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                                                 Juegos olímpicos  

The past Saturday October 16, 2010, in a sunny day and with a very pleasant temperature, rather exceptional for the accomplishment of an event of these characteristics in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, whose excellent climatology seemed to predict that something new and extraordinary for the history of the canine species will go to happen in that place in not much time.


Indeed, the premonition was that the INTERNATIONAL AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER FEDERATION (FIAPBT) and the ACAPBT organized in the lucky islands, the First Olympic Games with the Work - Sport breed dog for excellence, the American Pit Bull Terrier, which secured a great success, in sportsmanship, attendance of participants - public, comradeship and an extraordinary positive image for the breed and its fans facing to the society.




By the way, the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier with the accomplishment of these Olympic Games, has been able to open a wonderful new door for the dogs of all the breeds and its fans, since previously to the accomplishment of this superb event, never had been realised the Olympic Games for the dogs of none breed and we thought that will be a wonderful idea, to expand the JJ.OO to all the canine species and its fans, adding new modalities according the specialty of each breed.


In the Olympic Games 2010, several modalities of work - sport tests were realised with the American Pit Bull Terrier, like for example; Weight Pulling, wall jump, agility, canicros, prey and like no, the Olympic Games modality Queen, the MARATHONPIT, where the public enjoyed so much with it, contemplating the great dispute to get the Championship of the World of this hard and beautiful modality.


Before to see the modality Queen, we will show you some of the most intense moments of the rest of the modalities:


                                                               WEIGHT PULLING


                                                                   WALL JUMP









                                     The JJ.OO modality Queen, the MARATHONPIT








                    CH “RED PIT II”





                The winner of the MarathonPit  Championship of the World 2010, CH “RED PIT II”


To make special mention to the first CHAMPION of the WORLD in the MARATHONPIT discipline, called “RED PIT II” and Carlos its owner.


With this victory and the title of Champion of the World in play (CH), since this moment to the winner of the Championship “RED PIT II” will be known him like CH “RED PIT II”. The title was open to the world and any fans of any place that had wished it, they had the option and the opportunity able to conquer it, with sport and with much happiness, we congratulated to this doggie and its owner by the success got. Congratulations to both.



FIAPBT & ACAPBT Directive. In the picture center, Mar Bartolome and Mariano Peinado with “Red Pit” white shirt, showing with very much pride, the Plate in Recognition that granted to them for his great one “Red Pit”, which passed away in October 27, 2008.


                      Commemorative plaque granted in honor to Red Pit.,


In this day, “Red Pit” got recognition by double side. Since the sky it will feel very proud of its dear son CH “RED PIT II” since also he got tribute of him, for to get the Championship of the World in the MarathonPit discipline.


  GOOD WORK CHAMP                                 flower1_div_md_wht.gif (9218 bytes)

bfly1BgWHT.gif (15811 bytes)  bfly1BgWHT.gif (15811 bytes) 

     CH “RED PIT II”                                                                         THE RED PIT´S CORNER (RIP)








The Olimpic Games 2010, has been a great success in all the senses, where the camaraderie and the love by a breed dog were clear during all the day. All the participants of the different modalities, his companions and the fans in where we spent unforgettable day with our dogs and knowing new friends in a very familiar and healthful atmosphere.


In the FIAPBT we create firmly, that for demonstrate the love by a breed dog is necessary to be for the good thing and the bad thing day after day, as usually it is said “is necessary to be with the APBT in the good times and also in the bad times”.


The FIAPBT thankful to the participants of the different modalities and the public, for have been passed along with us this splendid and unforgettable day, THANKS. The FIAPBT also thankful the inestimable and valuable support that the ACAPBT & CAN- AVANZA have offered us along with its wonderful collaborators team, in order to make the accomplishment possible of the JJ.OO . Thank you very much to all.

The FIAPBT thankful to Carla Moreno, for the pictures that she gave us for the realization of this report. 








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