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“Bloodlines” as such do not exist in the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT or PIT BULL), nor either in other animal species. When some fans to this breed dog talk about “bloodlines”, the correct thing to talk with property and zootechnical rigor, would be that they spoke about the different genetic ramifications. No dog, no breeder or no kennels can determine bloodlines, because they do not exist, which yes can determine are different genetic ramifications, For example; The genetic ramification of the APBT called  Bullyson”, or the APBT called Bolio”, or the breeder called Pat Patrick, or the genetic ramification of Villa Liberty kennels, etc.

Copia de Villa Liberty´s Tudor Dibo (Mr “Tudor Dibo (Mr. Ronnie)

“Tudor Dibo” (Mr. Ronnie), Importation since Chicago. Bloodline or ramification genetic 100% from CARVER through the wonderful combinations realised by Maurice Carver  between CARVER'S (HYDE´S) SATCH  X  CARVER'S (HYDE´S) BLOODY SUNDAY  =  CARVER'S IRONHEAD X WALLING'S BULLYSON  Best to best.

So for a American Pit Bull Terrier, or a breeder, or a kennels, forms their respective genetic ramifications, evidently must be introduced in the breed and breeding during enough years, thus to consolidate its respective genetic ramifications, on the basis of the fixation of genotypes characters wished by the breeder. When some breeder selects in his breeding of the APBT on the basis of the fixation of phenotypes characters, this in our breed APBT is something TERRIBLE, since the breed in this way is degenerated and work in the breeding in this way is realised by two types of “people”, those that do not know about the APBT and by the peddlers. Red Dibo

Red Dibo, Importation since Chicago. Bloodline or ramification genetic 100% of CARVER through the wonderful combinations realised between (CARVER'S) DAVIS´MIDNIGHT COWBOY  X  HAND'S CANDY  = Best to best.

When the fans talk about the “Mexican bloodline”, to put another example,  it´s something absurd in two ways, first by the one of the line and second so that a American Pit Bull Terrier had “Mexican” genetic ramification, evidently it would have to own in his ascendant genealogical tree some generations of APBT been born in Mexico and by all means to have been born in Mexico the animal in question. The different genetic ramifications that we found in the APBT when we make reference to the country, so many exist as countries it has, and this type of ramifications is not assessable absolutely, since to value more one or the other genetic ramification, everything it is going to depend on the positive results towards the breed that obtain in the works and sports like individuals APBT, without considering the country where they have been born because is not important and because all APBT are of the same breed dog, but we will consider their ancestors, the breeder or the kennel where were come, for whom want to continue with that genetic ramification that them liked so much can do it without problems.

Copia de Villa Liberty´s Boudreaux, Importación desde Georgia, USA BOUDREAUX” (Bullyson)

BOUDREAUX” (Bullyson), Importation since Georgia, USA. Bloodline or ramification genetic 100% of BOUDREAUX, through the wonderful combinations realised between BOUDREAUX' SKULL  X BOUDREAUX' SCREAM = Coming from CARVER dogs. Best to best.


Copia de Europa CH Villa Liberty´s Patches, fusión de Linea de Sangre o ramificación genetica, entre Carver y Red Pit Patches

Patches is the fusion result between CARVER blood X RED PIT, offering splendid results like reproducer and in the work – sports. VIDEO “PATCHES”.






             CH FERGUSON'S CENTIPEDE FERGUSON'S CENTIPEDE, an excellent representative of the OLD FAMILY RED NOSE” (“OFRN”)

Besides already commented, is possible to emphasize another genetic ramification that no line, that nothing has in comun with previously exposed, neither breeders, nor parents or family of the APBT, nor kennels, I talk about the American Pit Bull Terrier denominated OLD FAMILY RED NOSE” (“OFRN”).

Before nothing, I wanted to inform about the term “Old Family Red Nose”. In the XIX century, existed in the Counties of Kerry and Cork, Ireland, a family group of American Pit Bull Terrier somewhat peculiar, since they owned five typical characteristics of pigmentation that differentiated to them from the rest of APBT, which were; 1º- Mantle brown color in its different tonalities, admitting itself the white color, 2º- The nose red, rosaceous or colour meat, 3º- The rosaceous lips, 4º- Colour white, brown or rosaceous for the nails, 5º- The eyes amber colour.


image002 RED PIT  is a “RED NOSE” one,

“RED PIT” comes from a fusion genetic of the best CARVER dogs X Tudor, Mayfield dogs, etc. with a 75% CARVER dogs in its blood. “RED PIT” was a great reproducer. Some "Red Pitchildren all them are RED NOSE dogs, non important characteristic in this breed dog.


APBT with that five characteristics of pigmentation, were very appreciated by some fans, since in the work they were those that better results had contributed to them, after to have used previously other type of dogs not APBT. By this, some breeders they concentrated in realising a consanguineous breeding to continue reproducing this type of APBT, because the APBT “Red Nose” that are those that reunites these five concrete characteristics of pigmentation, own recessive genes, that means, that if you cross a “Red Nose” with another APBT no “Red Nose”, always predominated the genes of the APBT that is not “Red Nose” and the descendants the majority would not be “Red Nose” or “Old Family Red Nose” (OFRN). Nevertheless, two APBT that are not “Red Nose”, they can leave Red Nose pups, since this gene of the “Red Nose” is within the genes of this breed dog, the APBT.


Those breeders of the 1850, were quite preservative and cautious in the results of their breeding, keeping the pedigríes from their APBT in secret, where nobody dared to put in doubt its trustworthiness, since the word and the honour of the breeder were impregnated in this pedigrees.


@ AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER with Pedigree ¿Yes or No?:


In any case, in the present time continuous with enough height the Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) and by tradition, between the fans continuous being called them OFRN or its abbreviation of “Red Nose”, something that I see correct, but is necessary to remember that the fundamental thing in the breeding of the APBT of any blood, genetics or strains, is to select by heart or character of the animal in positive way and NEVER by its aesthetic or coloration. I believe that is important to be honest and to inform agreed to the reality of the history of the breed and the OFRN and not deceive with false expectations to the fans, for to sell more and better APBT OFRN (Red Nose), as I believe that is happening in some kennels, that inform to the novices that begin in the breed nonagreed to the reality and yes in his own benefit.


Para la Web de LINEAS DE SANGRE RED NOSE Red Creb is a “RED NOSE” one, which is a genetic fusion from TOP SECRET XRED PIT”.  In the pictures when it had only one year of age.


Some swindlers and peddlers announcing false stories on the OFRN, especially to the novices in the breed, arguing that the OFRN are the APBT of better quality than exist. These swindlers, disguise themselves as if they were true lovers of the breed, when in fact they are “preaching” whose God is the money, inventing false stories and realising the strategies necessary to deceive just arrived at the breed and to benefit his own particular business, profiting to their coast and cost of the own breed. Any more of these false stories are for example, to affirm that the genetics of Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) was created in Ireland by year 1850 and named in that moment as Old Family Reds, or to say that later the OFRN practically were extinguished and later were rescued for their conservation by Bob Wallace or other breeders. Another false story, is when some breeders proclaimed themself in the present time, the exclusive feature to own to pure Old Family Red Nose blood. Some “fraudulent breeders”, invent their own “registries” to sell their own “pedigrees”, and by all means that are not Officials (the ONLY National and International Officials pedigrees are the ADBA pedigrees), which do not have no type of Trustworthiness, Officiality nor Credibility, since those false “registries” are another particular business of many swindlers. The ADBA, is the ONLY Institution Internationally recognized like the Canine Mother of the American Pit Bull Terrier for the International APBT Federation (FIAPBT), so that besides the activities in positive that realise for the APBT, also they offer to the fans a way very controlled, reliable and with much Zootechnical rigor, the ONLY International Official Pedigree from APBT.


Nowadays, the OFRN by all means that continue existing outside those kennels and in the future also will be between us, while the own breed exist the OFRN will exist within of the breed dog APBT, since its genes are component and part from the breed, is ridiculous to think the opposite. Proof of it, is that two dogs that are not OFRN when reproducing both, they can leave APBT OFRN. This genetic, blood or strain of APBT, the OFRN, by TRADITION was called them and at present also continuous called them the dogs of the Old Family Red Nose (OFRN), remembering that Old Family of APBT in those years named Old Family Reds around the 1850 of the counties of Kerry and Cork in Ireland. This last one does not mean, that the Old Family Reds were originated with that group Old Family of Pit Bulls in Ireland in 1850, nor that Lightner, nor Mc Coy, nor Bob Hemphill, nor Bob Wallace, nor so many others, are the creators of the OFRN blood 70 years later, because they were at his time interested in this blood and reproduced his dogs by the red colour, far from it, but it caused that the APBT with those five characteristics of pigmentation became more popular between the fans, is simply that.


For a better understanding of the terms Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) and Red Nose, I recommend reading the following report;



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The authentic and genuine Pit Bull of Today, are the faithful reflection of the originals Pit Bull of Yesterday...  



The Original APBT


  The Original APBT


Since the origins of the breed dog APBT, the Old Family Red Nose (OFRN) already existed like genetic part of the breed, but the OFRN of those years was not denominated with this term to them, term that according to Bob Hemphill it began to use Dan Mc Coy around the year 1920. By this way, is not legitimate that nobody attributed itself nor will attribute to the blood of the Old Family Red Nose like his property own nor of somebody in particular, since this blood is only of an owner, and the owner is the own breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier and its fans. It is as if we wanted to give to a person or a kennel the creation of the breed APBT. That information, was lost at night of the past times and is exactly just like it happens with the origins of the majority of the rest of old breeds, that are not known their creators either. At the most old is the breed dog, like is the case of the APBT, less are the possibilities of knowing who created it.


I do not believe in the “preachers” who defend their own business deceiving and yes I believe in the fans who defend to the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT or Pit Bull), will be OFRN or any other blood or color. In the FIAPBT we smell these “preaching”, swindlers and peddlers since long distance. When to these “preachers” the truth is said to them in front, unmasking his false stories that use to profit at the cost of just arrived at the breed, then they are made victims moving to the defensive, saying that many fans to the APBT despise and discriminate against the OFRN. Also they say, that is necessary to create independent clubs to defend and to promote to the OFRN. This last one responds, to his desire to defend and to promote his own business around the OFRN. The reason to separate or to divide to the fans of the APBT on the part of these “preachers”, is simple to understand, it treats simply to move away to all the fans who are possible of the ADBA and its Official Pedigree, since each fan who moves away of the ADBA is a fan that gains his “registry of pedigree” and his particular business, offering to the deceived fans of the APBT his own “registries”, like the alternative to defend to the OFRN.


This same one, also happens with other “lovers” of the breed, who invent “registries of pedigrees” of the APBT and that argues false stories to the fans, similars to the OFRN; SDR. Those people who develop by their own decision “registries of pedigríes” of the breed dog APBT, do not have any type of Trustworthiness nor Officiality nor Credibility for the FIAPBT nor any other APBT Institution, that shows to a minimum of seriousness and professionalism.


A good and true lover of the breed dog APBT, loves the breed in his original and pure state and defends it until the end, be it of any colour, genetics, blood or strain, the other are only false stories to deceive the novices and instead of TO UNITE to the liking, they wish TO DIVIDE IT with these histories. Consequently to this is generated damage and weakness to the breed and considering the bad times that runs for the breed with the unjust Laws that want to extinguish it, of course these “preachers” are not making none favour nor helping to defend the breed, to be dividing to the fans by different ways. The money is the money and is the justification more than sufficient for some “preachers”, since for them the money is over everything and all. Of all is known that in the “Union is the Force” not only defend to a breed, also to promote it and to inform suitably on it. In the FIAPBT, we have had the misfortune to know many classes of “preachers”, this is not new for us.


Retaking the subject to say, that the OFRN were always a branch or strain genetic inside of the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier, in the present time they continue being it and in the future also they would continue being it. Despite, clarify that like other bloods, genetic ramifications or strains of the APBT, is not advisable to select to the APBT of bigger stature, since what we would obtain are APBT bigger stature, we would obtain too big pure APBT, that would turn to them into heavy dogs (Molosoides) and although that group of APBT “Molosoides” did not have crossings with other canine race, simply by their excess of size and weight would get tired quickly, at the time of realising any type of prolonged work that required a good resistance, whereby the essence of the breed dog purity is lost.


Copia de Unico Campeón del Mundo existente en la raza APBT, World CH Villa Liberty´s Red Pit II, Linea de Sangre o ramificación genetica de Red Pit World CH Villa Liberty´s “Red Pit II is a “RED NOSE”, non important characteristic in this breed dog. World CH Red Pit II is at present the only Champion of the World existing in the breed dog APBT, concretely in the modality of MarathonPit. This modality, the MarathonPit, until the moment is the only modality of Work - Sport in this breed dog, that contemplates the Championship of the World. World CH Red Pit II is a “Red Nose” one, with bloodline or ramification genetic from Red Pit”.


The pure, original and genuine American Pit Bull Terrier, difference of any other breed dog indeed by its resistance in the hard work or hard sport by very hard that are the circumstances for their accomplishment and this, is facilitated by a functional standard. Therefore, I consider that if the APBT lost these qualities and virtues (resistance among others) as a result of enlarging their size, those units of APBT of bigger size of the normal thing are of the OFRN or any other ramifications genetics, although they were pure APBT, under my own point of view no longer would be pure APBT, since a APBT without air or resistance in the work or sports is completely atypical in the pure breed, being the endurance something fundamental to fix to the selection of breeding by the responsible breeders that really love the APBT, conserving its purity and that is directed of all the ways, in not to enlarge to its units being used one good guide to us, which would be the functional standard of the APBT (ADBA or FIAPBT) since a APBT at the moment that loses the air or the resistance, stop the work that is realising in that moment by much game that it own.


image003 Red Pit 3”. Is a “RED NOSE

Red Pit 3, is aRed Nosewith bloodline or ramification genetic Red Pit.


When a denominated dog called “APBT” of 40 or 50 kg (90 Libras), can carry out an intense and prolonged work like a APBT of 20 kg (39 Libras), then seems to me very well to enlarge and to turn into Moloso to the APBT, meanwhile NEVER. The breeding selection of the breeder, is a very good tool to select APBT within the standard of the APBT (Functional and agile), not reproducing bigger APBT excessively and far from it Molosides.


In many occasions which happens in the eyes of the novice, always will be more valued a mixed dog that calling “APBT” with big dimensions and big heads Molosoide type, that other smaller and pure or authentic APBT, that is functional, original and genuine. The pure and original APBT being smaller, impresses less, therefore less it is valued and less is sold in the eyes of the inexpert novice. This last many “breeders” opportunistic (peddlers) know it very well, transforming his dogs in accordance with the demand of the buyers inexperienced. The “breeders” opportunistic take and use another races of dog strong and big (Argentine Bulldog, American Bulldog, Presa Canary, American Staffordshire Terrier, etc., or the called Bullies that are not APBT), to enlarge its racially mixed dogs, that later they will call big APBT for to sell them wonderfully to the novices in the breed.


Under my point of view, would not be advisable to select in the breeding exemplary of APBT of more than 27 kg (60 Libras), for this way not turning to the APBT in a big and slow dog or Molosoide. In addition, avoiding the enlargement of APBT, we will avoid that these undergo shutdowns of the heart when realising intense and prolonged efforts when developing hard works or hard sports, in which its body no longer can support for be Molosoide, but its heart and mind wish to realise it without know its dangerous limitations.


Like example to this last to say, that the best APBT of all times according to my point of view, was TUDOR´S “DIBO and the weight of this APBT was 39 L. The best APBT known of the history, were functional, agile and small dogs.


Yesterday!                                    Yesterday!


In my opinion particular and for finish it, I consider that the good quality that had the Pit Bulls Old Family Reds of year 1850 and that were grouped in the Kerry and Cork Counties in Ireland and latter in USA named OFRN or RED NOSE, did not have to its Red Nose pigmentation, was simply so that they were pure or authentic Pit Bulls and this were the reason of their better quality, in comparison to the dogs of other breeds or mixed dogs that they owned previously. Therefore, the breeders of these two Irish Counties dedicated to the selection of their breeding on the basis of the pigmentation Red Nose, through the consanguineous breeding, thinking that the quality of its dogs was due to its pigmentation and not so that they were pure Pit Bulls.


In conclusion, the APBT OFRN or Red Nose are APBT of so good quality as any other APBT of any other ramifications genetics, bleeds or strain, nor better nor worse. Independently to the ramification genetic or blood where the APBT come, the main thing is that they are of pure breed, without mestizations by means. Also it is fundamental, that the pure APBT be possessors of the UNIQUE or ONLY International Official Pedigree, the ADBA pedigree, unique or only document that Certificate the purity breed like American Pit Bull Terrier. The rest of existing registries that are not ADBA, does not have Official validity nor credibility, not offers guarantees to the FIAPBT neither to the veteran dogman in this breed dog, by something will be it.




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        By  Mariano Peinado

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@ WHAT NOBODY HAS WRITED ABOUT THE BEST APBT OF ALL TIMES, TUDOR´S “DIBO”The true history about Tudor´s “Dibo”: (This is a literal translation by the Internet translator, sorry)

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