HOT DOGS and COLD DOGS. (By Mariano Peinado. December 31, 2021)

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In the following Video, we can see ARIA together with her friend the bunny named Row. ARIA is an extraordinary dog ​​with a cold and sensitive character, 100% Carver, of the Pit Bulls known like "The Blacks", which, it performs hard and spectacular Work and Sports, with difficult and adverse circumstances for its performance and ARIA does it very well. Video: Same Video in Facebook:


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Some tend to mistake these terms about HOT DOGS and COLD DOGS, some consciously by own interest and others, simply out of ignorance. Some think that hot dogs are the virtuous dogs and cold dogs, the opposite, and nothing is further from the truth.




For example, my RED PIT, my Mr. RONNIE, my RED DIBO, and so many other doggies that I have and have had, came from a breeder, which raised COLD DOGS, very intelligent, functional and brave, I mean a ancient and old BREEDER of the first half of the 20th century, Maurice Carver, who, in my opinion, is the best breeder of all ancient and modern times of this noble and wonderful breed dog.


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The genetics that my dogs possess of Carver's dogs, makes them cold, brave, very functional and balanced dogs, and also smarter than hunger, dogs of Light, with sensitivity and feelings, very intelligent, they just need to talk, even some do not even that, because they speak in its own way, but they speak, ask my wife (Mar) this to see what she answers, she has the experience with her doggie female PANDA (One Eye) and some more dogs. However, as in all matters, in this one that we deal with, exceptions to the rule can also be found, of course.


PANDA (The Pit Bull) & CHAMAN (The Kitty)

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These Carver dogs are dogs to ENJOY, yes, those cold dogs that some smartass say pearls in negative way, discrediting them motivated by envy, bad milk or simply ignorance, if they had dogs of that caliber, if they really knew them, another rooster would sing, well, you can't ask for pears from the elm...


HOT DOGS are nervous dogs, in many cases simply poorly educated, in that way, with the dire education provided by their irresponsible owner, getting the doggies to acquire an attitude, an aggressive, hysterical behavior, which some call this negative behavior, like a hot dog, which, is a learned attitude or behavior, but in reality, many of those little doggies have made them half crazy, if not entirely because of their bad education, totally unbalanced, in which in many cases, they even bite the their own owner, because they are not aware of what they are doing, their excitability uncontrolable, makes them not realize their actions, they are a time bomb that can explode with the least carelessness that its irresponsible owner might have. When I speak of hot dogs, I mean any breed of dog or mixed breed.


These hot doggies do not enjoy, as long as they are not reeducated, they find themselves suffering from anxiety continuously throughout its lives, anxiety that comes from bad education, and its irresponsible owners, no matter how much they say, do not enjoy the dog, since they have to spend their whole life controlling the doggie, attentive to it, since if they have a minimum carelessness with their doggie, the time bomb explodes in their face and the bad thing is not that, no, the bad thing is that it maybe would explode in another face, an innocent face...




Without wanting to convince anyone of absolutely anything, to say that for me, I want genuine, original, purebred Pit Bulls, with their official pedigree that proves it, the pedigree of their Canine Mother of international scope, the American Dog Breeders Association (ADBA) in the USA, doggies that have the typical qualities for which this breed was created and is known today, intelligent, brave, functional, all-terrain and balanced dogs, very sociable with people and especially with children, dogs to ENJOY them and not the other way around, as with the bad called Hot dogs and I say badly called, because in reality those dogs were not born with a hot attitude, no, rather, most of them have been educated and rewarded in their environment since puppies so that they will have that negative hot attitude, an attitude that naturally has little or nothing, rather it is unnatural, an attitude molded by the human, molded by its irresponsible owner, in order to feed his ego and boast, irresponsible owner, that after an accident happened for having miseducated his doggie and not even having control, he miserably washes his hands and blames the accident on his doggie and the breed dog to which it belongs, in this way, try to go unpunished for the accident that occurred, which occurred due to their manifest irresponsibility, and if you do not believe it, let the ethological scientists explain it...


Mariano Peinado
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- Whence comes the black color to the ELI / CARVER / BOUDREAUX dogs, being that they are all Tudor's "DIBO" family and "DIBO" was buckskin color? - THE HENRY DOGS: