This chapter equals polemic for some enthusiasts of the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier due to their refusal to admit the reality. In some cases they renounce of the origin of both canine breeds arguing these breeds don´t have anything to do with the APBT. To understand these people´s attitude I imagine they do it in order to protect their breed from the stupid laws generated by the social alarm provoked by some dog attacks to humans. It is correct and understandable to protect any breed from these laws, but not in such a way in which all the bad press goes to the APBT, while these breeds take advantage of it and leave the scene, right? Wouldn´t it be better to work hard and fight so that no one gets all the bad attention, just as we did since the social alarm in 1999 rose? Of course it is, it seems more complicated now.


Leaving this polemic aside and just focusing on the topic of this section, so that all the dog enthusiasts can comprehend which are the differences between these canine breeds, I can state that until 1935 and 1936 respectively, neither the American Staffordshire Terrier nor the Staffordshire Bull Terrier existed as breeds. All of them were part of the same American Pit Bull Terrier breed. The APBTs in England had different names for the same dogs in the American continent. Communication among people of both countries was almost inexistent.

A group of American APBT breeders, lead by  J.H.Colby, one of the best breeders of APBT of all times, proposed to the American Kennel Club (A.K.C) to include the American Pit Bull Terrier through Wilfred T. Brandon, who dealt with all bureaucratic process. This way, the breed would enjoy a better press and support in society. At the same time, another APBT group o breeders in England, lead by Jack Dunn, had the same proposal but for the Kennel Club (K.C.).


In both cases the same thing happened. Both associations required these APBT breeders to establish a more defined standard than that of the APBT, much broader, but of course, with its limits.


After working on establishing the new and more defined standard for their APBTs, the American partners defined a large phenotype while the English defined a reduced version of it.


Once these two standards were defined, they asked both the A.K.C and the K.C to accept them to be part of the list of the different breed they worked with.  The A.C.K and the K.C asked them for one more thing. They also required the APBT breeders in the U.S and England to also change their new defined breed’s name.


Both breeders in the two continents came with very similar names for their respective breeds.  The Americans called them Staffordshire Terriers, and their English partners called them Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Having modified their standards and names, both groups were accepted separately.


In 1935, the K.C of Great Britain, welcomed the reduced version of the breed, in honor of the APBTs used to pull carts on rails of the dangerous and rough mines of the Staffordshire county. The landlord of the standard of this group of APBT, with the changed name and fixed to a concrete standard, was take from a APBT that the owner was the president of the Club Jack Banard, call “Jim the Dandy”.



“Jim the Dandy”, of 33 l., was the APBT that was used to make the standard from the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.




A year later, on June 9th 1936, the A.K.C of the U.S, welcomed to their lists the large version of the APBT with the name of Staffordshire Terrier.  The dog used to establish the standard of this larger version of the APBT breed was a dog born in May 29th of 1935, called Colby´s “Primo”, bred by John P.H: Colby.


Colby´s “Primo”


In this picture we can see the great American Pit Bull Terrier called Colby´s “primo”, at 36l., whose breeds name was later changed and whose pattern was used to establish the standard of the new breed AST.


Even if now the names and standard of the APBT bred in England or in the U.S had chanced, these dogs still were the same dog, a pure breed APBT.


Moreover, those studiers of the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier can trace back the names of their early dogs, and check they had very popular APBT dogs such as Lloyd’s “Pilot”, Lloyd’s Paddy, Burke’s Rafferty, etc.  Also, it can be read in these old pedigrees the names of most of the best English breeders. These breeders  such as: Delihant, Farmer, Con Feeley, Earl Tudor and Joe corvine, W.S. Semmes, Colby, Jim Corcoran, William J. Lightner, Johnny McDonald (Gas House), John Nooan  among many others later moved to the U.S. Thus, there is no doubt that the origins of the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier comes from the same breed, what was before called the American Pit Bull Terrier.


These pedigrees were jealously and privately kept and no one could doubt of these pedigree´s credibility. These pedigrees were impregnated by the word and honor of the breeders. The dogs in England were transported to the U.S after 1800, when many of the workers of the poor areas of the country, went to the United States seeking for a better life. A big number  carried their APBT dogs with them, in that time they were called with many different names such as, Bull and Terrier, Old English Bulldog, Pit Bull Terrier, or just Bulldog. It was in 1898 they all were finally denominated officially as the American Pit Bull Terrier.


Now, I will explain the differences of these two breed with what it was their original breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier.


Physically, there is a lot of resemblance among the three breeds. We shouldn´t forget that the three of them were the same one in their origin until the two new breeds  took different direction, now focused on the breeding for physical appearance only. Is not difficult to understand, thus, that many people today don´t see the differences and confuses them. The big difference among these three breed is mainly in character due to the different way of breeding selection over the years.


Once this group of APBT was admitted in their lists with the name and phenotype changed by the K.C in 1935 and the A.K.C one year later, the breeding of these dogs was consequently focused on appearance. This way, they could participate in beauty shows. Winning them, thus, will mean an increase in the price of these dogs.


In the breeding of these new variations, the authentic character of the APBT was not taken into consideration, as it had been doing since its creation 500 years before. If we prioritize appearance over character, the American Pit Bull Terrier will be extinguished in a few decades. When  we referred to the principles and inborn values of the character of the American Pit Bull Terrier, we are referring to its values in order to develop any kind of work entrusted by the human, its owner. Breeding for character is a must.


 In no case we are referring to illegal activities such as fighting other dogs.


The principles and inborn values of the character in the breeding of the APBT consist and have always consisted in selecting dogs with the following characteristics:


1st - They must show a people friendly attitude. Thus, avoiding selecting those that are aggressive towards humans.


2nd -The must be good and tenacious workers, polyvalent and with absolute disposition to carry out any kind of work, no matter the adversities.


3rd It is also important to maintain a physical functionality that allows the animal to manage any kind of situation, terrain or work. A good way to do this is to continue with the official standard, which has been established specifically so that dogs will meet the best physical structures for work and sports.


This criteria has Always been there since the creation of the American Pit Bull Terrier, which is a main difference compared to it variations, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, but also with the rest of the breeds. Most of the breeds have taken the policy of breeding by appearance or beauty, losing the original characteristics that created these breeds and also condemning  them to a variety of genetic  defects such as (Dysplasia, Monorquidia, entropion) etc.


Differently, the breed of the American Pit Bull Terrier has always followed the three necessary characteristics mentioned above. This is the only way to assure a good character and to avoid the breed from extinction. The only beauty important in the breeding of the American Pit Bull Terrier is that of its heart (friendly towards humans, intelligence, balance, courage, tenacity, loyalty, etc...) leaving aside their physical appearance.


With these arguments we do not want to imply that both the American Staffordshire Terrier or the Staffordshire Bull Terrier are nowadays aggressive towards humans, or that are not fitted for work, or that they do not have enough physical or psychological strength to develop hard work, of course not. What I am trying to say is that because of a wrong selection in the breeding after 70 years (considering it a degeneration of the pure breed), these breeds are far from being what it is the original American Pit Bull Terrier. Thank god, still many breeders have been faithful to the ADBA standard all around the world, thus conserving the pure breed. That is why we can today enjoy the original American Pit Bull Terrier.


In order to understand better this last question, we can read an article written by 1er. President of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club, Jack Barnard, “The history of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier”, published by Count Major V.C. Hollender, published in 1952 and says the following thing:

“Certainly, I like to see the Stafford with the spirit, characteristics and essence of the breed., but, I am worried and I will go in something more far to say than, the majority of our present specimens of nowadays is lacking “heart (or anger)”, this is forgetting in search of the call “type”. I am not pleading for a maniac dog, but I maintain and I believe that a Staffordshire without spirit is like an angel without wings. Believe me  when I say to you that our true Staffordshire would go cheers to its death with a smile for you, that great is its love for its master, and everything what he asks is its amiability and affection. Therefore, I inquire to that can read this that wants and helps their more faithful and true friend. He remembers, no matter how much you appreciate his dog, still appreciates more to him to you.”


We have given this information because there exist an important lack of it. But it is also intended for all the enthusiasts of the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier that once deny the origin of these breeds, and even blamed on the American Pit Bull Terrier about dog attacks towards humans. This information may help them to think about it and probably appreciate the APBT because thank to them they can enjoy their lovely breeds. They should also think twice when blaming the APBTs or even throwing trash on them, because it may go against them someday. We are all in the same boat, if it sinks, we all sink. As all the dog lovers should know, there are not dangerous breeds; the only danger comes from the human kind. It is the owner’s irresponsibility, as well as for judges, legislators and administrations that do not seek proper canine assessment what becomes a danger for our dogs.


Going back to the discussion, I want to make clear that I value positively what in the beginning some groups of breeder tried to do in order  for  the breed to be accepted by some entities, so that it could have a better press. But that effort to be accepted by the A.K.C and the K.C, made them fall into making the most important mistakes in their lives. They allowed them to change their breed´s standard and official name. A true lover of the breed would never allow this to happen. They would never change the way the breed had been selected for the last 500 years.


One of the most common requests we receive at the FIAPBT, comes from people asking us to fight to be recognized by the FCI, so that the APBT would be in the list of the recognized Breeds. We have the same answer for everybody: Those entities interested in admitting the APBT in their list, have to show a clear interest in doing it so by respecting the original name, original standard, and of course, by not organizing beauty events.  The only thing beauty events can bring to the APBT is a degeneration and the consequent extinction of the breed. For that fact, until this is not applied by the different organizations interested in having the APBT in their list, we are not interested in them. The ADBA right now is more than enough for us. It guarantees a breed control, and the continuation of the authentic American Pit Bull Terrier.


For the FIAPBT (Federation International del APBT) only those organizations willing to create sporting and conformation events will be accepted. A Conformation event is an examination of the breed’s standard. The animal’s angles are measured, proportion are taken into consideration and not just the beauty. In most of these events, the most beautiful or cute dog is not the winner, but the one closer to the standard.


Any entity interested in accepting the APBT in their list, should never organize a beauty event. They should do a Conformation event so that they can assure a good selection of the breeding is been taking place, and in the other hand, doing so they also make sure that the APBT is the “the working dog by excellence” due to its versatility. Those interested in registering the APBT should also advice breeders to follow the three principles and values, in the selection of the breeding mentioned before.


Today’s true lovers of the breed should never commit the same mistake again. In the past, those breeders that tried to fit the APBT at the K.C and the A.K.C did not fulfill their goal. They wanted the APBT to be accepted by these organizations but ended up creating two different derivations of the APBT that after 70 years of wrong selection of breeding became two different breeds.


There are several internationally recognized entities more important than the FCI that admit the APBT in their list. These entities are doing a very good job registering dogs for a control of the breed and preservation of the pure breed. For this reason, having a lot of entities accepting the APBT does not mean an improvement the breed. Only doing what others are already doing, the new entities will do something to improve the breed. We better have a few good organizations doing a good job than many damaging the breed.


In this old clipping from a news paper in 1943, we can check how two famous APBTs Colby’s “Primo” and Colby’s “Trim”, are announced as Staffordshire Terriers in order to reproduce them with other bitches for $20 at the time. We can also observe the registry number from the Kennel Club, registering them as Staffordshire Terriers already. The first one with the registry number 641443 and 641508 the second one. Both came from the breeding of John P.H Colby, patriarch of the Colby family who died in 1941, but were property of his family.




A document of the Staffordshire Terrier Club of America in January 29th of 1943, sent by Wilfred T. Brandon, the president of that Club, to John P.H. Colby’s son, Louis B. Colby, to inform him that the four APBTs had been registered by the American Kennel Club. The names of these four magnificent dogs are: Colby’s “Primo”, Colby’s “Buffy”, Colby’s “Fool” and Colby’s “Trim”. All of them where consequently renamed as Staffordshire Terriers as well as their descendents. Nobody with a bit of knowledge would deny that these four dogs were not American Pit Bulls Terriers before their breed was renamed. If they do not recognize this fact, it just means they know little about this matter, or that simply they want to deny the fact for simply hiding and falsifying the truth in order to separate themselves from the horrifying image the APBT, the ancestor of their breed, poses.


This same document has the signature of the president of the Staffordshire Club of America, Mr. Wilfred T. Brandon, who founded the Club in spring of 1940. That year, the Club was accepted as a member of the American Kennel Club, representing to all those American Pit Bull Terriers whose owners wanted them to be introduced to the A.K.C as Staffordshire Terrier. These owners showed a lack of interest of preserving the purity of the breed and its name, some because of economic interest and some because of pure ignorance.


We have to clarify something in the name of the Colby family, one of the best breeder of all times. Even if John P.H.Colby made an error rushing to have his dogs accepted by the A.K.C, three years after he died, they rectified and continued registering their dogs as APBTs at the ADBA. It is said that rectifying is of wise men, and actually not everyone does it, some didn´t.  Anyways, the Colby dogs are practically the base of the AST. Luckily, not everyone made the same error of perverting the pure breed, and continued selecting their APBT’s under the guidance of the inborn values and principles, registering them at the ADBA, a most professional and loyal entity than the A.K.C, K.C or the F.C.I.



This is a private pedigree of an American Pi Bull Terrier of the time, handmade but perfectly conserved as if it was a diamond. Nobody will doubt of the trustworthiness of these pedigrees, it was the breeder’s honor what was written on them.



On the left of the picture, Mr. John R. Colby, breeder of American Pit Bull Terriers and grandson of John P.H.Colby, one of the best breeder of all times. On the right Don Mariano Peinado, in an interview where they had a long conversation sharing their views on the different roles of the breed, and about his grandfather’s appassionate life. October 1997, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A.


Enough British immigrants moved from Great Britain to the USA in the years of 1700 with their British dogs, especially from Ireland. In the years of 1800, certainty of the names of several British breeders is had that moved to the USA with their dogs, like for example; Delihant, Farmer, Con Feeley, Earl Tudor and Joe Corvino. From Ireland llegarón to the USA W.S. Semmes, John PH Colby, Jim Corcoran, William J. Lightner, Johnny McDonald (Gas House), John Noonan and other many. These dogs of the mentioned breeders, were American Pit Bull Terrier been born in Great Britain and are the already distant parents of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier of nowadays. The popular breeder Charles Lloyd around 1880 transfering from England to the USA to the popular dogs Lloyd´s Pilot, Lloyd´s Paddy and Burke´s Rafferty. These dogs were extraordinay of their time and the way to follow by the American fans in their different breeding with the APBT.


  Charles Lloyd with Lloyd´s “Pilot”.


The official name of American Pit Bull Terrier occurred him to the race in 1898, by American Mr. C.Z. Bennet, President of the UKC. This new name for the breed, also occurred to the dogs that come since Great Britain to America, since these dogs were being treated like the same breed since they began to arrive at the USA, since more than 200 years, by his great similarity of the phenotype and the genotype of the American APBT. This similarity was due, to the dominant genetic contribution that passed of the Alano at the time of creating this new breed dog, by both ways already described.



Logically, when were located in Great Britain the people not called them like APBT, they were continued calling them with other names like Bull and Terrier, Old English Bulldog or Pit Dog. When I talk about to the British dogs with the name of APBT, is for facilitating the understanding to the readers and so that they really were the same dogs but with different names. Passed the years, after to be Officially baptized like APBT in 1898 in the USA, the British breeders also they finished unifying the name of his dogs by Pit Bull Terrier, but without the American ahead for obvious reasons.


After that, in 1909, will be founded the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) and by his good doing in the conservation of the original APBT, it obtained that nowadays will be the Canine Mother of the APBT Internationally, for conserve the authentic and original APBT and the fans are thankful for it.


To emphasize, the most important policy in the breeding selection of the American Pit Bull Terrier since its origin to nowadays, is to reproduce American Pit Bull Terrier with an exceptional disposition in the relation with the people, rejecting in the breeding the units that showed the minimum gesture of aggressiveness without reasons. After that, the more fundamental genetic characters that fix inside the breed were and in the present continue being: Intelligence, class, chaste, value, tenacity, balance, attitude - positive personality, ability, resistance, powerful prey, a provided functional phenotype that allows him to combine agility-power and with a good bony constitution. By this, the APBT is the breed dog of work by excellence, with great desire to please to its owner.




The Original APBT

                                   The Original APBT



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Podemos difundir, corriendo la voz a todos nuestros contactos, a los medios de comunicación, en foros públicos de Internet (foros de perros, animales, naturaleza, derechos humanos, etc.) y de todas las maneras que se nos pueda ocurrir para difundir lo más eficazmente posible la información que aparece en la Web de IADCRO, para intentar conseguir humildemente la colaboración y ayuda que nos podrían aportar los aficionados y amantes de los derechos de los animales. Sin esta colaboración y ayuda, la situación no nos permitirá adquirir la fuerza que necesitamos para conseguir el objetivo.


La información con la que pueden comenzar a difundir sería por prioridades. En estos momentos lo más urgente a difundir es lo de Venezuela, lo de Dinamarca por ser lo más actual, entonces esa es la información con la que comenzaría a bombardear en mí difusión, después de esto ya más tranquilamente, iría cogiendo más información de IADCRO siempre de la manera más prioritaria en mi opinión, esto ya a criterio de cada uno: http://www.iadcro.com/informacion.html


De vez en cuando, miraría la portada de la Web de IADCRO www.iadcro.com  o de la FIAPBT www.fiapbt.net , ya que si salen nuevas alertas de socorro reflejarían en ese lugar. También podemos mirar en la sección de últimas noticias para adquirir dicha información: http://www.villaliberty.org/ultimasnoticias.html en función de la prioridad que tengan dichas alertas de socorro, es en la manera que nos guiaríamos a la hora de la difusión de ayuda. Espero que con estas nociones, sirva para orientar a todos aquellos que están mostrando interés en ayudar en esta justa causa y no saben como hacerlo. No obstante, cualquier tipo de duda, pueden dirigirse a:


Mariano Peinado: iadcro@iadcro.com  fiapbt@fiapbt.net  villaliberty@villaliberty.org


Iñaki Goya coordinador Delegaciones: inakigoya@yahoo.es 


Gracias por estar ahí y ser como sois, haciendo bueno el refrán que dice; “En la unión esta la fuerza”. Sin vuestro respaldo y ayuda, esta justa causa la tendríamos perdida desde el comienzo. No cambiéis nunca.


                                                                                            Mariano Peinado

IADCRO: http://www.iadcro.com & FIAPBT: http://www.fiapbt.net 






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