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One day like today, March 21, 72 years ago, specifically in the year 1951, in Phoenix, Arizona, (U.S.A.), the birth of TUDOR´S “DIBO, took place, in my opinion, the best American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT or Pit Bull) known and with difference from all ancient and modern times in the history of this noble and wonderful breed dog, the REPRODUCER and in capital letters.


FIAPBT Online Pedigree of TUDOR'S "DIBO": https://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=es&criterio=9


At the beginning of the spring of that year of 1951, had a very special message, announcing with that litter that in a short time something magical and important was going to happen in the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier.


Reverend Howard Heinzl was the owner of BAMBI, the mother of TUDOR´S “DIBO, and therefore also the owner of the puppies from the same litter in which TUDOR´S “DIBO was born. The Reverend did not want that litter. Unconsciously, Howard Heinzl did not know that he was going to make one of the worst decisions of his life, the decision to give away all the puppies from that litter. A male puppie for Ed Ritcheson, which he named Ritcheson´s “JERRY. Al Brown took a male and a female from the same litter, he named the female "Boo" although later he kept the name LANGHAM'S “LIL" and he named the male "ARIZONA PETE". And finally, the another male puppy, TUDOR´S “DIBO, the reverend gave it to some of his son's friends, so that they would give it to a boy who wanted to have a puppy. That puppy, already being in his new home with the child, they called him DUMBO, the rest is already well-known historyhttps://www.fiapbt.net/historiadibo.html


                      http://www.gamedogs.unlugar.com/fotos/037.jpg Jhon Fonseca, Al Brown and the Reverend Howard Heinzl.


What is no longer so well known, is that the breeder of the TUDOR´S “DIBO litter was not the Reverend Howard Heinzl, as most fanciers believe. In fact, I think, that was the reason why the Reverend got angry with W.D. SMITH and got rid of all the puppies in the litter, because the Reverend knew he wasn't the breeder. The breeder of the litter of TUDOR´S “DIBO was rather W.D. SMITH, he was the one who made the DECISION to make the litter in which TUDOR´S “DIBO was born, the Pit Bull, to which, today's fans, most of us owe the dogs we have today, which , make us enjoy and feel proud of the breed dog to which they belong and to which we love so much, the wonderful and noble American Pit Bull Terrier.


I do not have photographs or much information about this gentleman, W.D. SMITH, but I know enough to show my gratitude and offer him a posthumous tribute from my heart, a tribute a little late for him, but not for the Truth, nor for the historical facts of the breed.


Mr W.D. Smith, was a colored man, a dogman, who worked for Howard Heinzl in his ranch taking care of his Pit Bulls. In the late 1950s, Al Brown had sent a good dog to the Reverend, as the Reverend wished to cover him with his BAMBI dog. The agreement closed with the delivery of two puppies from that litter to Al Brown, as payment for the stud dog that he sent to him.


Heinzl also breed horses, it was his other passion. It so happened that in mid-January 1951, Howard Heinzl had to leave town for a while on horse-related issues, just when BAMBI was starting her heat. Heinzl, while he was away, had left Mr. Smith in charge of covering her with the dog that Al Brown had sent him when the right time will came to mount BAMBI, since that was his breeding plan and his wish.



The right day for BAMBI's mounting arrived and Mr. Smith tried to cover her with Al Brown's dog, but he was a rather harsh dog and would not cooperate. BAMBI didn't like this dog and tried to fight him. In Howard Heinzl's yard, there was another of the Reverend's stud dogs, I mean HUBBARD´S BOUNCE. Smith knew that this dog was good and appreciated by Howard Heinzl as well.


Smith on his own account DECIDED to cover BAMBI with HUBBARD´S BOUNCE, he was more cooperative and BAMBI did not resist his gallantry. When Heinzl returned from his trip and Mr. Smith informed him that BAMBI had been covered by BOUNCE and not by Al Brown's dog, he was very angry, to the point that when BAMBI had the puppies, the angry reverend got rid of them all puppies as I have explained above.



Mr. Smith's DECISION makes him not only the breeder of TUDOR´S “DIBO, but also the rest of all puppies of that same litter. This action of Mr. Smith, as announced to us at the beginning of the spring of the year 1951, indeed had very important consequences for the breed later. Few noticed the spring announcement of that year and even fewer, those who did know how to take advantage of it. One of them had a sixth sense with Pit Bulls to follow the genetic trail of TUDOR´S “DIBO in their future breedings and in this way, perpetuate the seed planted in the breed by Mr. W.D. Smith, I mean the old "The Silver Fox" (Maurice Carver)


The old wise "The Silver Fox", took good note of the genetic information that TUDOR´S “DIBO brought, he was the one who knew how to acquire, develop and preserve it better than anyone else in his Pit Bulls, achieving it in two fundamental ways;


He got his FIRST way, developing his extraordinary and mythical crosses that came through BLACK WIDOW and in this way, he managed to acquire the genetics of TUDOR´S “DIBO in his Pit Bulls.


THE SECOND way, in order to conserve and develop the genetics of TUDOR´S “DIBO already in times after the first way, Maurice Carver achieved it through his extraordinary and mythical crosses from BULLYSON and his daughter BLOODY SUNDAY, IRONHEAD and his son SATCH, MIDNIGHT COWBOY, etc., which had a high percentage of TUDOR´S “DIBO genetics in their genes; BULLYSON with 69%, his daughter BLOODY SUNDAY with a not inconsiderable 41%, IRONHEAD with almost 60%, his son SATCH with 50% and MIDNIGHT COWBOY with 45% of the blood of TUDOR´S “DIBO all of them.


WALLING´S “BULLYSON” FIAPBT Pedigree Online: http://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=51 


CARVER'S (HYDE´S) “BLOODY SUNDAY” FIAPBT Pedigree Online: http://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=87


CARVER'S “IRONHEAD” FIAPBT Pedigree Online: http://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=25125   


CARVER'S (HYDE´S) “SATCH” FIAPBT Pedigree Online: http://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=1858  


CARVER'S (DAVIS) “MIDNIGHT COWBOY” FIAPBT Pedigree Online: http://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=146


For example, BULLYSON had in its genes nothing more and nothing less than 69% of the TUDOR´S “DIBO genetics, all a guarantee to make it a great Stud Dog or Reproducer, as it was in reality.


TUDOR´S “DIBO, was the base REPRODUCER of most of the genetic Ramifications of today. The conclusion I came to, after my various investigations and studies on the genetics of the most relevant and important reproducers and specimens of the breed since the 50s till today, is that how MORE PERCENTAGE they had in their veins of the genetics of the own TUDOR´S “DIBO, more quality, more qualities and virtues possessed those same specimens, either in the descendants of the various genetic Ramifications that they themselves generated within their role as Reproducers, or also, in those various jobs and sports that were entrusted to them. What's more, I believe that the key to the success of “The BLACKS” of Carver, lies precisely in this same factor, due to the enormous PERCENTAGE of TUDOR´S “DIBO that they have in their genes, to the point of being able to do magic...


@ “THE BLACKS”: http://www.villaliberty.org/theblacks.html


I wanted to put the theory of these conclusions into practice at the time, since I was not satisfied with just theorizing. I wanted to make sure, to see with my own eyes in the breeding and development of my own Pit Bulls, the confirmation of what I already assumed, for me it was something fascinating, to apply the theory in practice, which is the same rule that I am doing and enjoying with my doggies in nowadays, in their various genetic and breeding combinations. And I was able to confirm it successfully! With my dogs imported from the USA, which already had, not only a high percentage of TUDOR´S “DIBO, no, but at the time when I found them (90s), after searching for many years and In many places, was the two sole dogs, of all the dogs, of all the selected places in which I had investigated, which were hundreds, which had the highest percentage, and by far, of TUDOR´S “DIBO, than that of the rest of all the Pit Bulls that I analyzed their genealogical ancestry at that time, such as; My TUDOR DIBO” (“Mr. RONNIE”), popularly known as Mr. RONNIE with 52.58%; Or my RED DIBO with the not inconsiderable 47% of the genetics or blood of TUDOR´S “DIBO. Precisely for this reason, by the high percentage of TUDOR´S “DIBO that my two doggies had of him, is why I added them in their own name, the name "DIBO", in honor and homage to their original procedence, the own TUDOR´S “DIBO (The REPRODUCER)


“TUDOR DIBO” (Mr. RONNIE) FIAPBT Pedigree Online: http://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=32094    


“RED DIBO” FIAPBT Pedigree Online: http://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=37954   


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W.D. SMITH, wherever you are, It´s coming for you!!! THANK YOU!


From the FIAPBT we hope and wish that you enjoy all this historical information about the breed. Thank you very much for your interest and trust,


Mariano Peinado




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