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The 3 Great ROTHSCHILD SCAMS that were the foundation to create the FALSE Israel state; 1st) The BALFOUR DECLARATION 2nd) The League of Nations 3rd) The UN. Madrid, May 21, 2024.


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The PALESTINE HISTORY, ´Is the EVERYONE HISTORY!!! If PALESTINE falls, ´We ALL Fall!!! ´We are ALL PALESTINE!!! The PALESTINE REPARATION, ´Is the EVERYONE REPARATION!!! VIDEO in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/100001234420465/videos/1141438357129195

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For these reasons mentioned above, you will understand the enormous importance of knowing the TRUE PALESTINE HISTORY, if you wish, now you have the opportunity to Know it, I think it is your RESPONSIBILITY to know it. After acquiring the Knowledge attached below, some will already be able to understand many issues, which, before knowing the information detailed here, they could not understand in any way. That is the purpose and intention of this information, to spread from Humility, Good Intention and Love, the hidden Knowledge that exists behind the MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT, in this way, doing our bit to find an adequate and quick solution for all parties involved, especially to find an adequate and quick solution with regard to the Safety and Well being of the most vulnerable, the CHILDREN. In order to find peace in the Middle East and around the world sooner rather than later, it is of utmost importance to be aware of the Knowledge attached in this report, since the Knowledge, Good Intention (Will) and Love is Power, it is the weapon most feared by the evil ones and the G-E-N-O-C-I-D-A-L-S, more powerful even than 100 atomic bombs exploding at the same time, not even the most powerful army in the world would have a minimal chance of victory against that weapon. (m.p.)


From the highest Political, Religious, Scientific and Economic spheres of the present rotten and corrupt Global Social System of the ROTHSCHILD Family in which we find ourselves, they have deceived all the citizens of the world from the beginning, among other things, making us believe that there are two enemy sides, the countries of the West against the countries of the East, when in reality, these two sides of countries are subjected and collaborating in everything required to them by the Zionist Family (Khazarians) False Jews ROTHSCHILD, with the aim of enriching the richest (their accomplices who own the pharmaceutical companies, arms companies, food companies, etc.) and impoverish the citizens of the world through Financial Power and continuous deception of citizens to do with them whatever they want, like are doing with the palestinians in this moment, achieving it by through the continued bribery of the majority of the politicians who govern the various countries and also the opposition politicians, for this reason, it does not matter whether politicians from the right, the center or the left govern, the DEMOCRACY has been sold or ELIMINATED, ALL politicians are bribed or threatened, they cannot do anything to maintain the social WELFARE of the citizens whom they owe inself and obey without Awareness to the ROTHSCHILD Family for whom NO ONE has voted in general elections, in this way and following the roadmap of the 2030 Agenda of the sinister ROTHSCHILD Family, to generate more FEAR to subject citizens more easily to their sick and unjust Laws or Regulations and on the other hand, to FINANCE the two sides in litigation in everything that they need to develop their wars, the capricious and bloody wars subtly promoted by the ROTHSCHILD Family (They did it even since the Napoleon time) and which provides them with so many benefits at the cost of the money and blood of the citizens of any country, through the sale of weapons to both sides and many other bastards benefits of all kinds, that is, they are the 1% against 99% of the world population.

- 00 00 00 00 00 00 TAMAÑO GRANDE INGLES - copia

Top of the photograph From left to right seated;

Dorothy ROTHSCHILD (Known as Dolly), she was the ROTHSCHILD Family liaison, she set all the guidelines to facilitate the creation the Israel state in the Palestine  lands to Jaim WEIZMANN (First Israel President in 1948, who was elected by the ROTHSCHILD Family to carry out said position), which, is the one sitting next to her, followed by Minister Arthur BALFOUR, famous for being the creator of the BALFOUR DECLARATION SCAM, which generated the unfortunate and popular MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT and lastly, there is the important Zionist Nahum Sokolow, four visible heads of the development and Zionism evolution, impossible to see it so clearly in a single photograph...


                Context a few years prior

                  the Balfour Declaration

Baron Edmond James de Rothschild Baron Edmond James de Rothschild.


Edmond James de ROTHSCHILD, son of James Mayer de Rothschild, in 1880 traveled for the first time to Palestine. The purpose of his trip, in synchronized coordination and understanding with the rest of his family, was to promote and finance communes in the region, better known today as Jewish colonies, inviting citizens of Europe and Russia to live in Palestine, in exchange to carry a very visible “label” of belonging to the Jewish religion, regardless of whether they were or not, what was really important was the visibility of said “label” and in exchange, they would obtain a generous offer of housing, work and a good quality of life, a more than tempting proposition, especially for the harsh and painful circumstances in which the citizens of a good part of Russia and Eastern Europe lived at that time, especially in Poland, Ukraine, Moldova, etc., from where they moved to Palestine in a period of only 20 years, around 100,000 citizens with this “label” of belonging to the Jewish religion and with great need to be helped, survival and a dignified quality of life that was offered to them was what was truly important, for those people, much more important than a simple label.


Since the offer of the juicy and tempting proposition to inhabit Palestine, which the ROTHSCHILD family had launched and directed to the citizens who lived in unfortunate circumstances in the world and who had the enormous desire to change such a disastrous situation for the better as soon as possible, in exchange for wearing the aforementioned “label” clearly visible, that of openly and publicly stating that they belonged to the Jewish religion, it did not take long to obtain a response. In a short time, citizens began to arrive from all over the continental bloc and later, citizens came from all over the world with their “label” clearly visible in front of them, that of belonging to the Jewish religion, accepting it was not important for them compared to the security and prosperity it would provide in their lives.


In honor of the Truth, it must be detailed and made very clear that the proposal of the Rothschild family to thousands of citizens of the world at that time was UNFAIR and ILLEGITIMATE, a SCAM as big as a Cathedral, since the fact of financing with their money Jewish colonies in Palestine, that did not give the Rothschild family the right of property to dispose of the lands of Palestine at their whim and interest. That is the reason for the origin of the MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT. That is also the reason why the “Jews” who are living in the lands of Palestine and who do not profess the Jewish religion, that is, FALSE JEWS, do not have the characteristic features of the geographical location of Palestine and do possess the TRUE JEWS and the Palestinians as hosts of their land that they are.


Vertical Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl worked for the Rothschild family.


Theodor Herzl, obeying the instructions of Edmond James de ROTHSCHILD and his ROTHSCHILD family in general, founded the World Zionist Organization at the first Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897, thus originating Zionism and creating at that same Congress the idea to the creation of a Jewish State. Theodor Herzl, obeying the indications given by the Rothschild family, worked for the creation of a Jewish state, giving political weight to Jewish nationalism even going against the Bible of the True Jews, their Holy Book, The TORAH, which PROHIBITS CREATING A NATION OR STATE FOR ISRAEL, being here at this point where we find the Kit of the issue, which clearly and manifestly unmasks the Zionists FALSE JEWS, by verifying that the Holy Book of the TRUE JEWS, The TORAH, it did not pose any problem for them to do what they want, since in reality they are FALSE JEWS and THE TORAH, they do not care at all as long as they benefit from what they be propose, regardless of whether it is ethical and moral or not, that is not important to them, when however, a TRUE JEW would give his life rather than break the rules of The TORAH, their holy book, as in fact and unfortunately for them, has happened on countless occasions to defend the rules of The TORAH, precisely defending them before the FALSE JEWS on most of the occasions when they have had the aforementioned misfortune.


           1st) The BALFOUR DECLARATION SCAM (1917)

Important issues to take into account in order to understand in nowadays what is happening between Palestine and the False State of Israel, the so-called MIDDLE EAST conflict…

BALFOUR DECLARATION From Great Britain, Gary John RESPONDS to one of my Reports with the photograph of the BALFOUR DECLARATION, marking the words supposedly said by King George V of England, thinking like many uninformed people, that those words Legitimize the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, being totally erroneous and I refer to the facts answering him with the following ANSWER.


                                          RESPUESTA con esta foto de Gary John Carruthers


Dear friend, I am from Spain, I believe in God, but I do not believe in any religion, nor do I belong to any political party, they all seem the same to me, but with different color suits, obeying the financial power ROTHSCHILD instead of its citizens to whom they owe themselves, I mean, in this matter I am totally NEUTRAL, no I have interests of no kind in any of the parties involved in this matter of absolutely NOTHING, I do not wish to Convince Anyone of absolutely anything, I have only expressed my opinion on this matter for more than four decades and then everyone will draws their own conclusions about it if they wish to observe it. It is a job that I do with great pleasure and dedication for myself, and I do it for myself, to satisfy my own Awareness, based on the Knowledge acquired from my own very well contrasted and very especially, I express my opinion based on what comes to me from my Heart and from my Intuitions after assimilating that Knowledge acquired already mentioned, I owe myself to the Truth, especially I owe myself to my AWARENESS and my SOUL, which I would not betray for all the gold in the world, or for anything of anything, because otherwise, I would understand that it would be like selling my SOUL to the Devil, something that unfortunately happens so much nowadays, well.


What you point out about the letter written in the handwriting of Arthur Balfour, assuming it were true which I doubt, simply reflects a point of view of the King, who, furthermore, SUPPOSING that he had granted something to the Zionists (to whom not only did he not grant ANYTHING, but he did not even mention the Zionists), he had no power over Palestine to GRANT absolutely NOTHING and the King knew it perfectly, for that reason he DIDN'T GRANTED ANYTHING, but he wanted to be courteous and for that reason he reflected his good wishes, but I repeat, King George V, GRANTED NOTHING in that Balfour Letter or Declaration!!! He only offered his point of view and good wishes when asked about it by Arthur Balfour and this corrupt element, then he took the King's response out of context, adding on his own the word Zionists and all those words that he was interested in reflecting in his famous well-known letter like the Balfour Declaration, words, which were added in interest and synchronicity with the 2nd Lord ROTHSCHILD, Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD, leaving them in writing in his famous letter for later, when they observed the opportune moment, to interpret this words at their convenience as already I have described previously, but they did it very especially after the death of King George V in the year 1936, so that he could no longer expose and clarify the False Interpretation given to his words by Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD, which would have immediately stopped his harmful and evil intention towards Palestine and its original inhabitants, the palestinians.


I repeat, what you are marking and highlighting on that paper, the letter from the corrupt Arthur Balfour obedient to the mafia and evil financial elite ROTHSCHILD Family, is simply and plainly the King's point of view taken out of context on purpose and at the convenience of Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD, to which the corrupt Arthur owed himself in obedience and that is why Arthur made such confusion inside his "wonderful" letter later known as "the Balfour Declaration", to later, under the instructions and direction of the 3rd Lord ROTHSCHILD, Nathaniel Victor ROTHSCHILD, use that letter, the First Public SCAM called “Balfour Declaration”, together with the support of two other Public SCAMS more, to "declare" the False state of Israel in 1948, doing so under the False interpretation the False interpretation of that letter, which, due to how ill-intentioned, deceptive and false it is, is the only true value that it possessed, it is that of its role, to have lit the fire in the fireplace with that paper on a winter day, not to mention another use, which would have been even more appropriate...


Thanks to the Consciousness expansion in nowadays, all this information is already coming to light and in a short time Palestine will be REPAIRED, it will recover its Dignity and its Lands, the Complete RESTORATION of it. If you wish, in the following information that I attach you can check it, look; https://www.fiapbt.net/declaration.html And in Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=7905409276176808&set=a.1748933491824448


@ The 3 Big ROTHSCHILD SCAMS that were the foundation to create the FALSE Israel state; The BALFOUR DECLARATION, the LofN and the UN: https://www.fiapbt.net/declaration.html


The PALESTINE REPARATION, It is the EVERYONE REPARATION!!! https://www.fiapbt.net/reparation.html And in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=423655563636658


@ DIFFERENCE between True and False Jews. The ROTHSCHILD familyhttps://www.fiapbt.net/true&fakejews.html


A cordial greeting,


Mariano Peinado



Some citizens still do not understand what is happening in Palestine, they are confused, uninformed, among other things because the Media that is servile to the Financial Power, that is, servile to the ROTHSCHILD Family, have mostly been in charge of hiding the information about what is happening and the little that has been reported has been to distort the Truth. Now is your chance to find out what is really happening in the Middle East if you don't already know. Below, I attach a Chronological INFORMATION of the Palestine history and numbered from 1 to 4, in this way, so that, by yourself, under your Criterion, Common Sense and Free Will, you can draw your own conclusions about it, so you will understand in a simple and effective way what is really happening right now in Palestine. Furthermore, this exercise will help you understand the rest of the social issues that are of your interest and that involve us all, not only with the issue of Palestine, I am referring very specifically to what is coming to us with the 20 30 Agenda of the ROTHSCHILD family, for this reason and although many still do not understand it; We are all Palestine, because simply, We are all One.


Chronological INFORMATION on the Palestine HISTORY until nowadays;


1) Palestine´s HISTORY: http://www.iadcro.com/historiadepalestina.htm (In spanish write)


2) The 3 Big ROTHSCHILD SCAMS that were the foundation to create the FALSE Israel state; The BALFOUR DECLARATION, the LofN and the UN: https://www.fiapbt.net/declaration.html


3) Regarding the FALSE FLAG terrorist attack on October 7: https://www.fiapbt.net/hamas2.html

NEWS from ABC, an important Spanish newspaper with national circulation; “HAMAS was created by Israel”: https://www.fiapbt.net/ABChamas.html


4) The PALESTINE REPARATION, It is the EVERYONE REPARATION!!! https://www.fiapbt.net/reparation.html


On the Website to avoid censorship: https://www.fiapbt.net/loveandpeace.html And PYTAGORAS with PALESTINE in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2039517516093697

End of the ANSWER to Gary John.


<@> The British Minister Arthur BALFOUR, after having heeded the Baron ROTHSCHILD indications, made and sent the popular letter (Declaration) to Baron Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD, so that he could dispose of it at his convenience. Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD was the head of the English branch of a powerful banking family, leader and Zionism creator through Theodor Herzl, an employee of the Rothschild family.


                                             Arthur LIONEL WALTER ROTHSCHILD INGLES


Before delving into the BALFOUR DECLARATION SCAM step by step, I think it is appropriate and interesting to know some details about the little-known attitude and character of the protagonist of the Declaration in question, the British Minister Arthur Balfour, to After reading, let everyone draw their own conclusions regarding the issue.


Arthur Balfour, who had been British Prime Minister from 1902 to 1905, was a known supremacist. In a debate in the House of Commons in 1906 about the black natives of South Africa, in which the majority of MPs agreed that depriving blacks of their rights was inhumane, Lord Balfour said:


“We must face the facts: men are not born equal, the white and black races are not born with the same abilities: they are born with different abilities that education and will cannot change.” (Sic)


Balfour's racism was not limited to black Africans. He was anti-Semitic towards the True Jews, however, towards the Zionist False Jews that suited to him he was quite friendly and accommodating. Precisely, at the end of the 19th century, the different waves of pogroms against the Jews in Eastern Europe caused waves of Jewish migration to the United Kingdom and the United States. This increased the anti-immigration reactions of British citizens among whom Balfour aroused great sympathy. And in 1905, while still Prime Minister, Balfour approved the Aliens Act, which imposed restrictions on immigration for the first time and placed a special focus on Jews.


It seems shocking to think that someone so deeply anti-Semitic could support Zionism, this demonstrates in a different way what many already know, that Zionists are False Jews, there being no greater anti-Semite than the Zionists, since they persecute and mistreat the True Jews in a similar way to the Palestinians, since they publicly denounce the Zionists for the crimes they carry out in their name, and likewise, the Zionists constantly Victimize themselves in the name of the True Jews, when in reality the Zionists are the Abusers and criminals, they turn everything around to confuse, deceive to get their way in any way necessary, that is the essence of the Khazars, the original roots of the Zionists.


I believe that the Balfour Declaration was a declaration of intentions by ill-intentioned people, but without any legal effect, a huge SCAM, a false Hoax adjusted into history with shoehorned and by force, as we will see next.

                           The BALFOUR DECLARATION from 1917

e7f1332f-22c3-4307-ba20-85b1276269b0_alta-libre-aspect-ratio_default_0 - copia

The Balfour Declaration actually it was a letter sent by the British Foreign Secretary, Arthur Balfour, to Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD. Before choosing the final letter, 5 drafts were previously made. The text states:

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have great pleasure in sending to you, on behalf of Her Majesty's Government, the following statement of support for the aspirations of Zionist Jews which has been submitted to and approved by Cabinet.

“His Majesty's Government views favorably the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people and will use its best efforts to facilitate the attainment of this objective, it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which would prejudice the civil and religious rights of the existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.”

I will be grateful if you make this declaration of knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Arthur Balfour

Some out of mere ignorance and others to justify the big lie, claim that the Royal House gave or handed over Palestine to the Zionists False Jews ROTHSCHILD through the BALFOUR DECLARATION of 1917, the same year that the United Kingdom took over of the lands of Palestine after the Ottoman Empire (The Turks) abandoned it, but make no mistake, that was another tall tale, another trick of the family of Zionists False Jews ROTHSCHILD, when Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD, after having lectured to his accomplice and puppet on duty, the Foreign Minister of the British government Arthur BALFOUR, to request to King George V of the United Kingdom on his behalf, that Palestine will be assigned to the True Jews as their own country, omitting at his convenience the word Zionists, which, in fact are about the False Jews, in this way, making to King believe that the request was directed for the benefit of the True Jews. However, the King George V did not take the bait and DID NOT GRANT IT. This was demonstrated, after the British Royal House in response to REQUEST from Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD had expressed and showed in writing its simple opinion and the good wishes of the King, so that the True Jews originating from the region, not the Zionist False Jews originating mostly from the countries from Europe, whom he did not even mention, they had a foster home (adoption) in Palestine, but not like his own country or even close to it, politely offering them his good wishes for good luck so that they would be welcomed and NOTHING ELSE.

The intentional CONFUSION of something so simple comes from the fact that Minister Arthur BALFOUR, in obedience to Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD, reflected said CONFUSION in his popular BALFOUR DECLARATION, thus, at the appropriate time, being able to facilitate a subsequent interpretation of the true meaning of the King's response and molded to the convenience of the interests of Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD, since not having received an affirmative response and in accordance with his wishes from King George V, then, his obedient puppet, the Minister Arthur BALFOUR, skillfully added in his own handwriting with intentionality and great subtlety, his own words at the beginning of the Declaration, just before His Majesty's opinion and other words just after His Majesty's opinion, already at the end of the Declaration dismissed the applicant, Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD, leaving the King's words wrapped in his own, giving a subtle but FALSE appearance, as if all the text seen in the BALFOUR DECLARATION came from the King himself through a play on words key and in a subtle way, but in reality, they give it a meaning totally opposite to what was expressed by the King, also adding in the BALFOUR DECLARATION with great intention and on two occasions the word Zionists, written by Minister Arthur BALFOUR and not written by the King of course, thus, in this way, trying by all possible means to give overtones of officiality to the Zionists False Jewish by being present in the BALFOUR DECLARATION, making them believe what in reality was not, but I repeat, If one reads with sufficient attention the answer given by the King and which is clearly seen in the original BALFOUR DECLARATION, one will immediately observe the trick to which I am referring, that the King has good wishes for everyone, that he DOES NOT grant lands, that Above all, he vindicates the rights of the Palestinians and the rest of the non Jewish citizens, so that they are RESPECTED at all times and in addition, it does not even mention the Zionists as they would have us believe. This TRICK was made by the British Minister who bears the name of the BALFOUR DECLARATION and he did it in obedience to Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD and NOT in obedience to whom he owed by professional and moral obligation, to his King George V.

We must be clear about something important and that is the CONFUSION that the Zionists False Jewish generate on purpose and at their convenience with the BALFOUR DECLARATION. This confusion comes from the fact that the BALFOUR DECLARATION is made up of two sections; One made by the opinion of the Foreign Secretary of the British government Arthur Balfour; And the other section, the one made by the opinion of His Majesty from the British Royal House, both sections are found within the BALFOUR DECLARATION, which, must be understood to avoid misunderstandings, both sections should not be mixed so as not to modify nor distort the real meaning of the BALFOUR DECLARATION, since the true meaning of the BALFOUR DECLARATION is found in the opinion and good wishes of good luck conferred by His Majesty, offered from the British Royal House and NOT in the words of the Minister Arthur Balfour, being here where the Zionists False Jews ROTHSCHILD have mixed for their benefit and interest the meaning of the BALFOUR DECLARATION at the discretion of their convenient and False interpretation and have done so to deceive, confuse and distort at their convenience the real meaning of the BALFOUR DECLARATION, simple.

The important section to take into account within the BALFOUR DECLARATION is the RESPONSE of the British Royal House, the RESPONSE that His Majesty offers to the requester, Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD, who requested to subtly “appropriate” Palestine. Her Majesty's RESPONSE is the one that appears inside the BALFOUR DECLARATION in quotes, only that part, and there is nothing more of value or meaning to the rest of the BALFOUR DECLARATION; The other section of the BALFOUR DECLARATION is the presentation, opinion of Minister Arthur Balfour and delivering the BALFOUR DECLARATION in response to his previous request to Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD, this part is the part of courtesy and subtlety to distort meanings, but in reality, this part neither adds nor takes away any value or meaning from the content of the meaning conferred by His Majesty in the BALFOUR DECLARATION.

LIONEL WALTER ROTHSCHILD en 1930 Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild in 1930.

Reading the BALFOUR DECLARATION carefully, it is clear that His Majesty, as a representative of Great Britain, makes a Declaration of moral SUPPORT, to help, NOT even remotely making a Declaration of CONCESSION, the British Royal House does not give the Zionists no land, it's just that he doesn't even mention them. In the BALFOUR DECLARATION the Zionists are mentioned twice only in what was written by Minister Arthur Balfour and in complicity with Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD, in order to later be able to take it out of context, confuse and try to achieve their bastard purposes more easily, as always do the Zionists False Jews, Misrepresentations, Lies, Confusions to carry out everything that suits those who pull the strings in the world from the shadows, I am referring to the ROTHSCHILD family and in this specific case, to the enormous lie that Lionel Walter Rothschild gave to the true meaning of His Majesty in the BALFOUR DECLARATION, to the enormous lie that Lionel Walter Rothschild gave to the TRUTH itself. This enormous lie by Lionel Walter ROTHSCHILD served to politically inaugurate the MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT in 1917, the theft of Palestine marked by an a TRICK in politics. At that time the Palestinian citizens, all of them Semites because they belonged to the region since they settled 5000 years ago coming from the Arabian Peninsula, were not yet affected by the ill intentioned TRICK of the ROTHSCHILD, the same thing was true of the True Jews, Semites also because they were originally from the same region since they settled a little over 3000 years ago coming from India, they were a minority but they lived perfectly, without problems, together and in harmony with the Palestinians since always, but 31 years after the BALFOUR DECLARATION, the False Jewish Zionists began to develop the theft of land, abuses, genocide, etc., justifying themselves by having declared the False State of Israel in 1948, “endorsed” by the False and convenient Interpretation given by the ROTHSCHILD family to the BALFOUR DECLARATION and also “endorsed” by their PRIVATE COMPANY, the UN. The UN was created by the ROTHSCHILD family as a PRIVATE COMPANY in 1945, just 3 years before the creation of Israel as a false country, in this well calculated way, to offer supposed LEGITIMACY and credibility to a false country within the lands of a true country supportive, compassionate and with tradition, Palestine.

It should be noted in addition to what has already been stated, that in the BALFOUR DECLARATION, the King George V places great emphasis on the following: “it being clearly understood that nothing should be done that could harm the civil and religious rights of the non Jewish communities existing in Palestine” (Sic) In other words, the Zionists False Jewish did everything contrary to the opinion and good wishes of His Majesty, all of which was expressed in the BALFOUR DECLARATION. I mean, if the Zionists False Jewish consider their supposed rights valid of ownership for the lands of Palestine due to the meaning of the BALFOUR DECLARATION, it is not valid either, since after understanding the real meaning of the DECLARATION itself, it would not give them any legitimacy for Palestine, quite the opposite, given the continued non-compliance with the BALFOUR DECLARATION itself over time, until reaching the present day. However, something important and basic must always be clear; Neither the United Kingdom nor anyone else had legitimate power over Palestine to dispose of it in any way. The Zionists False Jewish are like their father the Devil, who CHANGE the meaning of everything with premeditation and LIE MORE THAN SPEAK at their convenience, without scruples or Conscience to the detriment of everyone and everything...

To help understand the latter, we recommend acquiring the information from the following link: https://www.fiapbt.net/true&fakejews.html

2nd) The League of Nations SCAM (LofN) (1919)


It should be known that the League of Nations (LofN) was created by the ROTHSCHILD indications to help support the SCAM of the Balfour Declaration, in this way, to be able to elevate in an “Official” way the Deceitful and False interpretation that they made of a simple Declaration in the eyes of those who do not know about this matter, thus gaining the credibility that it did not have and trying to make it perceived in global society in the way that the ROTHSCHILDs were interested in, in this way, “justify and legitimize” in a bastard way and at whatever cost his deceitful and harmful project for the inhabitants of PALESTINE (a country with a lot of tradition and history and one of the oldest existing today), with the project of the creation of a Jewish state, the False Israel state, which the ROTHSCHILD Family had already devised and planned decades before. And I say False State of Israel because it has no Legitimacy, since for exemple, in the Jewish religion itself and from its sacred Bible, the TORA, FORBIDDEN its followers, the True Jews, to create a Jewish state for themselves anywhere, much less , create it by stealing the lands of another country such as Palestine and also, eliminating its inhabitants, its owners, in the most cruel way, under a bloodthirsty G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E, this being the reason why the Zionists False Jews, the beneficiaries of the great SCAM, they persecute and attack the True Jews in a similar cruel way as the Palestinians, encouraged with the support and protection of their False Jewish Zionist leader the Prime Minister of Israel and his obedient army (Mercenaries gang without Conscience), since the True Jews are people of true Faith in their Jewish religion and they publicly denounce the deceitful and harmful projects for Humanity, Mother Nature and most especially, the crimes against Humanity carried out by the Zionists False Jewish in their name, because it is responsibility of them, the Zionists False Jewish, for being the authors of said evil, because they, the True Jews, would never do those atrocities because their religion and their Conscience would not allow it, they are not like that, that all The crimes that the Zionists commit, is another way of demonstrating that they are False Jews, they are identitys thefters and in this case of Judaism, the Zionists False Jewish turn EVERYTHING around, THEY ARE NOT JEWS, they are the descendants of the KHAZARIANS convenience identity thieves, they have done it at his convenience on countless occasions throughout history, they took over Judaism hundreds of years ago and currently, through VICTIMISM they achieve everything they propose in the name of the true Jews posing as them of course, ask about it to the True Jews, they will explain it to you perfectly and very clearly.

The League of Nations (LofN), was an organization created on January 10, 1920, previously established in 1919 (just 14 months after the creation of the Declaration of Balfour) under the Treaty of Versailles and supposedly "to promote international cooperation and to achieve peace and security", but in reality that was not the reason, no, it was created at the request  President of the United States Woodrow Wilson, following the instructions of those who had planned to create the League of Nations, Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild and his cousin Baron Edmond James de Rothschild, since at that time, as is the case today, the President of the United States was the Puppet on duty and Obedient of the ROTHSCHILD Family (the owners of financial power in the world thanks to other large SCAMS, the Federal Reserve bank of banks, the global Public Debt, etc.), the President of the United States is the tool preferred by the ROTHSCHILD to carry out their various projects anywhere in the world at the expense of the United States citizens, who are the ones who pay with their taxes for all the excesses, abuses and maneuvers that the ROTHSCHILD wish to carry out anywhere, in general terms, the United States citizens are excellent people, time ago I have lived in that country some years and I know the people, good people, they are the first victims to suffer the excesses of their president, or rather, the president who ROTHCHILD in his interest , they place the color of their political party indiscriminately in power in the country every 4 years, if is republican or democrat is not important for them, all the politicians in the power are the ROTHSCHILD obedient puppet and in the case of the Balfour Declaration it was not going to be any less, they used the president of the United States to subtly support and provide credibility that did not had the SCAM of the Balfour Declaration, thus, through the League of Nations, later creating the False Israel State, involving other countries in its sinister purposes for the same subject by the simple fact of having joined in this League of Nations, how much more countries that have joined this gulfs club, more credibility their statements or decisions will gain, no matter how unfair and criminal they may be, making it believe that the decisions are made by all the member countries, which is false, when in reality, the most important decisions ones are only taken by the ROTHSCHILD through their favorite puppet on duty, the president of the USA and Great Britain, thus, for example, they provided the credibility that the SCAM of the Balfour Declaration did not have and they do the same thing for everything that They would be interested, not only with this issue, no.

In order not to leave any clues about the TRICK that the ROTHSCHILD were carrying out in their favor with the creation of the League of Nations, of the five countries that had been part of the Council of the original project approved in Versailles in 1919; The United States, France, Italy, Great Britain and Japan, curiously, were the 5 winning countries of the First World War 1914-1918 and remembering that the Balfour Declaration was made in 1917, even more curious than the latter, was observing the United States, immediately abandoning its newly created League of Nations. As they say, you catch a liar sooner than a lame person.

But these imbalances and inconsistencies were only the beginning, since now we will unravel and observe the subtle, but at the same time clumsy movements that the ROTHSCHILD made towards their convenience to try to provide credibility to their TRICK, the SCAM of the Balfour Declaration. The text of the letter of the Balfour Declaration, that is, what Minister Arthur Balfour wanted to write under the instructions of Lionel Walter Rothschild and not the King, as they had always wanted us to believe, thus, in this very deceptive way, to obtain the credibility that Balfour's letter does not really have in the eyes of global society, a letter written by a “gentleman” called Arthur Balfour and that a powerful family, the ROTHSCHILDs, have raised that letter to the altars and to the four winds such as the BALFOUR DECLARATION, including it by order of Lionel Walter Rothschild in 1922 in the League of Nations, in this way, little by little shoehorning in and granting an International character those words that with great intentionality, but without administrative value nor any competence, Balfour added to the Declaration that he made and that bears his name, and made under the instructions that Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild had given him.

So that we can see how the business is being convoluted and formed with very bad intentions for the convenience of those who organize it and to the detriment of millions of people, it is worth saying that the League of Nations, recently taken from the sleeve of Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild and precisely for doing this same thing, stealing from the country of Palestine its lands little by little and with great subtlety, which had already been planned by the ROTHSCHILD Family decades ago, was nothing new, since in that year of 1922 and from the League of the Nations, granted Great Britain the mandate of Palestine with the express purpose of preparing its inhabitants for self-government that was to include the establishment of the creation of the Jewish state or the Israel state.

At that time, the SCAM of the Balfour Declaration was already well underway to facilitate the objective of the Zionists False Jewish ROTHSCHILD, established with the “backing” of an entire supposedly international organization, such as the League of Nations, composed of several member countries, wanting to make the good citizens of global society believe and without being true, that each and every one of the member countries of that corrupt Kiosk called the League of Nations, supported the most cruel, selfish, unjust parameters , criminal and hurtful set by the Zionist False Jews ROTHSCHILD, but in not long, some unforeseen events would come that would make the ROTHSCHILD nervous and would stop the purposes of the Zionist Beast, at least, for the moment...

For example, some communities of TRUE JEWS, perceiving a conflict of loyalty to their values and especially, a conflict to their own beliefs coming from their Jewish religion, opposed the Zionist plans. Sir Edward Montagu, the only Jewish member of the British Cabinet, strongly denounced it him. On the other hand, Jaim Wiezmann, the Zionist leader, obedient puppet of the Rothschild family and first president of the false Israel state, exactly a decade later, would write that the BALFOUR DECLARATION was indeed a pure SCAM, saying the following:

"The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was built in the air... every day and every hour of these last ten years, I have thought as I opened the newspapers: where will the next blow come from? I trembled at the prospect of the British government called and asked me: "Tell us, what is the Zionist Organization? Where are your Zionists?"… They knew that the Jews were against us; we were just a small isolated group of Jews with a foreign past." (Sic)


Jaim Wiezmann refers to the fact that BALFOUR'S STATEMENT was a pure SCAM, when he says;

"The Balfour Declaration of 1917 was built in the air..." (Sic)

Jaim Wiezmann, knowing that he and the rest of the Zionists are impostors, impersonators, False Jews, when he refers to the True Jews he says;

"They knew that the Jews were against us" (Sic)

It is also important to know that in 1939, the British Government recognized that the BALFOUR DECLARATION was a pure SCAM saying the following;

“that in 1917 he did not have the freedom to dispose of Palestine to annul the sovereign independence of Palestine” (Sic), and, in its place, had specified an "international administration", previously deceiving the Palestinians and the Arab world, making them believe that they would have their sovereign independence, but they only said it to appease them and to buy time, since the pressure of the financial power that the ROTHSCHILD Family inflicted, to benefit their sinister plans for the creation of their false or illegitimate State of Israel, to the detriment of the rights and very existence of Palestine and its population, was too noticeable in the obedient and submissive British Government. The pressure of financial power that the ROTHSCHILD Family inflicts in various ways in the world and more especially in Palestine, has now become noticeable in its maximum criminality, however, to the ROTHSCHILD Family and its collaborators without Awarenness, the move It has turned out the opposite of what they wanted, since they have WOKE UP and UNITED the world against them.

Just before the creation of the false state of Israel, the ROTHSCHILD Family and its False Jewish Zionists were in trouble to carry out their cruel and unjust TRICK, that of creating the False Israel State in the Palestine lands, since all the testimonies and previous statements, destroyed not only the credibility of the BALFOUR DECLARATION, in that it was effectively a pure SCAM, but also destroyed the credibility of the League of Nations for having has been harboring and considering the BALFOUR DECLARATION itself as a fundamental pillar to eliminate all the rights of the Palestinians and to be able to steal their country's land with impunity and thus, in that unjust and cruel way, finish achieving their bastard purposes. Things could not be worse for the Zionists,  they could not steal 100% of the lands of Palestine, unless they changed tactics in their TRICK, and so they did, with a simple name change it was enough for them and in this way is how the UN was borned.

3rd) The UN SCAM (1945)


The ROTHSCHILD realized that they could no longer use the BALFOUR DECLARATION or the League of Nations to benefit their bastard purposes, their priority objective, to steal 100% the Palestine lands. These unexpected inconveniences would not be a big problem for them either, the ROTHSCHILD were going to solve it in their own style, the KHAZARO style, their real essence, and they were going to solve it with another new TRICK, one more suplantation of the many they had already carried out in the passage of time with complete success. This time, the suplantation would consist of changing the name of the second TRICK to that of the third, in which we are at this moment of reading, instead of continuing to be called the League of Nations, it would be called the United Nations Organization, or simply United Nations (UN) The ROTHSCHILD from the shadows, as they always do with this type of issues, allowed this process to be perceived in the eyes of society as something foreign to them, as an issue devised by the American president Franklin D. Roosevelt, his favorite Obedient Puppet.

The two organizations, from the shadows, were conceived and created with the money of the ROTHSCHILD Family, using their favorite puppet on duty, the president of the United States. The League of Nations was created at the request of Woodrow Wilson. The UN was created at the request of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Both organizations since their creation, always working from subtlety for the benefit and to the detriment always to the same countries and among other various issues, especially to serve by offering advantages from subtlety in the creation of the False Israel State and after in its maintenance and prosperity over time once it was created, doing all this to the clear and obvious detriment of third countries, most especially Palestine. To say that the citizens of the United States have been and are equally victims of this sinister ROTHSCHILD Family, since the majority of the money contributed by the ROTHSCHILD Family in their various and dark projects, ultimately, comes out of the pockets of the citizens of that country through the many taxes, most of them are unnecessary taxes just to RAISE into the coffers of this ROTHSCHILD Family and their collaborators without Conscience. Finally, the League of Nations was dissolved on April 18, 1946, handing over to the UN that was created for that purpose a year earlier and thus trying to leave no clues. In reality, the two organizations were the same with identical objectives.

Furthermore, the ROTHSCHILD took advantage of the opportunity to change the headquarters of the organization, since at the beginning of the 20th century the ROTHSCHILD were mostly located in Europe, especially between England, France, Germany and Switzerland, for that reason, in 1919 they chose the latter place, specifically in Geneva, to house the headquarters of the League of Nations, but already into the year 1945, the ROTHSCHILD were already mostly located in the United States, for that reason they chose New York as the headquarters for the UN. Having changed the name and location of the headquarters, the ROTHSCHILD felt more confident to try again to steal Palestine through the UN, their third TRICK.

For to be a “new” organization, the UN knew very well from the first minute what the objective of its existence really was. Using the money and influence of the ROTHSCHILD, the UN quickly made its way in the direction desired by this sinister family, since in just 1 year and 11 months after the creation of the UN, in its Resolution 181 of the General Assembly which he maintained, voted on November 29, 1947, the UN already illegally recognized the state of Israel, also granting it the majority of the lands of Palestine in the partition that the UN itself had carried out. This premeditated, shameless and ILLEGAL recognition of the state of Israel by the UN was the reason why Israel immediately, 5 months later, on May 14, 1948, declared its independence as a country, doing so illegally and in the lands from another country…

El primer primer ministro israelí, David Ben-Gurion, en la proclamación oficial del Estado de Israel, el 14 de mayo de 1948, en Tel Aviv.

The Israeli Prime Minister, the Zionist False Jewish David Ben-Gurion, proclaiming the illegitimate State of Israel, on May 14, 1948, in Tel Aviv.


For to hide from international society as much as possible the False neutrality of the UN between Israel and Palestine and, on the other hand, to try to facilitate its Recognition in the creation of the Israel state, in the sense that there were not too many inconveniences between the Palestinians and the Arab countries on this issue, the UN itself, in that same Resolution 181, established the partition of the lands of Palestine between a Jewish State but also a Palestinian Arab State, which, although it was still totally unjust, because the UN had stolen more than 60% of the lands of Palestine in a single night in favor of Israel, that action effectively appeased many critics, those of people without judgment or subjugated. But, as a result of the UN recognizing the Israel state, the selfishness and dehumanization of the Zionists False Jewish of Israel led them to begin carrying out massacres with impunity in Palestinian villages, killing everyone they found in their path, women, children and the elderly included and stealing their lands, in addition to those that the UN had already gift given them.


The result of all these actions, before truly neutral, observant and judicious eyes, BETRAY clearly and manifestly, but not now, but already at that time, that the UN is actually Zionist, one of the best tools if not the best that the Zionists have to help them achieve everything they propose, because in addition; The UN Recognized the Zionists' Israel State; The UN not stop Israel from stopping killing Palestinians in their villages during all that time until today; The UN did not stop Israel from stopping stealing the lands of the Palestinians, even more so after having given them most of the Palestine lands; After the UN approved its Resolution 181, in practice it only applied it in favor of a single party, on the Israel part, since on the Palestine part the words of that same Resolution 181 were carried away by the wind, since in nowadays we can see how Palestine is, that at any moment Israel will steal 100% of the lands of Palestine and worse than that, that to achieve this it is carrying out an unpunished G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E in full view of the entire world and the UN does not only allowed it to Israel, no, in a subtle way, It is facilitated!!!, because the UN is controlled and led by the preferred and obedient Puppet of the ROTHSCHILD, the president of the United States and his government team.


The Zionists False Jewish told that it all started on October 7, 2023, another LIE, in reality, they were the ones who started it 76 years ago and now, they simply needed an excuse to finish stealing 100% of the Palestine lands and for that is why they carried out the FALSE FLAG terrorist attack on October 7, killing their own citizens, even, due to the obvious nature of the matter, many Israeli soldiers have already recognized it. Since that moment 76 years ago since the creation of the False State of Israel in Palestine, they have made life impossible for the Palestinians to make them leave and thus be able to steal 100% of their lands, but since they did not succeed, for that reason they have had to resort to the current massive G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E in order to steal 100% of their lands and the UN, like the rest of the Obedient Marionettes of the ROTHSCHILD, especially the President of the United States, have not stopped the genocidal criminal of Israel, no, rather they have always been supporting it, simply because they are ACCOMPLICES. If with these information one still does not see the SCAM, then it is that he is short-minded, or he does not have Awarenness, or he is simply on the Zionists side.


@ The UN, to mislead what it really is, APPROVED the CEASE FIRE in Gaza, And to enforced it??? The UN NOT wanted to enforced it!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=400375312631350&set=a.155145083821042 UN = Israel // The UN is ZIONIST



It must be said that the UN president has his hands tied, even if he wanted to, HE CANNOT DO ANYTHING, the ROTHSCHILD have him as a puppet like the rest of the employees they have at the UN, NATO, WHO, UNESCO, etc., they are simply there to appear, to develop better the ROTHSCHILD'S TRICKS, since at first glance everything seems very democratic, but then, what the ROTHSCHILD want is done and for this they use his favorite obedient puppet, the president of the United States because he has the ability to veto all decisions that are wanted to be adopted, for example; Recently in this month of May 2024, the UN voted for Palestine to be welcomed as a full member country in the UN, as the vote resulted in 90% approval by all members of the UN and only due to the fact that the United States used its veto, the decision made by the vast majority of the existing countries in the world and that in addition, those same countries also RECOGNIZE PALESTINE as a SOVEREIGN COUNTRY, since they are no longer taken into account and we must do what the United States votes for, the country of Joe Biden, an elderly and senile president (maintained with the Palestinian children´s adenochrome) but a wonderful Obedient ROTHSCHILD´s puppet, Is that fair? Is that democratic??? Absoluty No. All the countries that consent to this DICTATORSHIP and do not abandon the UN, prove to be cowards, or simply are COMPLICIES of the G-E-N-O-C-I-D-A-L. They take us for fools and also tell us to our face...


The ROTHSCHILD family was the promoter of the creation of the FALSE Israel state. The ROTHSCHILD family is the promoter of the G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E not only of Palestine, no, but also, it is the promoter of any WAR and G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E that occurs around the world, such as; The G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E of the DR Congo; The G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E of Sudan; The G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E of Myanmar, etc. The ROTHSCHILD family is the promoter of the great global economic scam, the FEDERAL RESERVE (the supposed bank of banks), the PUBLIC DEBT, etc. The ROTHSCHILD family is also the promoter of the sinister 20 30 Agenda, etc. In short, The ROTHSCHILD family is the Cancer of Humanity which must be removed and the sooner the better for EVERYONE.


If we do not stop the G-E-N-O-C-I-D-A-L, it will not only eliminate Palestine and its citizens from the Map, no, it will also eliminate Democracy, Human Rights, Universal Values, Illusion and Hope in Humanity in short, for not having arrested the G-E-N-O-C-I-D-A-L and its collaborators without Conscience, today It has been the turn of the Palestinians, tomorrow it will be our turn with any of the various ways that they have prepared for us from the ROTHSCHILD Agenda, yes, the 2030, the one that tells you to your face that you will have nothing, but you will be happy and we will have it deserved by unsupportive… 


STOP BOMBING in GAZA!!! THEY WILL NOT SHUT US UP until the COMPLETE PALESTINE REPARATION!!! https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/videos/708574164520925


@ The PALESTINE REPARATION, It is the EVERYONE REPARATION!!! https://www.fiapbt.net/reparation.html And in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=423655563636658


@ INTRODUCTION – After acquiring the Knowledge given in the link of the next Report, some will already be able to understand quite a few issues, which, before knowing the mentioned information, they could not understand in any way. That is the purpose and intention of this report, to spread from humility, good intention and love, the hidden Knowledge that exists behind the MIDDLE EAST CONFLICT, in this way, doing our bit to find an adequate and quick solution for all parties involved, especially to find an adequate and quick solution with regard to the Safety and Well being of the most vulnerable, the CHILDREN. In order to find peace in the Middle East sooner rather than later, it is of utmost importance to be aware of the Knowledge attached in this report. Knowledge, good intention (will) and love is Power, it is the weapon most feared by the evil ones and the G-E-N-O-C-I-D-A-S, more powerful even than 100 atomic bombs exploding at the same time, not even the most powerful army in the world would have a minimal chance of victory against that weapon. (m.p.)

DIFFERENCE between True and False Jews. The ROTHSCHILD family: https://www.fiapbt.net/true&fakejews.html


“Spreading the truth generate to you enemies, but it feeds the Soul and your own AWARENESS. If we really want to change the world, we must start by changing ourselves.” (m.p.) 


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Mariano Peinado

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* Some issues related to the ZIONIST FALSE JEWS Bilderberg, which ´AFFECT US ALL!!!


@ The WORLDWIDE SCAM of the FEDERAL RESERVE: https://www.fiapbt.net/fed.html


@ The PUBLIC DEBT SCAM: https://www.fiapbt.net/deudapublica.html (In spanish write)


“Israel's operation in Gaza is not aimed at destroying Hamas. In reality, it is a decades-long operation whose ultimate goal is to make the Palestinian people disappear.” (Noam Chomsky. October 25, 2023)


@ Starting at minute 4´:31´´ of the following Video, Netanyahu alone, and without knowing that he was being recorded, unmasks the plans of the Rothschild family to take over all the lands of Palestine under the current GENOCIDE of 2024, NO SELF-DEFENSE, everything was carefully PREMEDITATED. Vídeo: https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/videos/404325072064592


@ The 3 Great ROTHSCHILD SCAMS that were the foundation to create the FALSE Israel state; The BALFOUR DECLARATION, LofN and the UN: https://www.fiapbt.net/declaration.html


@ SCIENTIFIC REPORT OF THE USE OF RADIOACTIVE WEAPONS BY ISRAEL IN PALESTINE AND YEMEN, at the bottom and in the following link: https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/posts/pfbid02VpJzCuXRzXcmQojmfepKSN1WRqaDnYfd7HCRK9iMZ5mh4gKYgrJDcyxL4AwQHtqpl  VIDEO: https://youtube.com/shorts/MMrE3z72H5A


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@ The ALTERNATIVE to the current Corrupt and Rotten Social System: https://www.fiapbt.net/alternativa.html (In spanish write)


1 JacobRothschild (3)

SELF-DEFENSE??? What kind of "authorities" does Israel have??? CRAZY MERCENARIES WITHOUT AWARENESS!!! What kind of Demons army is this??? They have no SOUL, they are not HUMAN. VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/videos/411186408445039 - https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/videos/793848052149660


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And where are DIGNITY and military Honor?  Israel has no army because that are not soldiers, no, they are Bloodthirsty MERCENARIES heartless for hire and without AWARENESS, who are under the orders of the greatest G-E-N-O-C-I-D-A-L-S in history, NETANYAHU and the ROTHSCHILD family. And the UN? And NATO? And the International Community??? THEY ALL ARE ACCOMPLICES OF G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E!!! SHAME!!! Video: https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT/videos/965767478224912


“DIGNITY is the essence of good people, what gives them Meaning to the purpose of their life.” (m.p) https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=7872695716114831&set=a.1748933491824448 - https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=392088210126727 EMPATHY https://www.facebook.com/100001234420465/videos/261101993691808


@ The UN, to mislead what it really is, APPROVED the CEASE FIRE in Gaza, And to enforced it??? The UN NOT wanted to enforced it!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=400375312631350&set=a.155145083821042 UN = Israel // The UN is ZIONIST




                         NETANYAHU and his Conscienceless Collaborators,

      CONDEMNED by G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E!!!



NETANYAHU is in SEARCH and CAPTURE by order of the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT of May 21, 2024. There is finally Light at the end of the tunnel... THANK YOU!!! VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/100001234420465/videos/840708351430855

FIRST: The right of self-defense does not give a state a license to use unlimited violence; no, the right of self-defense can never extend to a right to inflict massive and indiscriminate violence and hunger collectively upon an entire people.

SECOND: Nothing, no self-defense or anything, can ever be justified in genocide. The prohibition of genocide is absolute. A peremptory norm of international law.

THIRD: The Court ruled in 2004 that there is no right of self-defense on the part of an occupying State against the territory it occupies.”




zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz NETANYAHU, GENOCIDAL.


- GENERAL AGENDA 2030 FOTO 3 - copia


In addition to the creation of the FEDERAL RESERVE and the UN, the Rothschild family, in a subtle way, was always behind the creation of the various banking, political, military, scientific, health, religious, etc. organizations and institutions that they needed, organizations and institutions such as; The IMF; NATO; The OMS; INTERPOL; The CIA; The FBI; The WORLD BANK; The NASA; The UNESCO; The EU; The EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK; The EURO; The TTIP; etc., etc., granting them a FALSE officiality and internationality, for later, when they had already acquired the necessary popularity and credibility among the deceived population, using them as good tools to deceive more and better in the development of their global SCAMS, such as; PUBLIC DEBT; The CoronaTimo; The Confinement; The Climate ChangeTimo; The FALSE FLAG terrorist acts such as those of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 in the USA and on October 7, 2023 on the border of Israel, etc., thus, the Rothschild family will have more possibilities in the development of its New World Order (NWO), currently trying to materialize, before the year 2030, its sinister 20 30 Agenda in all the countries of the world, using its obedient puppets, the presidents of the various countries of the world to achieve it, since this evil people, for whom no one has voted democratically in an electoral referendum, are the ones who, in an unfair and mean way, rule over the citizens and decide everything they have to do in all the daily affairs of their lives, controlling them exactly likewise, and in true Big Brother style, the Rothschild family believes they are the owners of the world and those of us who inhabit it.


@ Examples of some FALSE FLAG terrorist acts: https://www.iadcro.com/falseflags.html


Currently in the year 2024, the Rothschild family, in one way or another, has managed to have under its influence and CONTROL ALL the presidents of the various countries, both those of the West and those of the East, those of one side as well as the from the other, to EVERYONE. As we said before, the Rothschild family, from subtlety, promotes wars and other types of social disasters through HAARP, CHENTRAILS, Viruses, etc., in this way, generating FEAR among the population to distract them, since, the Rothschild elite do not want that the people will look where the elite do not wihs that they look. They do not want, for example, that the people look their g-e-n-o-c-i-d-i-e against the Palestinians. And of course, to take advantage of the two sides of the war that they finance, and they also finance the reconstruction of the cities after the war. The Rothschild family has been developing these issues for hundreds of years, not only since the two great world wars and many other more current ones, no, they have been doing it even since the Napoleonic wars, financing both sides in the wars and their respective reconstructions.


Look in the following short video where the True Jews, Master Rabbis, explain well regarding how the False Jewish Zionists invented the False State of Israel, to appropriate the lands of Palestine and how prior to that, how they have appropriated the Jewish religion. In all their actions, the False Jewish Zionists go against their own Bible the TORAH. Draw your own conclusions: https://youtu.be/dHOTDPKg008


We are many citizens of the planet who are not going to give up our FREEDOM, we prefer to die than slavery, we are not going to grant them that pleasure or that power, nor are we going to surrender to their injustices that they carry out, like they are doing at this moment with the Palestinian children's G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E in Gaza... We can verify in various ways that these types of issues, which affect all the inhabitants of the planet, the political leaders of all the various existing countries, including some countries that may seem otherwise, such as; China, Russia, India, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, etc., none of them are going to do anything forceful to solve the Palestinian children's G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E in Gaza, at most they will publicly show disagreement or Neutrality to gain the sympathies and votes of the citizens, unfortunately only that, silently granting their support and approval to the monster G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E, since all the presidents of the government of the various countries are under the reins and under the fear of the Khazars False Jews Bilderbergs, and if any of them occurred to put order and rebel, they would be eliminated as happened with Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, etc. In addition, the Khazars False Jews Bilderberg, creators of Zionism, manage to subtly interfere and generate great international controversies resulting in war between countries. The False Jewish Khazarians are delighted with the existence of wars, since in addition to generating FEAR to lower people's vibrations, to be able to manipulate them and handle them like sheep at their convenience, the False Jewish Khazarians also finance both sides of them since their banks. Both sides of the war, among many other businesses that are generated during and after the war in reconstruction, etc., and they also gain from it. I mean, in order to change this unfortunate global situation that surrounds us all today in 2023, it is something that we, the good citizens of all the countries in the world, are going to have to do on our own to get rid of that evil riffraff, starting by changing for yourself, raising your vibration and your good intention to help others, which is the best way to help yourself, uniting under the slogan; “IN UNION THERE IS STRENGTH”, since we cannot expect anything from the representatives in the government or the media while they are subjected to the Khazars False Jews Bilderberg and their Agenda 20 30. @ ALTERNATIVE to the current Corrupt and Rotten System Social: https://www.fiapbt.net/alternativa.html


Returning to the main topic that has brought us to this place, to say, that during the Second World War, in the desperate flight of the Jews in Nazi Germany to save their lives, thousands of them, after having been rejected by numerous countries, finally found refuge in PALESTINE, they were welcomed and well received by the Compassion and good heart of the Palestinian citizens, history was repeating itself to the misfortune of the kind and beautiful Palestine, Video: https://www.facebook.com/reel/3680889455514569

Israel, ´How can you attack in such a cruel, bloody and massive way today in 2023 those who saved you twice?


Throughout history, on maps around the world, that land, that of Canaan or Philistia, has been detailed and referred to as PALESTINE, nothing was reflected as Israel, except in recent subtle malicious rectifications of recent times, carried out by the obedient collaborators without Awareness of the Bankers False Jewish Zionist Bilderberg, who are the owners of international financial power, those who pull the strings of their puppets the presidents of the countries and their media, those Bankers False Jewish Zionist Bilderberg are the promoters of the sinister Agenda 20 30 within their malevolent New World 0rder.


The PHOTOGRAPH of the next link that we add, for example, is the Palestine´s Map in 1947 picture realized by a Western and NEUTRAL institution, the NATIONAL GEOGRAFIC, an institution that has nothing to do with the defense of the interests of Palestine, which, offers a great contribution of information and CREDIBILITY of the Truth, which, some so desire to hide and distort for their own benefit... https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=7123520144365729&set=a.1748933491824448


Note: Like the Zionist Fake Jews (Khazarians) Ashkenazis BILDERBERG leaders of Israel, they inflated the victims of the Holocaust at their convenience, raising them to 6 million Jews, when in reality, they did not exceed 50,000 victims, which are not few, and so on manage to benefit in various ways clinging to the Lie and Victimism, as they always do, also, currently, they deflate the victims of the GEN0CIDE that the False Jewish Bilderberg Netanyahu is carrying out on the civilian population of Palestine right now...


@ Netanyahu and his government team are, ´FALSE Jews!!!


– Some of the differences between the True and the FALSE Jews (Khazars) –


Zionist Fake Jews (Khazars) Ashkenazis BILDERBERG, the second largest SCAM in the entire history of HUMANITY, which is what gave rise to the owners of the Financial Markets of today, the Zionist Fake Jews (Khazars) Ashkenazis BILDERBERG, whose origin We will see below how it was a simple invention, a ruse from the mid-8th century in KHAZARIA, not in PALESTINE or ISRAEL, curious, right? https://www.fiapbt.net/falsosjudios.html http://www.facebook.com/271421886132/photos/a.451449941132.245086.271421886132/10154313317581133/?type=3&theater (in spanish writed)

A TRUE Jewish Rabbi clearly explains to you in a TV interview and in 2 minutes, the difference between the FALSE and TRUE Jews: https://youtu.be/efCtKSLYd44

- 'KNOW YOUR ENEMY!!! This information you can´t find it in the traditional media; https://www.facebook.com/271421886132/photos/a.451449941132.245086.271421886132/10154058362021133/?type=3&theater - How are they organized, inside the ZIONIST Bankers False Jews (Khazars) AskeNAZIS BILDERBERG? http://www.iadcro.com/organizationcb.html

@ DOCUMENTATION and EVIDENT HISTORY in favor and benefit of the TRUTH and PALESTINE: https://www.iadcro.com/palestina.html

DECLARATION, REFLECTION and CONCLUSION on the LEGITIMATE OWNERSHIP currently of the land of Canaan or Philistine (PALESTINE) In Madrid, November 24, 2023

The information shown has been based on the Knowledge acquired after a long study and investigation of several years, doing so in a NEUTRAL way, from Sincerity, with Common Sense, Coherence, with the heart as a guide, also; Based on historical assessments obtained from various neutral sources; Based on the information provided by the True Jews in this regard; Based on the information provided by various countries with ancient scrolls and maps, coins, archaeological remains, etc., etc.


Israel is represented by three types of citizens;

1º- The non-religious, or those of non-Jewish religion. In general terms they have a good social position for helping to support Israel.

2º- The False Jews or Zionists (Khazarian Bilderbergs, identities usurpers) This group is rich and its leaders, more than rich, are the owners of international financial power since the USA Federal Reserve (The bank of banks) was invented by them in 1913. The leaders of the False Jews, are the Khazarian Zionist Bilderbergs (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgans, etc.) since the shadows, are well connected in connection throughout the world and given their enormous and illegitimate financial power, to the detriment of the Mother Earth and the citizens of the world, they pull the strings of the various banks on the planet, and they also pull the strings of all the governments and institutions of the world at their convenience, both those of the West, USA, UK, EU, UN, IMF, NATO, NASA, etc., such as those in the East, China, Russia, India, Pakistan, etc. The Zionists, in various ways, subtly encourage and provoke wars in the world, in this way, they then go on to finance both sides and after the war, also they go on to finance the reconstruction on both sides due to so much destruction that has occurred, among others many more interests, not just those mentioned, no.

3º- The True Jews. In general terms they are poor because they profess the true Jewish religion. Given the indignation that the True Jews publicly show against the False Jews, for having taken away and usurped their identity, to steal the lands of Palestine and commit all kinds of crimes against humanity in their name, many True Jews have been murdered or beaten, they are subjected to silence, or else they have to flee Israel for their safety due to the constant Zionist threat that looms over them, just like the Palestinians, the True Jews are equally victims of the False Jews.

It is stated in the following DECLARATION that both the True Jews and the False Jews, neither one nor the other, NEVER originated in Canaan, Philistia or Palestine to proclaim or claim at the present time of the year 2023 that it is their land, since It is not, that land was and is of the Canaanites, Philistines or the Palestinians of today. Furthermore, this DECLARATION coincides with and is added to the DECLARATION that the True Jews have been making over and over again for quite some time, remaining as follows:

Israel has NO legitimacy whatsoever in the land of Palestine. The legitimacy of the land of Canaan or Philistia is held by its oldest inhabitants, the Canaanites, Philistines or Palestinians what it is the same, since the way in which the state of Israel was created in 1948 does not have L-E-G-I-T-I-M-A-C-Y, however, the Palestinian state has all the LEGITIMACY in the world for the number of thousands of years that has been being it, it would be absurd and incoherent, that after being a State for millennia, attested even by the history of the countries and in the ancient maps of the entire world, now at present it should be given that quality of state when it already is, simply because the Zionists say it to confuse more and better as they always do and with all matters for their own benefit and at the expense of others. Furthermore, the Palestinian state, or Palestine like a country, which it is, is a much older state or country than almost all currently existing states or countries in the world. Starting from the latter, if the Palestinians welcomed at the time the True Jews (but not the False ones), the descendants of Abraham brought by Moses from Egypt, it is coherent, correct and common sense, that they be allowed to remain currently in the land of Canaan, Philistia or Palestine, but dividing equally the entire lands of Canaan, Philistia or Palestine, which would be made up of the current land in possession of Israel, that of Gaza and that of West Bank, with which, Israel, together with the three social groups that represent it already described, should retreat to its assigned 50%, remaining grateful for the hospitality and good reception they received on the two occasions that they needed hospitality from their Palestinian neighbors.


I think that to find a solution to the issue that we have discussed and many others that are on the similar way, it is a matter for the ordinary citizens of the planet, making a sincere and deep TAKE INDIVIDUAL AWARENESS, and then, we can understanding and agree us each other from COLLECTIVE CONSCIENCE. I believe that if we, the ordinary citizens of the planet, do not solve it ourselves, we will continue to suffer, going around again and again in the same of the Zionists hoop, since it has been proven for hundreds of years and in various ways, that no political party, nor anyone coming from any government on the planet, is going to do it, that no one coming from international institutions of whatever type they are, is going to do it, that no one coming from absolutely nothing that is subject to this Rotten and Corrupt Global Social System of the Zionists in which we find ourselves today in the year 2023, is going to do it, because EVERYONE, absolutely EVERYONE in their own way and style, in one way or another, are the Zionists´ OBEDIENT PUPPETS!!! And, furthermore, even if there were someone honest, who really wanted to fix it, they couldn't, they would be eliminated...

@ The ALTERNATIVE to the current Corrupt and Rotten Social System: https://www.fiapbt.net/alternativa.html (In spanish write)

To avoid censorship and so that this information can reach all interested parties, it would be great to share it.

“Spreading the truth generate to you enemies, but it feeds the Soul and your own AWARENESS. If we really want to change the world, we must start by changing ourselves.” (m.p.) 


Finally, I would like to make it clear that I do not want to convince anyone of anything at all. I think that trying to convince someone is neither honest nor correct. I believe that wanting to convince is equivalent to wanting to try to manipulate thought, trying to limit the freedom of the person listening to us to think and do what they see fit. I think that the right thing to do is to try to help others with humility and good intention, to present your work or points of view, not to try to demonstrate or convince anything of anything. Let each person, through their own conclusions and experiences, freely decide for their own truth. I suggest doing your own research, contrasting all the information that arrives and that is of interest to you, it is neither good nor intelligent to stick with the first thing you see, not even with this my message and even less so, if it is from some media outlet the Rothschild elite or their subordinate collaborators. Channeling, intuition and the indications that are generated from your own heart, having trained those senses, can become excellent tools to acquire reliable and quality information. Up to you! Good Luck!


                                    MI MENSAJE


                                                      Mariano Peinado

                 International APBT Federation (FIAPBT) & IADCRO Spain

     https://www.facebook.com/FIAPBT – https://www.fiapbt.net – https://www.IADCRO.com