PROGNATISM in the American Pit Bull Terrier, YES or NO? (By Mariano Peinado. January 09, 2023)

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I had been wanting to write for many years in an adequate way and with all kinds of details about this matter, PROGNATISM, and the wrong interpretation that is given to it in the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT or Pit Bull), but for one reason or another thing, or simply because of my difficulty in explaining such a complex issue, I always ended up leaving it parked, until today.


In the absence of information in this regard, I have been forced to write about this matter so misunderstood among many fans of our noble and wonderful breed dog, the American Pit Bull Terrier, thus trying to clarify something that I consider important, which, by TRADITION among the fans of the breed and always, including myself, we have been treating it as something positive, and that in reality it is, but by that same TRADITION, we have been calling something positive and good with an erroneous definition, which is negative and bad, I mean the definition of PROGNATISM. Most of the specimens that are supposed to have PROGNATISM are not like that, in reality they do not have it, since the true meaning of PROGNATISM is totally negative for the individual and for the own breed, advising against the reproduction of those specimens, which truly suffer from it, a genetic pathology due to the abnormal DISPLACEMENT of the jaws, whose effects are negative and detrimental as we will see later.


What happens is that when it comes to naming the bite of our Pit Bulls, there has always been a misunderstanding among fans of the breed anywhere on the planet, since what was called by TRADITION in our Pit Bulls, such as the PROGNATA or PROGANITISM bite, it is actually the bite, which I have named for better fitting its definition and the Truth itself, as the PREY and GRIP bite, which is not due to the DISPLACEMENT of the jaws, rather, this type of bite is due to a virtue that has developed over the centuries the wisdom of the genetic nature of the breed dog to which our dogs belong, in order to make it easier for them to more effectively develop their work of the PREY and GRIP entrusted to them. For this reason, I have come to call this extraordinary type of bite that way, PREY and GRIP, in order to eliminate the misunderstanding, making a differentiation between what is good and what is bad, despite the deceptive similarity that At first sight these two types of bite might seem to us, but how opposite are they in reality, already beginning to be called in that appropriate and correct way, the PREY and GRIP bite that many of the dogs in our breed dog have and that until now, they had been referred to as a PROGNATA bite or PROGNATISM without being so.





TUDOR´S DIBOFIAPBT Pedigree Online  


PROGNATISM is the technical definition of a serious genetic defect and many of our dogs have always been called PROGNATUS without being so, a defect that is produced by the negative DISPLACEMENT of the jaws, clearly protruding and visible, the jaws lower jaws of the animal. The PROGNATA or PROGNATISM bite to the naked eye, is quite similar to the correct bite and that has generated so much confusion, now already called the PREY and GRIP bite to make a difference.


PROGNATISM gives clear and evident signs of its existence, especially when observing the weakness of the animal's bite. PROGNATISM is located or diagnosed, by means of an x-ray and the assessment or expert interpretation of a good veterinarian specializing in Traumatology with experience and knowledge of this matter. I have had the opportunity to know some cases of Pit Bulls, which, upon seeing the closure in Reverse Scissors, had been called PROGNATUS, due to the already mentioned tradition, but when X-rays of their mouths were later performed, motivated by the logical concern of some of their owners, there was not a single one of all of them, that due to this type of bite, the Reverse Scissor closure, would have been produced by the DISPLACEMENT of the jaws, which, is that very thing, the DISPLACEMENT of the jaws, which actually generates and defines the pathology of PROGNATISM, clearer water…


From here, I invite all those fans of the breed who wish to do so, being owners of Pit Bulls of those misnamed mostly as PROGNATUS, to take them to an expert veterinary center and knowledgeable about this matter so that they can perform an X-ray buccal, in this way, determine if that Reverse Scissor closure that your little animals show, is due to a DISPLACEMENT of the jaws or not. I think that many will be pleasantly surprised, especially when they are told that the jaws of their animals are perfectly in place, strong, healthy and robust, no DISPLACEMENTS, which, as I have already mentioned, the Mandibular DISPLACEMENT is what determines the pathology of PROGNATISM.


Some of the consequences produced by the pathology of PROGNATISM are; Loss of fixation and power in the prey; Loss of grip stamina; Considerable increase in the risk of breaking some one of the jaws of the animal, due to the pressure of the exerted power, etc.


For these reasons, my need to CLARIFY this issue as best as will be possible to me with this report, an issue that has been confusing breeders and the fans themselves for a lifetime, generating countless misunderstandings, even among some veterinarians around the world.


For your simple understanding and summarizing, the PREY and GRIP bite would be like the classic SCISSOR closing, but REVERSE. This type of bite, that of PREY and GRIP, despite being the least known among amateurs due to the aforementioned misunderstanding, in my opinion, is the best bite of all the existing ones to develop the Work, I think that this type of bite is the most gifted to more effectively develop the work of PREY and GRIP, especially when we are dealing with the WORKING breed dog par excellence, the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT or Pit Bull), where precisely this type of work, the work of the PREY and that of the GRIP, have been among the most deeply rooted and important to take into account in the breed itself since its origins; In the past they were used as a dog for handling cattle (Bull); As a dog to defend livestock from various predators; As the Butchers' helper dog; As a dog for the extermination of pests of rats; As a dog for the big hunting; As a Prey dog in sports activities already today; As a family defense dog from aggressive criminals; As a Rescue dog; etc., etc.


40463192_10156813023786133_8722242476892487680_n “DIBO” had the PREY and GRIP bite.



TUDOR´S DIBOFIAPBT Pedigree Online  


The best Pit Bull of all times was TUDOR'S “DIBO, which was a dog with the PREY and GRIP bite, with the closure in REVERSE SCISSORS already detailed. TUDOR'S “DIBOwas the example to be followed by hundreds of breeders of yesteryear and thousands of breeders today, including myself. In my opinion, TUDOR'S “DIBOwas the best reproducer of the breed, and that the wise "Silver Fox", Maurice Carver, by using it in his breeding, knew how to get the most out of his descendants better than anyone else, which he obtained from TUDOR'S “DIBOhimself by using them also like reproducers. Some of the descendants of TUDOR'S “DIBO also showed that peculiar characteristic of the PREY and GRIP bite, such as their children TUDOR'S “SPIKE, CARVER'S “CRACKER, etc.







Many other good Pit Bulls of all times, which were also examples to be followed by breeders, were also dogs with the PREY and GRIP bite, in reverse scissor, like; “PIT GENERAL”; “ALLIGATOR”; CLAYTON “JAVA”; “ART”; “TATER”; “RASTUS”; Several of COLBY's dogs; Several of EARL TUDOR's dogs; Several of HENRY's Dogs; Several of Reverend HOWARD HEINZL's dogs, including (HEINZL'S) FITZWATER'S GOLDIE; etc., etc.


I know that some breeders had Pit Bull reproducers with the PREY and GRIP bite, they hid it as if it were a big secret, thinking that in this way their breeding would not be discredited, by mistakenly thinking as they have been thinking up to now, that the PREY and GRIP bite that some of their doggies showed, was actually the pathology of PROGNATISM. However, these breeders to whom I refer continued to breed their dogs despite believing that they had this serious genetic defect and continued to breed them in their breeding for the simple reason that they observed the stupendous fixation, skill and good grip they made in their respective prey bites. With the latter I mean, that good Pit Bulls and very popular in the history of the breed, and even Pit Bulls today, had its respective bites equally of PREY and GRIP, but for some reason not clear or honest enough, although I can get a slight idea, its respective owners did not say so and for that reason, it was already taken for granted, that all those specimens of the breed to which I refer had the bite with the closure in SCISSORS instead of the bite with the closure of PREY and GRIP.

I firmly believe that the best way to be honest with yourself is first to be honest with others...






3 VIDEO - copia - copia“PIT GENERAL” had the PREY and GRIP bite.




My two best dogs in the history of my breeding in VILLA LIBERTY kennels, were Mr. RONNIE and RED PIT, both also had the PREY and GRIP bite, in Reverse Scissors. Most of the specimens bred by me in VILLA LIBERTY kennels did not have the PREY and GRIP bite, they had a SCISSOR bite, however, in my breeding work, from time to time I do get a specimen with the PREY and GRIP bite, in Reverse Scissors, which makes me very happy, since this is a clear and manifest indication that the originality of the genetics of the American Pit Bull Terrier breed dog continues to run strongly through the veins of my doggies.


MR. RONNIE. “Mr. RONNIE” had the PREY and GRIP bite.


Mr. RONNIEFIAPBT Pedigree Online 


3 VIDEO - copia “SPIKE” had the PREY and GRIP bite.




As a complement to the subject that we are dealing with in this report, say that the correct placement of the 4 fangs of the Pit Bull is so that the lower fangs are in advance of the upper ones, that is, in REVERSE SCISSORS, precisely to exercise and better fix the PREY and maintain a better GRIP for a longer time, exactly the same and in the same dynamic as the already explained PREY and GRIP bite, Casuality? I think not, I think that nature is very wise.






Mentioning the fangs, a memory of the 90s when I was in Oklahoma, USA comes to my mind. Speaking with ADBA President Kate Greenwood, we discussed the subject of American Pit Bull Terrier teeth and the different types of bites you may encounter in Pit Bulls. Kate commented to Mar and me that even supposing that a Pit Bull did not have teeth or molars, that it had only the four fangs in its mouth, well placed, that is, that the lower fangs slide through the front part of the fangs above, in REVERSE SCISSORS, the Pit Bull in this hypothetical example would have a perfect mouth, since even if that Pit Bull in the example only had the fangs, but being well placed, it could perform perfectly the work of the Prey and the Grip, it would not prevent him from doing it at all due to the lack of the rest of the teeth.


ART “ART” had the PREY and GRIP bite.


ARTFIAPBT Pedigree Online 


Being able to do the job is fundamental and important for the canine breed of Work for Excellence such as Pit Bulls. This is the difference between those who Judge by Beauty and those who Judge by Work, the difference in the importance that is given to each matter by some and by others is abysmal, as from Black to White, as from the Original to the Artificial, as from the Regular to the Irregular, this is one of the main reasons why purebred dogs belonging to the American Pit Bull Terrier breed dog are currently one of the most original and least pathological suffer from, are the astonishment of many veterinarians throughout the world.




RED PITFIAPBT Pedigree Online   




1) PREY and GRIP´S BITE. It is allowed.


2) SCISSOR BITE. It is allowed.


3) PINCER BITE. It is allowed without being the most appropriate.


4) PROGNATHISM BITE. It is not allowed because it is a genetic defect.


5) ENOGNATISM BITE. It is not allowed because it is a genetic defect.




The Pit Bulls that have the PREY and GRIP bite, does not mean that this circumstance provides them with greater power when exercising this type of work, no, it neither puts it on nor removes it, rather it means that it makes it easier for them to obtain and fixation of the prey and also, which makes it easier for them to maintain a good grip for a longer time, due to being able to grip the prey much better with this type of bite, in REVERSE SCISSORS, as I have already commented before. The power in the prey of the bite, is directly related to the genetics of the animal, with the training and especially with the will, it is put by the desire that the animal throws at it, with its courage, with its caste, with what comes out its Heart.


TATER. “TATER” had the PREY and GRIP bite.




I think it would be interesting and important to start not to confuse the PREY and GRIP bite with the PROGNATA or PROGNATISM bite, nothing to do between one and the other despite its great resemblance to the naked eye.


Some Judges of the breed, when judging in a Conformation Show, observing the teeth of the exhibited specimens and contemplating the PREY and GRIP bite shown by a participating Pit Bull, in some cases, it happens that their inexperience in this specific matter, makes their discernment lead them to confuse a Quality and Virtue for something that is not desirable, in short...


Therefore, to the question in this chapter, "PROGNATISM in the American Pit Bull Terrier, YES or NO?", the answer is a clear and resounding NO.


From FIAPBT & IADCRO, we hope and wish that you enjoy a lot with all this information about the breed. Thank you very much for your trust and interest,


Mariano Peinado



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