The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT or Pit Bull) and the FIGHTING DOGS (By Mariano Peinado. Madrid, September 13, 2023)


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A few days ago, a certain “Robert” wrote me an email, as he wanted to buy me a Pit Bull. In the message, Robert clearly made me understand that the Pit Bull he wanted to buy from me, he wanted him to fight with other dogs when he was an adult and for that reason, I refused to sell it to him. Robert, to try to “justify himself” and thus convince me to sell it to him, responded with the typical arguments of those who fight their dogs, arguments that are not real, have no foundation, have not been investigated or anything like that, It is what they heard others say when they were starting out in the breed and they believed them 100%, or simply, they were interested in believing. These same arguments are what Robert and others like him now tell to new entrants into the breed to convince them, unfortunately some of them believe them 100% and so on, the snowball grows and grows as it progresses. down the mountain, where the sensational media, in collaboration with their paparazzis, gather half-truths from this type of information and take advantage of it to make bait in their "news" about the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier and its fans in a way Morbid, Yellowish and especially False, in this way, they manage to further sink the image of the breed to better sell their False news to an audience without criteria, or Common Sense, who swallow everything, Swallors or Sheep in short...


In this way, Robert and others like him try to justify, in today's times, this criminal, cruel and illegal act of animal abuse, such as dog fighting. Robert told me;

@ Dog fighting was the cause that gave origin to the breed and that for that reason, Pit Bulls must continue to be fought today.

@ He has seen some who override the survival instinct in their Pit Bulls, so that they are better at fighting.

@ How do I base my breeding selection and what measurement system do I use to know that I am on the right track in reproduction?

@ How do I keep the “Game” in my dogs? And other similar matters, fine.


ANSWER to “Robert”:


@ Hello, you told me;

“Dog fighting was the cause that gave rise to the breed and for that reason, Pit Bulls must continue to be fought today.” (Sic)


Inform you that you are wrong, since the name of the Pit Bull breed dog already mentions its origin, and is not even close to what you describe. The name Pit Bull refers to the place of harassing the bull as a rival, not harassing another dog as a rival.


Place of harassment = Pit // Bull = Bull // Therefore, the place of harassment of the Bull, translates as Pit Bull. I assure you, if at the beginning of the breed, the harassment had been towards other dogs, the Pit Bull today would be called Pit Dog. I think that only this fact, will give you something to think about.


During my long and detailed investigations carried out during the 1980s and 1990s, on the origins of the breed more than 500 years ago, I did not find any indication where I could observe that Pit Bulls had originally been used for fight with those of the same species, since the records of fights between Pit Bulls do not exist, until the year 1835 in Great Britain, since with the prohibition of the celebrations that pitted Pit Bulls against bulls and bears in that country in that same year of 1835, is when fights timidly began to take place between the Pit Bulls themselves, but not before, that is, until at least 330 or 340 years had passed after the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT or Pit Bull) as a breed already popular and well identified by its genotype and phenotype among fans around the year 1500. Obviously, in those years and depending on the place, Pit Bulls were called in one way or another, such as you will be able to observe with all kinds of details in my report on the Origins of the breed, which I gladly attach below, but as I said before, despite the different names that were given to them depending on the dates and places in where they were found, these animals were already a popular and well-identified breed for more than 500 years, until finally, in 1898, the official name of the breed was unified internationally, with the name of American Pit Bull. Terrier (APBT or Pit Bull) by the American Mr. C. Z. Bennet, when in that same year Mr. Bennet founded the United Kennel Club (UKC) and in 1909 the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) was also founded, the current internationally American Pit Bull Terrier Canine Mother and very well managed by the Greenwood family.


The American Pit Bull Terrier ORIGINS: - (In spanish writed)


@ You told me;

“I have seen some who override the survival instinct in their Pit Bulls, so that they are better at fighting.” (Sic)


Good, good, good, I think that ignorance, in addition to being dangerous, is also very daring. This that says, I'm not going to answer you, no, I'm going to attach the answer that was given more than 20 years ago by an ethological scientist named Vicente Salcedo from Spain. Furthermore, I have the honor of being his friend;


Mr. Vicente Salcedo responds:

NO ONE has the ability to eliminate an instinct, we can only control it, but never eliminate it, since it is something so deeply rooted in ALL SPECIES, so tied to the being and so embedded in its DNA that it is indelible. I have only heard of one case in which scientists tried to "eliminate" that instinct and it was in sheep and through genetic engineering, and it happened only 2 years ago. In reality, it was only possible to ensure that these sheep did not flee from the attack of the wolves, in order to leave sheep that do not produce quality milk or wool among the good ones and that would serve as bait for the wolves, giving time to those that are good to flee. Even so, it was not possible to eliminate their survival instinct, because if so they would not even eat, since obtaining resources depends on said instinct.


A dog fighting fan does not have the knowledge or the means to do something like that, speaking clearly and in silver. If that could be done, the APBT would allow itself to be killed and would not defend itself. Furthermore, he would not be trainable for fighting, nor would he be trainable for obedience, since he would not learn even a simple sit as he was not motivated by food, no matter how hungry he was, or by the pressure of the trainer.


Not only can you not modify the survival instinct in an entire race, you cannot modify it in a single individual. You must understand that, if it would can be done, you condemn the individual to a premature and rapid death and if it would can be done in a breed dog, you condemn it to extinction. Without that instinct the dog would not eat, would not drink, would not fight... Would dogs used in fights, if I locked them in a cage without food for a long time, not fight with a bear or a mouse to steal food or even eat it? Wouldn't fighting dogs, if I beat them to death, end up defending themselves and fighting me? They would act like any other dog, even if they had the upper hand, they would die fighting, just like a simple little bee, if you put it in your hand, it will sting you before being crushed to death. And of course he doesn't do it by saying "unless he gets a peck from me as a souvenir for killing me" but by saying "I have to use all the means at my disposal to try to get out of here alive or die trying to save my life." Animals are not Gandhi, who allowed himself to be beaten with sticks and offered no resistance. The proposal of the possibility that the survival instinct has been eliminated in the APBT is simply absurd, which could only come out of the mouth of someone with infinite ignorance and great dare. But talking is free...


The APBT is a breed dog in which one of the jobs in which it is used is hunting big game, capturing wild animals, putting its own life at risk when doing so. The behavior of preying is one more act of complex hunting behavior (not hunting instinct, since it does not exist). This complex behavior depends directly on the survival instinct, as it is a means to obtain resources and thus survive. If we eliminate the survival instinct, we would also eliminate the complex hunting behavior and therefore the capture behavior, so sought after in dogs used for fighting.


It would be very fun to meet someone who argues that and debate with them. Laughter would be guaranteed. “To eliminate an instinct is to eliminate evolution and therefore become extinct.” (Don Vicente Salcedo)


@ You told me;

“How do I base my breeding selection and what measurement system do I use to know that I am on the right track in reproduction?” (Sic)


Robert, I inform you that I breed for myself, for my enjoyment, I only sell some puppies that I breed sporadically for myself, since a litter of Pit Bulls produce quite a few puppies. I do not breed for the sake of breeding, nor do I look for puppies in other breeders to meet a demand, which I am grateful but I am not looking for it. With this way of breeding, I also ensure good genetic and all-around quality of all puppies when I have some available for sale. For example, when I have a litter, it is because from that litter, I am going to keep at least one or two puppies for me, after that, in a litter normally the mothers usually have several puppies, so, when I find someone who going to take good care of them and, above all, not going to fight them when they are adults, I am selling the rest of the puppies to this kind of people, to a good family that is going to take care of them very well. In this way, it gives me great satisfaction to understand that they are to live very well the rest of their lives. Furthermore, by doing this, I at least cover some expenses for the maintenance of my dogs, which, although they are not cheap, nor few, make it more bearable for me. I never obtain financial benefits from breeding, only enjoyment and personal satisfaction, which, for me, is not little and is worth it to me.


I am not the typical dog breeder, no, I am a somewhat peculiar breeder. I love this breed dog so unfairly and cruelly discriminated against and persecuted by the ignorance of many people and the bad BSL law. What I breed is for myself. What happens is that due to the genetic quality that my dogs possess, due to their essence, due to their purity of breed, due to their quality in the aspects of good health, good character and good behavior as a Work - Sport dog or as a family dog, some fans want to acquire one of my Pit Bulls, and since there are so many puppies from the same litter, to get guarantees that they will take good care of him, so I sell some of them and follow up on them to make sure that they will take good care of him. I have no interest in selling dogs, just because of what I already explained to you. I also sell them to those who know the breed and appreciate them for who they are, including their unfair Discrimination socially and by the bad BSL. I sell them, because it is also a guarantee that they will be very well taken care of, because they paid for the animal. Dogs that are given as gifts, unfortunately, many of them end up badly for that very reason, because they are not valued and end up being abandoned, poorly given or sacrificed, Do I splain me?


First of all, and as I said before, I would like to inform you that the breeding that I develop in my kennel is done for my personal satisfaction and not for the pleasure of anyone else. Today, I am very happy, very proud and satisfied with the results that my dogs offer me day after day and even better, results that my dogs obtain in various facets and disciplines currently in the year 2023, how, for example; At ADBA Standard exams Events; That of Work – Sports; etc., etc.


The direction in which I direct the breeding selection of my Pit Bulls in Villa Liberty kennels is mainly based on three paths;

1 By genetics and functional standard.

2 For Work – Sports and big game hunting (Wild Boar)

3 By personal intuition coming by the experience acquired during the 39 years studying, enjoying, observing and raising these doggies without interruptions, continuously.


With these three paths, they are enough for me to know that I am doing well in the development of my breeding, a good pattern to follow, a good guide to be more than satisfied with the results that I observe in my breeding, day after day, year after year. I observe an evolution for the better over time by selecting my dogs under these parameters. Furthermore, I am very grateful to all those who have my dogs, who, they inform me, attest to the good quality of the Pit Bulls they have in their family, their testimony is worth like gold to me, I feel very proud of all of them.

To provide you with a more complete explanation of the question you have asked me about my breeding method, I am providing you with one more link, where you can see other important details for me, when I do a litter and the objective of the breeding;


For example, regarding the Work – Sports in the breeding that I develop with the Pit Bulls, I can tell you that the Only 4 Champions (ACE) of WeightPulling in Europe coming from my RED PIT:  


“RED PIT” FIAPBT Pedigree Online


Another good example of my breeding, in regards to Work – Sports, is a direct son of RED PIT called RED PIT II, winning the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in the MARATHONPIT discipline, in the OLYMPIC GAMES of the American Pit Bull Terrier, held in 2010 in the Canary Islands, Spain:  


“RED PIT II” FIAPBT Pedigree Online  


@ You told me;

“How do I keep the “Game” in my dogs?” (Sic)


In the breeding selection that I develop with my Pit Bulls, I am guided by the Game, but not the Game of fights between dogs, no, rather the Game of Work – Sports, wild boar hunting, etc., since the Game does not It is attributable only to dog fighting, no. I know that some American Pit Bull Terriers in their time, "recognized" as very "Game" when fighting with those of the same species, when they were taken on a hunt and saw the powerful and dangerous wild boar in front of them, they ran, but in the direction opposite of the powerful animal.


For me it is important to select Game in my breeding, since Game is the virtue that differentiates our breed dog from the others, Game being something so characteristic of the breed that it becomes part of the breed itself. Game or "Gameness" is the quality and virtue that only Pit Bulls have since they were created as a breed more than 500 years ago. Some have it in greater proportion than others, to carry out and finish the work entrusted to them by its owner or trainer, no matter how hard and extreme the circumstances are to develop it and even if it costs them its lives in the attempt.


At the beginning of the following link, you can see some Pit Bulls of my breeding facing the powerful and dangerous wild boar without problems or fears, emerging victorious from the fight that their owner had entrusted to them:


In addition to wild boar hunting, also in endurance Work – Sports (MarathonPit, etc. - - Same link in Spanish -) the Game develops and becomes evident, especially when fatigue arrives intense and the animal continues to carry out its work despite the inconvenience of the harsh and extreme circumstances for its development due to the lack of oxygen. I am the one who must dose them and make them stop at a certain time to avoid Shock. This is also Game and for this reason, I also select my specimems for the MarathonPit activity, since in addition to this, it is a great activity to clean up the image and show the positive face that our breed dog so badly needs in society ignorant.


For example, Maurice Carver fought dogs, yes, but I have to say that Carver lived in other times, very distant from those of today (1916 / 1979), with a mentality quite different from that of today, times, in which which, dog fighting was not an illegal activity. In my case, for example, it would not occur to me to fight dogs because it is animal abuse, but I do thank Maurice Carver in his role as BREEDER and others like him, for having continued to reproduce and especially PRESERVE the purity of the breed dog  in the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT or Pit Bull), CONSERVING its EXISTENCE in those times, although they did it for an activity that I do not agree with being carried out in today's times, and I am grateful to them for a very simple reason, which is that although the breed itself was created for WORK more than 500 years ago and not to fight with its own kind, as I have already explained before, if it had not been for Maurice Carver and others like him, by BREEDING and CONSERVING the pure and authentic American Pit Bull Terrier, for 150 years in that sense of dog fighting, the breed itself would have gone on to the list of already extinct breeds dogs, where the names of a great number of breeds already extinct in modern times, like for example, the Blau Paul, the Bullenbeiser or German bulldog, the Alpine Mastiff, the White English Terrier, the Cordovan Fighting Dog, the Puy Pointer, the Hawaiian Poi , the Paisley terrier, the Techichi, the Talbot, the Kuri, etc., etc. I have an extinct dog breed very close to my land, in addition, said extinct breed dog is where our wonderful and noble Pit Bulls come from, I am referring to the Spanish Alaunt breed dog, despite the fact that some, for obvious interests, deny its extinction, but I refer to the facts: - (Same link in Spanish)


With the latter, I am trying to explain that if the breed itself had been CONSERVING alive without becoming extinct until modern times, but by means other than dog fighting, then, as far as the breeding selection, at least in my case and I am sure that it would have also happened with other breeders, at that time, the breeding selection would have been carried out under the parameters of the specimens of those other different genetic branches that would have been REGISTERED in some way for its Purity or AUTHENTICITY in the history of the breed, whose selection would have been based on what its origin, its creation more than 500 years ago, which was nothing other than to carry out various work tasks required in yesteryear, the WORK in summary, in this way, not having to go through dogs that had been used in dog fights, since if the specimens that were used solely and exclusively to carry out various WORK tasks and its data had been REGISTERED, It would have been possible to follow its genetic traces and continue them today, but it turns out that indeed the various jobs carried out by those specimens of the breed were REGISTERED, but what was not REGISTERED were the specimens that carried them out, and obviously neither its descendants, that valuable information was forgotten, was lost, which made it impossible to carry out that breeding selection of the PURE BREED on that side of WORK, since the old specimens of the American Pit Bull Terrier dog breed REGISTERED in the history, there were only those who were fought and it is for this reason, why, those of us who, like me, wanted the pure breed not to become extinct, were forced to carry out breeding under the RECORDS that were preserved and we had at our disposal to to be able to do it, if we wanted to preserve honestly, with the TRUTH, the pure breed, and this could only be done by investigating and following the RECORDS that were preserved of those specimens in that time that were used in dog fights, more clear tham water.


Video ORIGINS of the American Pit Bull Terrier: (Video in spanish)


After spending several decades studying, observing, collecting and carrying out field research on everything related to the American Pit Bull Terrier breed dog, I was left with the impression that, in the role of BREEDER, there was no other like Maurice Carver, he was special, his sixth sense told him which dogs he should pair, obviously he did so within the PURITY or AUTHENTICITY of the breed, in this way, being able to produce the best of the best. He managed to breed many of the best Pit Bulls in history. Maurice Carver's work as a BREEDER fascinated me, being able to corroborate for myself the enormous quality that his dogs possessed, by continuing to select their 100% pure genetics under my breeding criteria today, this was the reason why my wife Mar and I put all our efforts in the decade of the 80s and 90s to bring from the USA to Spain, the best pure Pit Bulls that were still alive from Maurice Carver at that time, a work of recovering the genetics of the Maurice's dogs, in this way, to be able to preserve his genetics and his legacy for as many years as possible, to enjoy it, for personal satisfaction, for the heritage and inheritance of the breed itself and for those fans who also like and value Carver genetics like we do, that they can continue to enjoy it today, since ultimately, breeding pure Carver dogs today is also synonymous and a guarantee of PRESERVING the AUTHENTICITY of the breed and the good QUALITY of the breed.


Robert, as I told you before, I could make numerous litters a year, at this time, for example, for a few months now that I have not had any litters, I usually make one or two very selected litters a year, of which I keep some puppies for me and for the people in my closed circle of trust to control and observe their evolution, I sell very little. I think I have responded more than well enough to all of his concerns regarding my work with the race. I repeat, I do not sell my dogs to you or to anyone who wants them to fight, or who at least has indications of believing that they are actually going to fight them, leaving this matter already closed.


Mariano Peinado



- ALL dogs are MAN'S BEST FRIEND since the beginning of humanity, ´Why do some insist on changing this reality? The answer is simple, for $$$


There are no fighting breed dogs. Since Pit Bulls had been used in fighting dogs, that was one reason why among ignorant citizens they acquired a bad reputation for being “quarrelsome” dogs. Another reason for the bad reputation that has been given to the breed, comes from the lying media and sensationalist, but in reality, Pit Bulls are loving and very intelligent dogs, much more peaceful than most dogs of other breeds, since the confidence they have in themselves makes them have a attitude of dogs good, noble, balanced and peaceful, although as in the rest of the breeds and mixed breeds, everything will depend on the EDUCATION, the CONTROL and RESPONSIBILITY of the owner, I think it is not difficult to understand…


"Judge the FACT INDIVIDUALLY, by bad ATTITUDE or by the owner´s IRRESPONSIBILITY and do not CRIMINALIZE, nor DISCRIMINATES the Breed Dogs or Mongrel Dogs simply by its Physical Appearance, in this way, to get Justify applying an Unfair Collection Law subtly under the shadow of the term "Protection". An Animal "Protection" Law whose SOLE objective is the Collection, which in reality does not offer Citizen nor Animal SECURITY, rather the opposite. All are INNOCENT until proven otherwise, Humans too. " (m.p) -- Stop DISCRIMINATION!!! - Stop BSL & DDA!!!


- What is the UNFAIR, INEFFECTIVE and CRUEL BSL & DDA Laws? -


- Stop BSL & DDA!!! ¡¡¡RESCUE of PEOPLE with American Pit Bull Terrier Canine HEROS: - - -


From the FIAPBT & IADCRO, we add ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about the breed for your information. We hope and we wish that you enjoy a lot with this information about the breed that we are offering with great pleasure. Thank you very much for your interest and trust,






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