The PROOF of the GUILTY who destroyed the Gaza Hospital

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The PROOF of the GUILTY who destroyed the Gaza Hospital, where at the moment nearly 1,000 civilians have been killed, most of them women and children, It comes to us directly from Netanyahu's digital spokesperson, HANANYA NAFTALIwhich, motivated by a sick emotion of joy, published a message celebrating THE DESTRUCTION OF THE HOSPITAL in Gaza by the Israeli air forces, which he quickly eliminated so as not to leave evidencesince when them took conscience, the very mean and enormous lethal magnitude that they had achievedthey did not want to asume the responsibility before the International Community for the atrocious and macabre attack that they had just committed, going from that moment on to deny responsibility for the attack, and in a childish, machiavellian and cowardly way, holding to the palestinian militias responsible for the attack on the Hospital.


We have another clear PROOF in the following Reflection; The USA and the United Kingdom have REFUSED to condemn the bombing of the hospital in Gaza at the UN. If, as they claim, it was the work of the palestinian militias, ´Why DON'T THEY CONDEM the attack??? You already know the answer, Right? They take us for fools and say it to our faces...




After the investigation carried out during all these days and in a NEUTRAL way, the final CONCLUSION has been reached that, IT'S NOT A W4R, IT'S A GEN0CIDE!!!


What happened in Israel on October 8, was a FALSE FLAG Terrorist act.

In addition to Netanyahu, all those presidents of the government and any other Institution related in one way or another, with the Collaboration and CONSENT of this GEN0CIDE, will also have to be held accountable.


@ Examples of some FALSE FLAG terrorist acts:


Netanyahu, without scruples nor conscience, on October 8 carried out the act of FALSE FLAG Terrorism against his own people, in order to Justify the Extermination and Demolition of PALESTINE and its citizens, which, is being carried out at this just moment, ALLOWED and CONSENTED by a supposed INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY, which, in reality DOES NOT EXIST!!! All them are all under the orders of Netanyahu, criminal popularly known like, “The G3n0cide”.


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Mariano Peinado




Investigation into the bombing and subsequent destruction of the Gaza hospital, where nearly 1,000 civilians have died, most of them women and children.


They think are smart, but in reality they are clumsy, very clumsy, they do nothing but flounder around...

NETANYAHU's digital spokesperson, HANANYA NAFTALI, motivated by a sick emotion of joy, published a message celebrating THE DESTRUCTION OF THE HOSPITAL in Gaza by the Israeli air forces, which he quickly eliminated so as not to leave evidence, since when them took conscience, the very mean and enormous lethal magnitude that they had achieved, they did not want to assume the responsibility before the International Community for the atrocious and macabre attack that they had just committed, going from that moment on to deny responsibility for the attack, going on to blame HAMAS of the attack. They take us for fools and also, say it to our faces...


Please, do your own research contrasting as much as possible the information you wish to inform yourself about, since the traditional media is at the command of the Terrorists False Jews Zionists Bankers Ashkenazi BILDERBERG, known as the elite of the West and, THEY LIE TO US MORE THAN THEY SPEAK!!!







Massive rally in London 🇬🇧 in support of the resistance of the People of Palestine 🇵🇸 and against the Zionist regime of Israel 🇮🇱.

The British government, like others in Europe, has banned pro-Palestinian demonstrations and even the use of its flag, but the people have rebelled and taken to the streets in massive demonstrations.

Historically, the government and empire of the United Kingdom has been central to the creation of the State of Israel and the occupation of the Palestinian territories. VIDEO


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La Ministra Ione Belarra se manifiesta en favor de Palestina, pero pienso que lo hace de cara a la galería para ganar simpatías y votos para su partido político PODEMOS. Si sus palabras fueran sinceras y COHERENTES, al ser una Ministra del Gobierno de España, pues, ¡¡¡Qué ACTUE YA!!! Puede hacerlo, debe hacerlo y, además, ¡¡¡TIENE LOS MEDIOS para hacerlo!!!


@ Que haga un Escrito OFICIAL desde el Gobierno de España recriminando el Genocidio que está realizando Israel.


@ Que haga convocatorias de MANIFESTACIONES OFICIALES nacionales e internacionales.


@ Que haga convocatorias a los Medios de Comunicación para informarles adecuadamente conforme a la Verdad. etc., etc., puede hacer muchas cosas y de manera Oficial desde su cargo de Ministra, si es que efectivamente lo estuviera haciendo de corazón y de Verdad…


La de asuntos que podría realizar la Ministra Ione Belarra desde su cargo de Ministra de Derechos Sociales y Agenda 2030 del Gobierno de España, y secretaria general de Podemos, ¡¡¡Un Momento!!! ¿Dije AGENDA 2030??????? Pero entonces, esta Ministra, no solo está a las órdenes de los promotores de la Agenda 2030, sino que, además, es una firme colaboradora de la misma, y lo que está sucediendo en estos momentos en Gaza, es una parte importante del proceso de la Agenda 2030 antes de ser implantada al 100% en el mundo. A día de hoy, la mayoría de ciudadanos ya saben que los promotores de esta Agenda 2030 son los Banqueros Sionistas Falsos Judíos Askenazis BILDERBERG (la élite de Occidente) y precisamente Netanyahu es uno de ellos y su brazo ejecutor, ¿Entonces???? Aquí no hay gato encerrado, no, tenemos a un León Cavernario encerrado y encerrado en nuestra propia habitación…


Un saludo, mucha suerte para todos y saquen sus propias conclusiones al respecto como no podría ser de otra manera.


13 octubre 2023