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@ Video INTRODUCTION of what happened globally: https://thebigresetmovie.com/area-video

In the way that everything has happened overnight, regarding the enormous change in the global social life system since 2020, after acquiring the Objective and especially Scientific information, which can be seen in this video, anyone who hadn't realized it yet and wasn't too programmed or manipulated, this information should give them pause for a while at least...


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-- International Federation (FIAPBT) & Asociación Internacional (ADCRO) STATEMENT Madrid, January 28, 2022


En ESPAÑOL aquí: https://www.fiapbt.net/yahora.html


Dear friends,


Although our Institutions are not within the field of medicine, we believe that it is not necessary to be a doctor to understand that bleach or other toxic and harmful products such as the components that make up the Covid 19 vaccines (already be demostrated the composition of vaccines by thousands of scientists and doctors around the world), are not suitable for people's health, rather the opposite, these "vaccines" (which are not actually vaccines, they are a genetic EXPERIMENT, said by honest and fearless science professionals themselves), have amply demonstrated that they kill healthy people and even elite athletes, who, before receiving the vaccine, did not have coronaviruses or other pathologies and have died shortly after having been inoculated. The worst thing is that the effects that these "vaccines" will produce in the medium and long term on the health of citizens are not yet known, but everything indicates that nothing good.


In the statistics of those affected by the coronavirus, it can be clearly seen that the majority of those affected are the vaccinated and, on the other hand, in the statistics it is also clearly seen that the more doses of the vaccine the citizens have inoculated, the higher the percentage of deaths and infections in the face of those who are not vaccinated or with fewer inoculated doses, then, Common Sense indicates that as new doses are manufactured, the components harmful to health that are introduced into them are increased in quantity and density.


What kind of shit are they inoculating people, especially children???

We ask this question, to see if those who are collaborating in various ways for this global GENOCIDE to develop, drop their faces with shame before they have to RENDER ACCOUNTS for collaborating in GENOCIDE, because in reality, we already know very well the answer, which, kindly, has been sent to us by qualified and scientific personnel and we are STUNNED!!! Attention to the following Video, especially when talking about the Nano Blades to REDUCE THE WORLD POPULATION and other shit, which, all of them are found inside the vaccines for the CONTROL in various ways of the SCAMMED inoculated;


Some of the components already discovered inside the vaccines are Ribonucleic Acid (RNA), Conductive Crystals, Neuro transmitters, Nano Technology, Nano Chips, GRAPHENE when it is inoculated by the vaccine and inhaled by the masks, etc.


Of the components harmful to health already discovered inside vaccines, Graphene, for example, has a cutting effect, as the scientist in the Video that we attach below explains, they are like Nano razor blades, producing disastrous consequences for the health in the organism of those to whom it is inoculated, for example, that when it comes into contact with the blood, it is distributed through the veins cutting and tearing tissues, cells and everything that is found in its path, for this reason the airways, lungs, organs, etc. are inflamed. to the point of causing hemorrhages, thrombosis, cardiac arrest, cardiac arrhythmias, strokes, etc., without yet knowing the health consequences that vaccines will bring in the medium and long term, which does not look good, especially when observing the devastating and disastrous scenario for health that vaccines have caused in the short term.


The wise, honorable, brave Scientist and Doctor of the following VIDEO, also a Doctorate in Carbon, the material that GRAPHENE is made of, explains very well the effect of Nano Razor blades cutting inside the human organism because of GRAPHENE.

Scientific PROOF of the deadly components of Vaccines; VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/670037539 Same Video on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IADCRO/videos/260896819518458


All those who are inoculated with Graphene with vaccines, or ingest it through masks, are affected sooner or later, but those who are affected more quickly are young athletes, since having a greater and copious blood flow, Graphene runs much faster than in a person who does not play sports or an older person. For this reason, in recent months thousands of elite, mid-elite and normal athletes around the world have died horribly practicing their favorite sports. ATTENTION, HARD Images in the following VIDEO. Sudden death of athletes just after being vaccinated. VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/100001234420465/videos/1556676224706325


GRAPHENE, once inoculated, sooner or later ends up installing itself throughout the body and especially in the brain of those inoculated, who have managed not to die from so much experiment and poison as they have been introduced, turning the inoculated into living RECEIVING ANTENNAS and mobiles like zombies, and that, from a remote control, directed by someone unknown, without knowing their nice intentions, the inoculated can be INDUCED or TRANSFERRED to the letter, EMOTIONS, THOUGHTS (subtle orders), FEELINGS, etc., but it will not be the FREE CHOICE of the letter of the inoculated as an individual NO, it will be the FREE CHOICE of the letter of someone that the Robotized inoculated does not even know, who, in a sick way, is very interested in the life of the inoculated and of eliminate their FREEDOM, in this way obtain CONTROL of their actions for their benefit as a PARASITE, not for the benefit of the inoculated. We can appreciate this whole process in the explanations of the many scientists and components of the International Group of DOCTORS FOR TRUTH in the following VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/videos/1051980788707749 - Same VIDEO in YouTube: https://youtu.be/m243HLj-JlE


In the vials, they have also found RIBONUCLEIC ACID, also known as RNA, which contains information copied from the DNA of humans, having the ability to modify the DNA of those who have been inoculated, which would lead to a probable cancellation of their inner spiritual evolution, since the Soul, the essence of the person and the DNA, are connected. RNA is also the genetic material of some viruses instead of DNA. RNA is produced in the laboratory and used in research EXPERIMENTS, being another of the compounds in vaccines!!!


DOCTORS FOR THE TRUTH say it loud and clear. Video: https://www.facebook.com/IADCRO/videos/524287888784807






*For us and many other people, what is happening today is nothing new or surprising. We have been for many decades aware of what was happening from the subtlety and from the shadow, generating globally, there was a cat locked up, no, it was a Lion, no, rather it was a bloodthirsty Dragon hidden and on the prowl, which, currently, He has finally shown his face, we can see him face to face and look him in the eye to tell him that we are not afraid of him and that we are going to defeat him...




In England, Israel and other places, they have already eliminated their Covid restrictions, but beware, the idea of ​​the genocidal health plot originated in England, Israel and the USA from the Western side and from China and Russia from the Eastern side, although they make the population believe that they are opponents or enemies, in this way managing to generate CONFUSION and FEAR among the citizens, but in reality, these Western and Eastern countries understand each other very well, they are partners and accomplices, in this way, based on of cruel tricks, to better manage the global cattel or herd as they call the citizens of the world. The psychopaths of the Bilderberg elite of the West, planned the PLANDEMIA jointly with their psychopathic partners of the elite of the East from the countries mentioned above, to the misfortune of their citizens, which is the best thing that the named countries have, they, the citizens those on the street are not to blame for anything that happened, they are equally victims, if not more so.


@ VIDEO SHOWING THE CONNECTION AND COLLABORATION of the Bilderberg psychopaths of the Western elite (England, Israel and the USA), with the psychopaths of the Eastern elite (China and Russia) VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/670001974 Same Video on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IADCRO/videos/885982668749421




As the mentally ill psychopaths of the elites, at this point, they already know that their PLANDEMIC plot and their vaccine it HAS NOT TURNED out as they wanted, because of the "fault" of many citizens around the world, which we have not swallowed with the news coming from their disinformation media, nor have we swallowed with the vaccine, nor with the PLANDEMIC in general terms, then, these gulfs elites know full well that each day that passes goes against them, since by not getting sick from their "terrible" virus, we would put them more and more between the ropes, more in clear and manifest evidence for the Global GENOCIDE they have carried out, a GENOCIDE come from their paranoia of REDUCING THE WORLD POPULATION and also, doing it with multimillion-dollar PROFITS for them coming from his “wonderful” vaccines. 


The Bilderberg psychopaths of England and Israel, left vulnerable to this clear evidence, have shrewdly thought that it was in their best interest to stop the insanity of the PLANDEMIA RESTRICTIONS, a subtle alibi, which would allow them a better way to flee, try to leave so as not to face their RESPONSIBILITIES, being the first to leave the covid measures, leaving the rest of the countries hanging and with the shit that they themselves made them carry.


The Bilderberg mentally ill psychopaths of the Western elite have realized that, shortly, their GENOCIDAL SCAM of PLANDEMIC will end up falling on them and before this happens, in a subtle, vile and cowardly way, anticipating events As they always do, they have run away before their stinking ship of death, falsehood and very bad intentions is finished sinking...


What better way to try to evade their responsibilities, than now, at this time, to give an image of "heroes" in the eyes of thousands of citizens around the planet, who are more than fed up with confinements, masks, vaccines, passports green, etc., and also from the point of view of those of us who have refused from the beginning to put their shit into us, for this reason, they have believed that their attempt to escape from their RESPONSIBILITIES will go well, but in reality, EVERYONE will face their RESPONSIBILITY and they will be JUDGED, from here not even nobody and them in particular will escape, some for GENOCIDE and others for collaborators of GENOCIDE, it will come out as in the income statement, TO PAY!!!


The Bilderberg psychopaths of England and Israel are among the most responsible for this "sanitary" GENOCIDE, now when the storm subsides, their various authorities, the Governing Politicians, Health, Police, Media, etc. , etc., like the authorities of the rest of the countries, which have not only collaborated in this Genocide, no, they have not allowed the debate on the alleged Pandemic, they have censored and punished their citizens to whom they owe simply for having a different opinion, since when does this happen in a supposedly Democratic country? Where are the journalists? And where was the National Sovereignty? The ruling politicians, instead of looking for the SOCIAL WELFARE of their citizens to whom they owe, for having voted for them in "Democratic" elections, as good TRAITORS, Obey like Puppets, without Criteria or Common Sense to the Bilderberg psychopaths owners of the WHO to the detriment of its citizens to whom they owe. The WHO is a private and criminal organization managed directly by the Bilderberg genocidal elite.




The Director General of the WHO, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is a proven GENOCIDAL and for that reason, he was elected to the WHO in 2017 by the Bilderberg elite, those of his same ilk; https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9052247/WHO-chief-Tedros-Ghebreyseus-accused-aiding-genocide-Ethiopia-nobel-peace-prize-nominee.html


Sooner or later, all of them will face and have to assume their RESPONSIBILITY, to rot in jail. However, before that wonderful moment of Justice and Truth arrives, we want to say something important, the Bilderberg psychopaths of the elite of the West and their partners and accomplices of the elite of the East, have an Ace up their sleeve, a Plan B, which, they are going to use in one way or another at the moment that their PLANDEMIC finishes falling and they see themselves cornered, as is already happening right now, in two days their PLANDEMIC finishes falling globally. For this reason, we think that before the mentally ill psychopaths of these two elites applied that Plan B, it would not hurt to know their intentions, since those who did not know it, once Plan B was activated, the same thing would happen. what happened with the PLANDEMIC, the FEAR, the PANIC, the HORROR, the CHAOS would reign in their lives and in the lives of their families and acquaintances, BLOCKING Reasoning, Criterion and Common Sense.


The Bilderberg psychopaths of the elite of the West and the psychopaths of the elite of the East, will do everything in their power, in this way, to try to evade their RESPONSIBILITY for the GENOCIDE that they are currently carrying out. They have state-of-the-art technology, such as to generate FEAR and CONFUSION among the population, thus trying to get the population to look the other way and not at the GENOCIDE they have carried out, through ENTERTAINMENT, CONFUSION and FEAR.


Plan B would consist of making a series of Tricks and FALSE FLAG News, for example; The beginning of a WAR (watch out for the actors Biden and Putin using Ukraine, or any other country to loot it and generate FEAR among the Global population); The BLUE BEAN Project developed through the 5G antennas, the thousands of satellites around the world, etc.; electrical BLACKOUTS, including BLACKOUTS in several countries at the same time; FOOD scarcity; Diverse alarmist news, such as that a METEORITE is going to destroy the planet, etc., but yes, the world will burst and everything that they want, but they well continue developing their genocidal policies; EVICTING the home of families; RAISING TAXES; electricity rate increase ; RAISING FUEL; FREEZING WAGES, ELIMINATED JOBS, DESTROYING SOCIAL WELFARE in short.


DECLARATIONS by the President of El Salvador, regarding the Little War in Ukraine: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=504755427673186&set=a.279541290194602

Wow, a sincere president lol I did not expect it and I sincerely congratulate him for telling the truth, ´Thank you!!!

They distract us with little wars so as not to see where the global problem really is...


@ Planned and a la carte WARS (as happened with the First and Second World Wars), in this way, to achieve DISTRACTION and generate FEAR among the citizens for the CONTROL of the masses, in addition to making their ARMAMENT factories extremely profitable and later, also making their companies profitable CONSTRUCTION, to rebuild the country, what they themselves have destroyed, winning in every move and on all sides, no matter where you look at it and how you look at it.


@ Example of the BLUE BEAN Project, on a tiny scale and of poorer quality, compared to the real capacity of the elitist Genocides to develop their Holographic Blue Bean. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PDxKvkqkiU&t=263s Please investigate these questions yourself.


The BLUE BEAN Project is a HOLOGRAPHIC projection system, which resembles reality in an extraordinary and spectacular way. For example, the figure of Jesus Christ could be observed in the skies of Western countries, making believe that Jesus Christ arrives in his second coming and after the holographic images, when many have already taken the bait, put out in their media some character who plays the role of Jesus Christ, some good actor or some crazy person who certainly believes himself to be the real Jesus Christ, but in either case, the supposed Jesus Christ would say what he had previously agreed with the Bilderberg elite, obviously for his benefit and to the detriment of the citizens, as always. In the skies of India, they would see Buddha, or in the Arab skies they could see Mohammed, and so with the rest of the religions and countries, to give false messages. Or also, holographically project an Extraterrestrial invasion in the skies and with that excuse of the danger of an invasion of the earth, they would carry out their New World Order, for our safety, for our good and for the common good, as always, alleging that the world we would have to unite to fight the extraterrestrial enemy and with this new subtle way of deceiving, try to SUBMIT the citizens in his New World Order in a different way, after what happened with his failed, but very harmful PLANDEMIC.




After what we have seen with the PLANDEMIA, knowing the kind of riffraff that rule in the various countries, Obedient Puppets of cowards and elitist Genocidal, until this Rotten and Corrupt Social System is not changed, it is worth bearing in mind This type of information that we have attached, especially those who did not know it, since when the time comes for any of them to materialize, it could be of crucial importance to them.




FOR A CHANGE OF THE SOCIAL SYSTEM NOW!!! https://www.iadcro.com/cclubbilderberg3.html


Once the Bilderberg psychopaths of the elite of the West and the psychopaths of the elite of the East have fallen, together with their obedient puppet collaborators, all the prisoners who fought for FREEDOMS must be RELEASED immediately, a good example of this , it would be the RELEASE of good JULIAN ASSENGE and many others. Really help those most in need immediately, etc.


Of utmost URGENCY to carry out, is to turn off or better yet, destroy 5G and other WAVES and FREQUENCIES that are equally harmful throughout the world, since these types of WAVES and FREQUENCIES, if not turned off, not only harm life of animals and nature, no, they also harm the health of all citizens and very especially, it will harm the health of those who have been inoculated, since the components discovered inside the vaccines of all brands, before the WAVES and FREQUENCIES of 5G act in various ways with different tasks, disturbing the inoculated person in various ways. After successive and constant investigations, carried out on vaccines by scientists from private companies, which do not depend on pharmaceutical companies or government institutions, they have detected and found so far; Nanochips; Conductive Crystals Neuro Receptors and Neuro Transmitters; Ribonucleic Acid (RNA); Nano receiving and transmitting technology (antenna type); The well known Graphene. In addition to all of the above, unknown nanoparticles have been observed inside vaccines without knowing what their function would be. The components found inside the vaccines are linked in various ways to 5G, they have a clear and direct connection, we mean that the inoculated, through waves and frequencies coming in various ways (5-G Waves, Mobiles, Wifi, Computers, Tablet, etc., etc.), become MOBILE LIVING ANTENNAS, receivers of thoughts, feelings, emotions, various ailments, since the components of the vaccine induce or transfer to someone's letter, messages , illnesses or subtle orders including suicide, from someone without knowing their intentions, someone that the inoculated does not even know, as we have already been able to observe in the first Video from minute 13'24: Scientific PROOF of the deadly components of the Vaccines; VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/670037539 Same Video on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IADCRO/videos/260896819518458


The reason for specifically finding these components in the vials has no other reason to be, for the adequate CONTROL of those inoculated who have not yet died with the vaccine, that is, for the CONTROL of the global inoculated population and during the 24 hours a day, controlled by none other than the mentally ill Financial and Pharmaceutical Bilderberg psychopathic elite of the West, who are the Owners of Private Companies such as the WHO, NATO, UN, UNESCO, FEDERAL RESERVE, IMF, ECB, NASA , Media, etc And likewise, the population that survives the vaccine will be controlled by the Financial and Pharmaceutical psychopathic elite of the East, both partners well interpenetrated, the psychopathic elite of the West with the psychopathic elite of the East, using their obedient Puppets, vile collaborators sold and obedient of the elite (not all); Politicians, Doctors, Authorities, Journalists, Officials, etc., etc., who, in order not to lose their jobs, agree to lose their souls by collaborating with their silence and obedience in this Global Genocide of the New World Order (NWO), the which seeks with its vaccines, among other issues, THE REDUCTION OF THE WORLD POPULATION, from 7500 million to just 500 million people, and this said by themselves... WE ARE NOT GOING TO ALLOW IT!!!




Never forget that while you applauded them and the media told you that they were saturated… they made tick tock videos. DON'T FORGET... Vídeo: https://www.facebook.com/100071779762119/videos/679470973064303


This PLANDEMIC has two days left and later, the GENOCIDAL and all their COLLABORATIONISTS will be held accountable and… HEADS WILL ROLL!!!




The DOCTORS and other SANITARY, are going to have to GIVE ACCOUNTS equally for collaborators of GENOCIDE...


The Bilderberg psychopaths from England, Israel, USA, Russia and China, are among the most responsible in this “sanitary” GENOCIDE, now when the storm of the GENOCIDE subsides, their diverse authorities OBEDIENT PUPPETS; the Ruling Politicians; Doctors and other Sanitary, Police Agents and the like; Journalists and those who run the Media, etc., etc., as well as the authorities of the rest of the countries, which, in addition to being collaborators in the Genocide, have NOT allowed the debate on the alleged Pandemic, have censored and punished its citizens to whom they owe, simply for having a different opinion and thus collaborating much better in the GENOCIDE and pleasing those who originated it to win the subtle points that the elite subtly distributes to those who are obedient, from when does this happen in a supposedly Democratic country? Where are the journalists? And where was the National Sovereignty? The ruling politicians, instead of looking for the SOCIAL WELFARE of their citizens to whom they owe, for having voted for them in "Democratic" elections, as good TRAITORS, Obey like Puppets, without Criteria or Common Sense to the Bilderberg psychopaths owners of the WHO to the detriment of its citizens to whom they owe. The WHO is a private and criminal organization managed directly by the Bilderberg genocidal elite.


Original Link To share: https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/photos/a.451449941132/10160232407516133




It should be noted that the owners of the financial power of the Federal Reserve and its obedient subsidiaries, such as the IMF, the ECB, the BE, etc., (the "big" Bankers), the owners of the Pharmaceuticals, the owners of the Armament companies, large food companies like Monsanto, etc., all belong to the same families dedicated to different areas. It is these families that created the Bilderberg Club in 1954. For the most part, the members of these families are the ones that make up this evil Club today. Their first meeting was in the Netherlands in 1954, in a hotel called Bilderberg, which is the reason for the name of this gulfs´s club.




The BILDERBERGS subtly pull the strings of their PUPPETS from their different institutions, which they created at the time to help them develop their New World Order (NWO), to achieve their evil, unjust and unworthy purposes against humanity, mother nature and the planet itself. Some of these institutions are, for example; The UN, NATO, the WHO, the CIA, the FBI, the EU, INTERPOL, UNESCO, the IMF, the World Bank and its “branches” such as the European Central Bank (ECB), subjected National Banks, etc.


The Fake Jewish Zionist (Khazarian) Bankers BILDERBERG have names and surnames. They are the ROTHSCHILD, the ROCKEFELLER, the MORGAN, the MOSÉS, the WARBURG, the LAZARD, the KUHN, the LEHMAN BROTHERS, the GOLDMAN, etc. and all of them well blended work together for their NEW WORLD ORDER, always to the detriment of citizens, animals, Mother Nature and Mother Earth, in short. http://www.iadcro.com/las9familias.html These families are the most important within this gulfs´s club, but there are other families below them.




These False Jewish Zionist Bankers (Khazarians) BILDERBERG and their collaborators are the ones behind the global health GENOCIDE and the PUBLIC DEBT (public fraud) of all countries, which have to pay these BILDERBERG gulfs out of their pockets of the citizen.


The Fake Jewish Zionist (Khazarian) Bankers BILDERBERG, their partners and collaborators under their well-known NEW WORLD ORDER, promote and generate 98% of the problems that Humanity suffers: Wars; evictions; Refugees; False Flag Terrorism; Racism; Hungry; Diseases and Viruses; Discrimination against people of all kinds (religion, sex, machismo, the unvaccinated, etc.); Pharmaceuticals and Drugs; chemtrails; etc.


- KNOW YOUR ENEMY!!! You will not find this information in the traditional media because they are owned by them or their friends; https://www.facebook.com/271421886132/photos/a.451449941132.245086.271421886132/10154058362021133


- HOW ARE THE FAKE JEWISH ZIONIST (Khazarian) BANKERS BILDERBERG and his COLLABORATORS ORGANIZED? http://www.iadcro.com/organizationcb.html

Joe Biden, Putin, Boris Johnson, Merkel, Macron, Pedro Sánchez, etc., are just OBEDIENT PUPPETS of the Fake Jewish Zionist Bankers BILDERBERG...


- FALSE FLAGS: http://www.iadcro.com/falseflags.html



https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/posts/10160213702266133 In Web site: https://www.fiapbt.net/nwo.html


UNITED WE STAND!!! WE ARE ALL ONE!!! The millions of murdered in this subtle Genocide, DESERVE NO LESS!!!




“The IGNORANCE or lack of KNOWLEDGE, the normalization of the WRONG, the DISCRIMINATION, the BAD INTENTION and the lack of PERSONALITY, CRITERIA and of COMMON SENSE of the HUMAN BREED (low vibrations in short), is the most dangerous thing for this global society in which we are nowadays.” (m.p.)


Mariano Peinado
http://www.fiapbt.net - http://www.IADCRO.com


@ “Hitler knew this very well, like his friends and associates the global elite in nowadays...

Humans are only capable of telling small lies and cannot conceive of big lies. Therefore, if you really want to hide something important from the population, deceive them with SUCH A BIG lie that, even if they discover it, they will not believe it.” (Hitler)


Original Post Link to SHARE: https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/photos/a.451449941132/10160210018826133




The holocaust that Hitler carried out is child's play compared to what these psychopaths have done, they have learned a lot and have surpassed their teacher. Luckily, there is very little time left, so that finally the entire Pharmaceutical plot of the genocidal Bilderberg and its collaborators comes to light, thus ending all this GENOCIDAL HOAX globally, later, many will have to assume their RESPONSIBILITIES for their actions, for the attitude that they have shown during what has happened during all this time and heads will roll, how could it be otherwise, but especially and so that these types of episodes do not occur again in humanity, we must go for those of above, the genocidal Bilderbergers, they have names and surnames, the cowards who hide behind Politicians, Businessmen, Bankers, Religions, the Media, etc., and from that place, from the shadows, in a sick and psychopathic way they scheme against humanity but not from now, no, for hundreds of years, they are the cancer of humanity, it is that they also perform blood rituals with young children, they also abuse them and those who get to live, they are traumatized for their entire lives, they are inveterate pedophile predators, they are satanic, they are the worst, they think they are masters and lords of humanity.


@ THE CHILDREN DON'T TOUCH!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=4989197554464676&set=a.1748933491824448






Many wonder why all these rabble live so many years.

In the following photograph you have the answer:

ADRENOCHROME. investigate it for yourself.