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@ Video INTRODUCTION of what happened globally: https://thebigresetmovie.com/area-video

@ WAR IN UKRAINE??? https://www.fiapbt.net/ukraine.html

@ BREAKING NEWS!!! New variant of HIV or AIDS coming in the third Covid 19 vaccine: https://www.fiapbt.net/covidhiv.html

@ DOCTORS and HEALTH PEOPLE are collaborators and accomplices of the global GENOCIDE: https://www.fiapbt.net/medicalpeople.html


https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/posts/10160213702266133 In Web site: https://www.fiapbt.net/nwo.html

@ FAKE News??? https://www.fiapbt.net/fake.html

@ And after the PLANDEMIC? https://www.fiapbt.net/andnow.html

@ Video INTRODUCTION of what happened globally: https://thebigresetmovie.com/area-video In the way that everything has happened overnight, regarding the enormous change in the global social life system since 2020, after acquiring the Objective and especially Scientific information, which can be seen in this video, anyone who hadn't realized it yet and wasn't too programmed or manipulated, this information should give them pause for a while at least...

To avoid Censorship and to be able to share or add the link to this Video in various places on the Internet, such as Facebook, etc., in this way, giving other people the opportunity to see it, WE RECOMMEND resorting to separating the link of the Video, being this way: https://thebigresetmovie. com/area-video After this, whoever wishes to view the Video, only has to join the place where “the point” is located with the “com” and you will be able to see it.

WAR IN UKRAINE??? En ESPAÑOL aquí: https://www.fiapbt.net/ucrania.html

The Elite of the West and the Elite of the East are partners, they work for the same goal, the New World Order known as the NWO.


DECLARATIONS by the President of El Salvador, regarding the Little War in Ukraine: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=504755427673186&set=a.279541290194602

Wow, a sincere president lol I did not expect it and I sincerely congratulate him for telling the truth, ´Thank you!!!

They distract us with little wars so as not to see where the global problem really is...


@ Planned and a la carte WARS (as happened with the First and Second World Wars), in this way, to achieve DISTRACTION and generate FEAR among the citizens for the CONTROL of the masses, in addition to making their ARMAMENT factories extremely profitable and later, also making their companies profitable CONSTRUCTION, to rebuild the country, what they themselves have destroyed, winning in every move and on all sides, no matter where you look at it and how you look at it.



Alberto recriminates us because he believes that we are affirming that the war in Ukraine is false.

ANSWER to Alberto:

Let's see Alberto, maybe you didn't understand me or maybe I explained it wrong. I'm not saying it's a fake war, no, people are dying and that's unforgivable, okay. What we affirm is that it is a FALSE FLAG war and that means, that they have carried out this war to carry out a diversionary maneuver, to make the citizens of the world look the other way, precisely where the problem is not found and that concerns us all, in this way, those who have done all these evils, generate FEAR to try to AVOID THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.

@ Some facts of FALSE FLAG: https://www.iadcro.com/falseflags.html

You're talking me about the war in Ukraine and it doesn't seem like a war to you, the one that the Bilderberg financial elite of the West and their associates of the elite of the East (who are the owners of the pharmaceutical companies and those who pull the strings of their puppet presidents of the various countries, also are the owners of the media, etc.) have declared humanity with the SCAM of v4ccines, to supposedly solve a crown v1rus???

Well, I have to say that the mob of these two elites, with everything they have done since the beginning of 2020, manufacturing the corona v1rus from one of their many laboratories (which does not go beyond the flu, but whose consequences have been greatly exaggerated to try to generate FEAR among the population), in order to justify inoculating their v4ccines to the citizens of the world and especially, for three fundamental reasons;

1) To SELL your v4ccines.

2) To gain CONTROL of the citizens;

3) And worst of all, for the REDUCTION of the world population.

Observing the various disastrous consequences that have occurred among the citizens of the planet, for having received the inoculations and the various disastrous consequences that are still to be observed in the medium and long term, I do not think that anyone in their right mind, who is aware of what It is happening, do not think otherwise, that effectively the Bilderberg financial elite of the West and their associates of the elite of the East, HAVE DECLARED WAR ON HUMANITY!!! This is the biggest, most subtle and quietest war of all those wars that have occurred in the history of mankind.

However, as the issue of the crown v1rus and especially with the issue of v4ccines, as it has not turned out as they wanted, they have interpreted that they have not managed to generate enough FEAR among the global population and that this has been the cause of his Failure. For this reason, now, at this moment, with this war (theater) in the Ukraine, the Bilderberg elite of the West (Israel, UK, USA, etc.) and their subtle partners of the elite of the East (China, Russia, etc.), are now trying to achieve what they could not with the corona v1rus in its first phase of the implementation of their NOM, that is the reason why exactly the same steps that occurred at the beginning of the corona virus are taking place right now, the same dynamic, the same pattern, the same stamp, the disinformation media in the same dynamic, with the death toll counters going up and down with great fanfare, lies after lies, you can see them coming a league away, in terms of threats of a World War, threats to use Nuclear Bombs and blah, blah, blah, to try to generate the FEAR they need to achieve, at least to achieve it in the majority of the global population, in this way, to have more possibilities to develop their New World order (NOM), but in the end they not will able to get it...

In the same way that we do not deny the existence of the corona v1rus, we do not deny the declared war in Ukraine either, but what we denounce one time and other time is that the media EXAGGERATE by a thousand, MISREPRESENT the news as much as possible and LIE MORE THAN THEY SPEAK, for example;

It is within everyone's reach to find statements by news presenters on national TV channels, such as what happened with the "journalist" Susana Griso on Antena3 in Spain, about the images that were shown, taking them for real, images of bombings and crossfire against planes and narrating in detail what he was showing at that moment on television to his audience, deceiving them, narrating it as if it were a soccer game and later one finds out that those images of the supposed war, they were images, `From a VIDEO GAME!!!

Or like the big explossion that happened in China in 2015, they put it on the national network news as if it was a big bang just yesterday in the Ukraine, at a time when not a single shot had taken place yet. In this way, they wanted to get the minds of the citizens of the world to VISUALIZE the war that had already started and, consequently, to generate FEAR, a lot of FEAR, with which, VISUALIZING, BELIEVING IT, AFFIRMING IT and FEELING IT through FEAR and in a MASSIVE way, it is the best way to make anything come true, in this case that we are dealing with, the one that starts a war, true Alchemists and those who know Quantum Metaphysics know it very well that this is so. But it is that these cruel tricks today no longer work, what worked only 20 years ago, now no longer, we are in other times of much Light, which blinds the genocides and for that reason, they do nothing but give blind sticks...

The media misrepresent information in an obedient way to the interest of their Masters of the elite, with HALF-TRUTHS, which are worse than complete Lies, in this way, trying to generate FEAR among the citizens of the planet, they LIE and LIE As much as possible and that is what we denounce, not to generate FEAR, no, rather the opposite, do you see the difference??? I think so…

Since the theater of this war in the Ukraine is not going to work for what they want to achieve, the Bilderberg financial elite in the West and their partners in the elite in the East will try again in a different way, since they still have two more cartridges in the chamber to try to achieve it, even knowing in advance that they no longer have a chance of achieving it, but they will be able to gain some time, since they are aware that they can no longer go back and ask for forgiveness in the face of the global GENOCIDE they have carried out, They know that their only way out is to try to escape forward and they will die doing a lot of damage to all...

The mentally ill psychopaths of the Bilderberg financial elite of the West and their associates of the elite of the East, together with their immense number of collaborators of all kinds, the two cartridges that still remain in the chamber, will be used to try to EVADE THEIR RESPONSIBILITY. Without knowing in the order of their execution, they are the following:

@ The BLUE BEAN Project.

@ The SECOND COMING OF JESUS ​​CHRIST or that of any other enlightened person, depending on the country where each one is located.

To obtain more detailed information about the last two global plots exposed above, you can find it by researching for yourself on the Internet, guided by your intuition and by what really resonates within your hearts, we do not say that They will not be able to obtain the absolute truth, but they will undoubtedly be much closer to the truth than if they are guided by what they are informed by the traditional media, which are used as the tool of the genocidal elite.

You can also find this information, inside the following link; https://www.fiapbt.net/andnow.html from the photograph, in the place where is the picure that you are currently appreciating:



On February 25, 2009, the renowned Genocide Henry Kissinger, the BILDERBERG Nº 7, in a speech at the World "Health" Organization (the WHO, Organization created and directed by the BILDERBERG) and in the presence of a large number of congregants, said the following:

“Once the herd accepts the mandatory vaccinations, it's game over. They will accept anything, forced donation of blood or organs, "for the common good." We can genetically modify children and sterilize them, "for the common good." Control the mind of the sheep and you control the flock. Vaccine manufacturers stand to make billions, and many of you in this room are investors. It is a great mutual benefit, since we reduce the herd and the herd pays us for the extermination services." (Sic)

                          KISSINGER INGLES

For a better understanding of what is read, it should be known that this gang of pedophile mentally ill psychopaths, which, makes up the BILDERBERG Club, to the citizens of global society, that is, to you, to me, to our families, etc., not only dotake us for fools, no, they treat us like CATTLE and refer to us as the herd, because to them, we are just farm animals serving their disgusting needs. We just have to look around us, to realize that they are doing too much damage in global society, especially to the most fragile and defenseless, they are after them and this madness, we must try to stop it.

However, we must report that lately an obedient "Black Hand" has dedicated itself to misrepresenting news on the Internet, evidences that occurred at certain times, in the same dynamic as the news of the murder of Scientist and Doctor Andreas Noack, where that same "Black Hand" has dedicated itself to falsifying the context of the news on the networks, since the one who is above that Obedient "Black Hand" is not interested in the fact that some issues that prove it are recorded as true, such as what happened with the murder of the Scientist and Doctor Andreas Noack and as it happens with this testimony of Henry Kissinger, and also happens with many other news similar to this, which, they brand as FALSE or FAKES when that is not the case, since not doing so, they would be harmed in properly developing their well-known New World Order (NWO), for that reason, from Internet search engines, they have dedicated themselves to sowing confusion and thus, trying to promote their fa vor, the well-known "Divide and you will win".

                           MARTIN LUHER KING

This PLANDEMIC has two days left and later, the GENOCIDAL and all their COLLABORATIONISTS will be held accountable and… HEADS WILL ROLL!!!


The DOCTORS and other SANITARY, are going to have to GIVE ACCOUNTS equally for collaborators of GENOCIDE...

The Bilderberg psychopaths from England, Israel, USA, Russia and China, are among the most responsible in this “sanitary” GENOCIDE, now when the storm of the GENOCIDE subsides, their diverse authorities OBEDIENT PUPPETS; the Ruling Politicians; Doctors and other Sanitary, Police Agents and the like; Journalists and those who run the Media, etc., etc., as well as the authorities of the rest of the countries, which, in addition to being collaborators in the Genocide, have NOT allowed the debate on the alleged Pandemic, have censored and punished its citizens to whom they owe, simply for having a different opinion and thus collaborating much better in the GENOCIDE and pleasing those who originated it to win the subtle points that the elite subtly distributes to those who are obedient, from when does this happen in a supposedly Democratic country? Where are the journalists? And where was the National Sovereignty? The ruling politicians, instead of looking for the SOCIAL WELFARE of their citizens to whom they owe, for having voted for them in "Democratic" elections, as good TRAITORS, Obey like Puppets, without Criteria or Common Sense to the Bilderberg psychopaths owners of the WHO to the detriment of its citizens to whom they owe. The WHO is a private and criminal organization managed directly by the Bilderberg genocidal elite.

It should be known that the harmful components for health already discovered inside the vaccines, Graphene for example, has a CUTTING effect, as the scientist in the Video that we attach below explains, they are like NANO SHAVING BLADES, producing dire consequences for the health of the organism of those to whom it is inoculated, such as, for example, that when it comes into contact with the blood, it is distributed through the veins, CUTTING AND TEARING tissues, cells and everything that they find in their path , for this reason the airways, lungs, organs, etc. are inflamed. to the point of causing BLEEDING, THROMBOSIS, CARDIAC ARREST, CARDIAC ARRHYTHMIAS, STROKE, etc., without yet knowing the health consequences that vaccines will bring in the medium and long term, which does not look good at all, especially when observing the devastating and disastrous scenario for health that vaccines have caused in the short term.

The wise, honorable, brave Scientist and Doctor of the following VIDEO, also a Doctorate in Carbon, the material that GRAPHENE is made of, explains very well the EFFECT OF NANO SHAVER BLADES CUTTING INSIDE THE HUMAN ORGANISM due to GRAPHENE. Scientific PROOF of the deadly components of vaccines; VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/670037539 Same Video on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IADCRO/videos/260896819518458

All those who are inoculated with Graphene with vaccines, or ingest it through masks, are affected sooner or later, but those who are affected more quickly are young athletes, since having a greater and copious blood flow, Graphene runs much faster than in a person who does not play sports or an older person. For this reason, in recent months thousands of elite, mid-elite and normal athletes around the world have died horribly practicing their favorite sports. ATTENTION, HARD Images in the following VIDEO. Sudden death of athletes just after being vacinnated. VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/100001234420465/videos/1556676224706325

GRAPHENE, once inoculated, sooner or later ends up installing itself throughout the body and especially in the brain of those inoculated, who have managed not to die from as much poison as has been introduced, turning the inoculated into living and mobile RECEIVING ANTENNAS like zombies, and that, from a remote control by 5G and satellite waves, directed by someone unknown, without knowing their beautiful intentions, the inoculated can be INDUCED or TRANSFERRED on demand, EMOTIONS, THOUGHTS (subtle orders), FEELINGS , etc., but it will not be the FREE CHOICE of the letter of the inoculated as an individual NO, it will be the FREE CHOICE of the letter of someone that the Robotized inoculated does not even know, who, in a sick way, is very interested in life of the inoculated and to eliminate his FREEDOM, in this way to obtain CONTROL of his actions for his benefit as a PARASITE, not for the benefit of the inoculated. We can appreciate this whole process in the explanations of the many scientists and components of the International Group of DOCTORS FOR TRUTH in the following VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/videos/1051980788707749 - Same VIDEO in YouTube: https://youtu.be/m243HLj-JlE

Original Link To share: https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/photos/a.451449941132/10160232407516133


                - 00 00 00 00 00 LOS BILDERBERGS INGLES

It should be noted that the owners of the financial power of the Federal Reserve and its subsidiaries such as the IMF, the ECB, the BE, etc., (the "big" Bankers), the owners of the Pharmaceuticals, the owners of the companies of Armament, the big Monsanto-type food companies, etc., all belong to the same families dedicated to different areas. It is these families that created the Bilderberg Club in 1954. For the most part, the members of these families are the ones that make up this evil Club in nowadays. Their first meeting was in the Netherlands in 1954, in a hotel called Bilderberg, which is the reason for the name of this gulfs club.

The BILDERBERG subtly pull the strings of their PUPPETS from their different institutions, which they created at the time to help them develop their New World Order (NOM), to achieve their evil, unjust and unworthy purposes against humanity, mother nature and the planet itself. Some of these institutions are for example; The UN, NATO, the WHO, the CIA, the FBI, the EU, INTERPOL, UNESCO, the IMF, the World Bank and its “branches” such as the European Central Bank (ECB), subject National Banks, etc.

'The Bankers Zionist False Jewish (Khazars) BILDERBERG have names!!! They are the ROTHSCHILD, the ROCKEFELLER, the MORGAN, the MOSÉS, the WARBURG, the LAZARD, the KUHN, the LEHMAN BROTHERS, the GOLDMAN, etc. http://www.iadcro.com/las9familias.html 

This Bankers Zionist False Jewish (Khazars) BILDERBERG and their collaborators, are those who are behind the global health GENOCIDE and the PUBLIC DEBT (public fraud) of all countries, which have to pay these BILDERBERG gulfs out of their pockets of the citizen. Joe Biden, Boris Jhonson, Merkel, Macron, Pedro Sanchez, etc., are only OBEDIENT PUPPETS of the Bankers Zionist False Jewish BILDERBERG...

                     DAVID ROCKEFELLER

The Fake Jewish Zionist (Khazarian) Bankers BILDERBERG, their partners and collaborators under their well-known NEW WORLD ORDER, promote and generate 98% of the problems that Humanity suffers: Wars; evictions; Refugees; False Flag Terrorism; Racism; Hungry; Diseases and Viruses; Discrimination against people of all kinds (religion, sex, machismo, the unvaccinated, etc.); Pharmaceuticals and Drugs; chemtrails; etc.

- 'KNOW YOUR ENEMY!!! This information you can´t find it in the traditional media; https://www.facebook.com/271421886132/photos/a.451449941132.245086.271421886132/10154058362021133/?type=3&theater

- HOW ARE THEY ORGANIZED, INSIDE THE CLUB BILDERBERG? http://www.iadcro.com/organizationcb.html

- FALSE FLAG TERRORISM: http://www.iadcro.com/falseflags.html

                       PREMIO NOBEL MEDICINA

The WHO is a Bilderbergs private company (Rochields, Rockefeller, Golman, etc.), who pull the strings of their obedient Puppets, the presidents of the various countries. These GENOCIDAL elements, the Bilderbergs, are also the owners of pharm aceutical companies and their various laboratories, with this information, now you can connect the dots and understand many issues for yourself. These GENOCIDAL gulfs, are already realizing the serious "mistake" they have committed against humanity, they are abusing too much against the most sacred of the person and it is not turning out as they wanted, and now they are screwed because they are also cowards. They plot from the shadows and carry it out through their collaborating PUPPETS.

Right now they are fleeing, but they are moving forward, damaging the citizens as much as possible, but it is not important, since very soon they will have to accountable for GENOCIDE and their collaborating PUPPETS as well, I am referring to the presidents of government, many police authorities, many doctors, the media, many journalists, etc., and they know it, that's why they're screwed and they're trying to escape, pretending to remain calm and now even to calm things down, giving some other message to CONFUSE more and better, message to lower social pressure and thus justify themselves, washing their hands of what has been happening for 2 years because of the guidelines, subtle orders to their Puppets, the various presidents of the government, from the WHO (the WHO, as we have indicated above, is owned by the same owners as the pharmaceutical companies, who pretend to have nothing to do with it and thus take benefit from their decisions to governments continuously and bastard, to the detriment of the citizens, at the expense of their health and that of their lives), in this way, try to reduce the indignation of the population and thus, through confusion, try to ESCAPE, for more Later, when the waters have calmed, go back to doing their Bad things… They take us for fools, treat us like CATTLE and call us the herd.

The Truth, sooner or later, in one way or another always prevails over everything and everyone, as it could not be otherwise.

@ VIDEO THAT SHOWS THE CONNECTION AND COLLABORATION of the Bilderbergs psychopaths of the elite of the West (England, Israel and USA), with the psychopaths of the elite of the East (China and Russia) Same VIDEO in Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/670001974 Same Video in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IADCRO/videos/885982668749421

                     PIENSA y REFLESIONA LA FOTO BUENA



The Director General of the WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is a proven GENOCIDE and for that reason, he was elected to the WHO in 2017 by the Bilderberg elite, those of his ilk; https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/who-chief-tedros-adhanom-ghebreyesus-may-face-genocide-charges-2fbfz7sff


@ “Hitler knew this very well, like his friends and associates the global elite in nowadays...

Humans are only capable of telling small lies and cannot conceive of big lies. Therefore, if you really want to hide something important from the population, deceive them with SUCH A BIG lie that, even if they discover it, they will not believe it.” (Hitler)

Original Post Link to SHARE: https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/photos/a.451449941132/10160210018826133


The holocaust that Hitler carried out is child's play compared to what these psychopaths have done, they have learned a lot and have surpassed their teacher. Luckily, there is very little time left, so that finally the entire Pharmaceutical plot of the genocidal Bilderberg and its collaborators comes to light, thus ending all this GENOCIDAL HOAX globally, later, many will have to assume their RESPONSIBILITIES for their actions, for the attitude that they have shown during what has happened during all this time and heads will roll, how could it be otherwise, but especially and so that these types of episodes do not occur again in humanity, we must go for those of above, the genocidal Bilderbergers, they have names and surnames, the cowards who hide behind Politicians, Businessmen, Bankers, Religions, the Media, etc., and from that place, from the shadows, in a sick and psychopathic way they scheme against humanity but not from now, no, for hundreds of years, they are the cancer of humanity, it is that they also perform blood rituals with young children, they also abuse them and those who get to live, they are traumatized for their entire lives, they are inveterate pedophile predators, they are satanic, they are the worst, they think they are masters and lords of humanity.

@ THE CHILDREN DON'T TOUCH!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=4989197554464676&set=a.1748933491824448



Many wonder why all these rabble live so many years.

In the following photograph you have the answer:

ADRENOCHROME. investigate it for yourself.