Dear friends, the correct ANSWER to the last riddle, within the FIAPBT & IADCRO Riddles game, is HENRY'S “RED TODDY”, which is a specimen of the American Pit Bull Terrier dog breed (APBT or Pit Bull) with Red Nose pigmentation. "RED TODDY" served as an extraordinary stud dog to a great breeder of the breed currently in oblivion, I mean Frank G. Henry, whose work in breeding the breed he did in his time with "RED TODDY" and his descendants, I think, that marked the future in a transcendental way with respect to what we know in nowadays of the Pit Bull.


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On the other hand, together with the ANSWER to the riddle, we promised to bring something related and that would liked to the fan, which we think will be the case, at least that is our wish. We are referring to historical information on the breed that is not very well known, which is compiled in a report entitled The FRANK G. HENRY Dogs, being the following:


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The authentic and genuine Pit Bull of Today, are the faithful reflection of the originals Pit Bull of Yesterday...  


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A TRICK to see the pedigrees much better and with greater comfort, is that when you are viewing a pedigree, whatever it is, for example the Pit Bull called "PATCHES", if you click where it says PRINTER FRIENDLY within the Pit data box Bull chosen, a window will open where the genealogy of the Pit Bull in question appears with an electronic address assigned to this pedigree at the top; in Spanish if you selected the Spanish language or in English if you selected English.


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