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Ramiro Morales, the introducer of "The Blacks" in Mexico (By Mariano Peinado. May 29, 2023)  

         Remembering some extraordinary specimens from Mexico


image109  Luis García, Maurice Carver and Ramiro Morales     


@ FIAPBT Pedigree Online of Carver´s (Morales´) “ÑAÑARAS” known like Boudreaux' “T-BELL”: https://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=4129


Carver´s (Morales´) “ÑAÑARAS”,  was bred by Maurice Carver and he gave her to his dear mexican friend, Ramiro Morales, from his total confidence. Later, when Ramiro left the dogs, he gave her to Floyd Boudreaux. “ÑAÑARAS”, she was the mother of Boudreaux´ “LIZA”, among other very good reproducers. In turn, Boudreaux' “LIZA” was the mother of the extraordinary Boudreaux' “MAVERICK” and Boudreaux' “RITA”, these two being the parents of the popular Boudreaux' “SKULL”, etc., etc.


Boudreaux´ “SKULL” FIAPBT Pedigree Online: https://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=4134 Triple Carver´s (Morales´) “ÑAÑARAS”


Boudreaux´ “SCREAM” FIAPBT Pedigree Online: https://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=es&criterio=10838  Triple Carver´s (Morales´) “ÑAÑARAS” & Triple Carver´s (Morales´) “NEGRA”



Indeed, Boudreaux´ “SKULL” X Boudreaux´ “SCREAM” was a very clever cross




@ Carver´s (Morales´) “NEGRA” known as Boudreaux´ “LUPE” FIAPBT Pedigree Online: https://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=4114


Carver´s (Morales´) “NEGRA”, has a history, if not identical, if very similar to Carver´s (Morales´) “ÑAÑARAS”, since it was breeding by Maurice Carver and he also gave it to his friend Ramiro Morales. Later, when Ramiro left the dogs, he also gave it to Floyd Boudreaux, on the condition that if he returned to the dogs, he would return them to him, something that did not happen. Carver´s (Morales´) “NEGRA”, was well known in Mexico like "La Negra Grande", "The Black Big", especially to differentiate her from another extraordinaryNEGRA” of Ramiro, which was smaller, called Carver´s & Morales´ “BLACK LADY”, being well known in Mexico like “La Negra Chica” or “La Negra Pequeña”, "The Black Small"; Her FIAPBT Pedigree Online is: https://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=326725




About Ramiro Morales: https://www.villaliberty.org/theblacks.html


@ REMEMBERING in Mexico "BLACK TRUENO" (BADGER) (R.I.P.) https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/photos/a.451449941132/10161060253566133

REMEMBERING some great Reproducers specimens from the recent past of the breed in Mexico; "BLACK TRUENO"  (BADGER): https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/photos/10154787965551133


"BLACK TRUENO" was a doggie that was born in Spain and lived all his life in Mexico. "BLACK TRUENO" had a fairly intense percentage in its genetics of Boudreaux' "SKULL" X Boudreaux´ “SCREAM” and, therefore, as you can see in its FIAPBT Pedigree Online, it also had it from Carver's (Morales') "ÑAÑARAS" & Carver´s (Morales´) “NEGRA”, among other excellent Carver dogs


"BLACK TRUENO" (BADGER) FIAPBT Pedigree Online: https://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=326994







@ “BOUDREAUX” (BULLYSON / GARR) FIAPBT Pedigree Online: https://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=55902


"BOUDREAUX" (BULLYSON / GARR), was a great reproducer of the breed in Spain (The quality and virtue of reproduction is very typical and rooted in pure Carver dogs, a quality and virtue so important and necessary for conservation in regards to the genetic quality of the breed itself), and as you can clearly see inside in its FIAPBT Pedigree Online, has all its ascendents genetic windows closed in one of the best crosses made by Floyd Boudreaux throughout his life as breeder, I mean the cross between Boudreaux´ “SKULL” X Boudreaux´ “SCREAM, which also means that “BOUDREAUX” (BULLYSON / GARR) although it is a dog with genetics, blood or strain of 100% Boudreaux, at the same time It also has in its genetics, blood or strain, nothing more and nothing less than 87.5% of the genetics, blood or strain of Maurice Carver's dogs, a very considerable genetic load made up of Carver dogs like Carver's (Davis) "MIDNIGHT COWBOY", or also of the dogs bred by Carver and latter he given to his good Mexican friend Ramiro Morales, such as Carver's (Morales) ÑAÑARAS aka like Boudreaux' “T-BELL”, Carver's (Morales) "NEGRA" aka like Boudreaux' “LUPE”, etc.


                         BOUDREAUX (BULLYSON / GARR)  


You can see in the Video to "BOUDREAUX" (BULLYSON / GARR) until the minute 1:23´´. These images correspond to the year 2009 in Madrid, Spain, when "BOUDREAUX" (BULLYSON / GARR) was only 4 years old; The BLACKS” Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dy6rbeenLIs&t=0s


@ Some Pit Bulls in nowadays, which come from this old and almost disappeared genetic, are, for example:


                                                                                                  CH “BLACK COAL”




CH “BLACK COAL” FIAPBT Pedigree Online: https://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=327203 

CH “BLACK COAL” VÍDEO: https://youtu.be/o13g7EnvKlY




CH “BLACK COAL” is on the podium with the third position of the ADBA Ranking among the best American Pit Bull Terriers of the moment: https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/posts/pfbid026ud9ahYu3QBnLNctg3h7C5G81sVp9FyQA51CphDaa7ycYVZTB9tT2r3hop9p1vVYl


                                                                                               “BLACK ELI”

                                                                                                  – At 8 months of age



“BLACK ELI” FIAPBT Pedigree Online: http://www.fiapbtpedigree.com/imprimir_ficha.php?idm=en&criterio=327222  


“BLACK ELI” VIDEO in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VILLALIBERTYKENNELS/videos/596729292427461 Mismo VÍDEO en YouTube: https://youtu.be/Z8V0h1vxKjM


- History of The Blacks: https://www.villaliberty.org/theblacks.html


- Whence comes the BLACK color to the ELI / CARVER / BOUDREAUX dogs, being that they are all Tudor's "DIBO" family and "DIBO" was buckskin color? - THE HENRY DOGS: https://www.fiapbt.net/black.html - https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/photos/a.451449941132/10161031328231133


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