.


I'm not saying that all breeders of yesteryear were saints, and even on occasion the falsehood existed and breach of promise in some of these old timers with some of their dogs (like is the case with any other dishonest breeders of others breed dogs), but when the ADBA became aware of falsity or fraud at the time (and even today, the ADBA continues to make a commendable research work in the service to the truth will keep prevailing in the pedigrees), annulled or amended according to the truth with the pedigree questioned, for the truth to prevail against everything and everyone, especially for the well and defense of the pure breed and his true lovers, who are none others than his honest well meaning fans.







It is worth mentioning that at that time in the USA was a huge rivalry between the english dogmen against irish dogmen, as to see which were the top dogs in the fight (dogfighting) because at that time the dog fighting was not a illegal activity like it is today in most countries.


From the year 1840, several British breeders traveled to USA with their dogs, such as; Charles Lloyd began to importing english dogs to America since 1840. Also from England came to the USA others breeders like for example; Con Feeley, Richmond, Delihant, Farmer, Frank G. Henry, Earl Tudor, Joe Corvino, etc.



             Charles Lloyd with Lloyd´s “PADDY             Joe Corvino with Corvino's "GIMP" (Tudor´s “DIBO” great-grandfather)



Earl Tudor and his wife Flo in 1973 showing so proud the TUDOR´S “BLACK DEMOND picture. Flo had a lot to do with the success of Tudor dogs, she fed them, healed them, cared for them, prepared them, was on take care to them all day, loved them... Flo was a "dogwoman" since feet to head. She was small in stature, very thin, while a woman of enormous kind. Earl Tudor acknowledged the work of Flo saying, "I do not know how I would have got without her help."


From Wales arrived; John PH Colby, who had a preference for the Irish APBT, even though after used very much in his breeding to Lloyd Pilot which coming from England.



John P. Colby (1875 - 1941) and his son Louis with Colby's "GOLDY". October, 1922. - Mariano Peinado exchanging views with John R. Colby, Colby's grandson.


From Ireland came to USA; W. S. Semmens, William J. Lightner, Jim Corcoran (this went to USA to fight for the world heavyweight title against Sullivan and then stayed like police in Boston), Mc Coy, Bob Hemphill, Bob Wallace, Johnny McDonald (Gas House), John Noonan and many others.


William J. Lightner with Timmy  031[1]    018[1]

            William J. Lightner                                             Bob Wallace                 Bob Hemphill     Jim Corcoran with Corcoran's "BIDDY"


The dogs arrived from Scotland, quickly merged with other British and Irish dogs, so it was not followed its own line of Scottish dogs.



Group of some of the best breeders of yesteryear. Left to right standing; Leo Kinard, Maurice Carver, Bert Clouse behind Earl Tudor, Bob Hemphill, Bob Wallace, George Saddler. Down; Floyd Boudreaux, Rob Lewis, Don Maloney and Scotty Nelson. Photography on October 29, 1966.


The popular breeder Charles Lloyd, moved around 1880 from England to USA to the popular APBT LLOYD´S “PILOT”, LLOYD´S “PADDY” and BURKE´S “RAFFERTY”. These dogs were superclasses of his time, the pattern to be followed at the time by American fans in his different breeding with the American Pit Bull Terrier.



                                                                    Charles Lloyd con Lloyd´s “PILOT


With the information provided in this place, those who did not understand from where came the black color within the genetics of ELI / CARVER / BOUDREAUX dogs and the popularly known like "The BLACKS", all of them coming from the DIBO” family and the influence that DIBO had with the Henry's Dogs, I believe that now they will be able to understand better this subject.


I hope that no one will take the hint by my words here, since my intention was not to offend or upset anyone in particular, I just tried to contribute positively and humbly with my opinion from the heart and with good intentions, to the fans and especially to the breed dog that belong our dogs.


Finally to say, that given the large amount of diverse information I offer in this paper, it is possible that exist some imprecision of some kind, if so it, I apologize in advance. However, I have a great satisfaction to see that the main´s message essence of this work, which I wished to make, I think it has been enough well exposed. I wish and hope that with this work you will enjoy with it and serve to clear some doubts to you.


            THANK YOU!!!


         Mariano Peinado


“In honour to the truth and the right, I think we should not close our eyes to allow evil and injustice BE NORMALIZE within the society in which we live.”








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