Madrid, 1996.

Of left to right: Villa Liberty´s "Red Bartolo", when had 8 months of age, Villa Liberty´s "Red Scarlet", Mariano Peinado with Villa Liberty´s "Red Oklahoma" when had 4 months of age, and "Red Pit of Villa Liberty" the daddy of all..

Mariano Peinado was born April 2, 1965 and he always was very proud of being natural of a town of Madrid, called Colmenar Viejo. Mariano since children showed great interest by the animals and especially by the dogs. To the age of 20, Mariano travelled to England by job, which gave rise that it knew the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier by first time.

As he was acquiring knowledge on the breed, went awaking in him what in the future was going to determine the legal and formal establishment of the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier, no longer alone in Spain, in various countries more that they did not know upon this breed and Mariano informing and defending it where he was needed, by very far which he could be the place. Both year and a half that remained in England were of vital importance in his life, no longer only by the job, too for the canine companion that had found almost by chance, the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Nonstep long time when also by reasons of job, had to move later to Chicago and to Los Angeles (EE.UU.), where he remained other two years more. In the United States he had the opportunity to continue acquiring knowledge on this breed dog.

When he return to Spain for holidays, met which today is his wife, Mar, and he settled down completely in Spain. They married and as the dogs it was an adoration for both, began to work in favour of the breed American Pit Bull Terrier, fighting both alone against all class of threats towards the breed, like mass media, the different Administrations and many people with influences, that were wanted to clear of in the middle to this noble breed dog with a stroke of the pen.

The 23 of June of 1995, Mariano Peinado founded the Spanish Club of the American Pit Bull Terrier, being the first official Organism that settled down in Spain and approved by the Government Department of the Interior.

The 30 of April of 1998, founded the Spanish Association for the Defense of the American Pit Bull Terrier on the World, from which, he fight through thick and thin in favour of the American Pit Bull Terrier in any country.

The 27 of April of 2000, was based the International American Pit Bull Terrier Federation (FIAPBT) and Mariano Peinado was chosen by the Associations and Clubs that created the FIAPBT, to preside this International Federation, where in nowadays continuous with his work in defense of the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier in any place that it is needed.

Mariano Peinado in 1997, was the first Spanish who wrote a specialized book in the breed American Pit Bull Terrier and in 1999, wrote his second book that treats on the persecutions and unwarranted plots, that this breed in several countries crosses. Nowadays Mariano is finishing writing his third book, which, is entered in the genetic mysteries of this breed dog.

Mariano Peinado at present time, besides directing to the International American Pit Bull Terrier Federation (FIAPBT) and dedicating to his yard called Villa Liberty kennels, where he breed, selects and conserves those genetics of the American Pit Bull Terrier that he thinks that it do not must to disappear, also directs INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR DEFENSE CANINE AND HIS RESPONSIBLE OWNERS  well-known popularly like IADCRO.

Mariano Peinado from IADCRO, is being able positively to forwards take important steps to the benefit of the breed dogs, his breeders and his owners of several countries that are discriminated by mass media, also discriminated on the part of some sectors of the society and especially discriminated by those unjust and ineffective Laws, that its discriminate against the American Pit Bull Terrier and other breed dogs more, badly cataloguing its like Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous, with the negative of all nature that this unjust cataloguing carries to these noble breed of dogs, arriving even at its extinction of cruel and painful way.

The 13 of June of 2009, Mariano Peinado organized in Madrid the FIRST INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS of IADCRO, where the nonexistence of Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous breed of dogs was demonstrated scientifically.

Mariano Peinado since IADCRO, asks to the Spanish Government like to the other Governments whom they have contemplated discriminatory, unjust and ineffective Laws to diverse breed of dogs, the following thing:

Letter in spanish and english sent since IADCRO, to all Countries_leaders , Cities, City councils etc.


Mariano Peinado in the Spanish Deputies Congress, in his meeting with the Spanish Government Deputy Mr. Alejandro Alonso , the 24 of February of 2009 in Madrid, Spain, Europe.

Mariano Peinado IADCRO & FIAPBT against the BSL.


Interview of Radio 5 ALL NEWS from Spanish National Radio to Mariano Peinado (IADCRO). 25 of February of 2009

Interview to Mariano Peinado for the Spanish newspaper ABC - España


- May 11, of 1997 in Torino, Italy, receives a Commemorative Plate of Recognition by his way in defense of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

- October, 12 of 1997 in Oklahoma, U.S.A., receives Commemorative Plate of Recognition like the fan that more has worked in defense of the American Pit Bull Terrier of the year.

- January, 28 of 2001 in the Congress Palace of Barcelona, Spain, receives the honour called " Bark of Gold", like the Spanish breeder that more has worked in defense of the dogs and especially in the defense of the American Pit Bull Terrier, being the first Spanish breeder that obtains a recognition of this characteristics. Organized by the Company “Artero” and the magazine “The World of the Dog”. Prize granted in free voting by the readers of the canine magazine “The World of the Dog”, in a course of time of four months so that to all the name to this prize, they had opportunity from which their votings without problems arrived to them.

- February, 20 of 2003, receive the Nomination of Ambassador in Defense of the American Pit Bull Terrier, by the Organism of Recognition International, Washington Animal Foundation  (W.A.F.) of U.S.A., by the work that comes developing during enough years with the APBT.

- November, 16 of 2008 in Madrid, Spain, receive a Commemorative Plate of Recognition in Recognition to the great work, effort, dedication and the untiring defense to the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier since 24 years ago, by the Organizers of the Spanish MarathonPit Championship, theLanzarote Team” from Las Palmas, the “Pit Club Masters” from Catalonia, the “Melilla Team” from Melilla and several fans of several points of the Spanish geography.


In August of 2009, enough fans of several countries offer to Mariano Peinado a nice public recognition tribute

Tribute to a honest dogmen, the FIAPBT & IADCRO President Mariano Peinado


December, 12 of 2009, in Las Palmas de Gran Canarias (Spain), the Canary Association American Pit Bull Terrier (ACAPBT), offered a precious plate of Recognition to Mariano Peinado (FIAPBT & IADCRO), in Recognition to the Great work, effort, dedication and the defense towards the breed dog American Pit Bull Terrier, since 25 years ago without interruptions.


This recognition is the one that more affection and illusion does to him of recognitions which they have granted to him in different countries, being been him thankful, since for to obtain a recognition of these characteristics in your own country, is quite difficult, according to words of the own Mariano.


The September 5, 2010, it is granted to a commemorative Plaque of recognition to the work to Mariano Peinado (FIAPBT & IADCRO), like the American Pit Bull Terrier Judge in Italy.


The October 16, 2010, grant to a commemorative Plaque of recognition to the work to Mariano Peinado and his wife Mar Bartolomé (FIAPBT & IADCRO), like Villa Liberty kennels breeders and in honor to his American Pit Bull Terrier already passed away Red Pit de Villa liberty”.,


Interviews to Mariano Peinado:

1) Interview for France 2) Interview for Argentina 3) Interview for Spain

4) Interview for the newspaper ABC Spain

5) Interview Radio 5 TODO NOTICIAS from National Radio from Spain. 2009, 25 February.

6) Interwiew from Mr. Daniel Ricardo Hernández, newspaper journalist ofEl Universal de Caracas”, from Venezuela, to the IADCRO & FIAPBT President Mr. Mariano Peinado, on the   occasion by IADCRO & FIAPBT request given to the President Chávez to countermand the Law just approved.     

    Madrid, 2010, 12 January.

7) Interwiew does the May 23, by the COPE Radio: Una vez dentro del enlace, hacer doble

clic en la flecha con un espacio   de tiempo de dos segundos, para dar comienzo a la entrevista. Después de los 10 segundos de publicidad y si lo prefieren para

no tener que esperar, pueden situar el espaciador de la radio en el minuto 10 y 20 segundos, en donde comienza la entrevista de IADCRO.


8) Interwiew does the November 01, 2010 pby Juan Francisco Calle from  --



9) Interview Radio 5 TODO NOTICIAS from National Radio from Spain. 19 de Noviembre 2010.



Congratulations of the Spanish President Government, Mr. José Mª Aznar, to Mariano Peinado, by the work done in the dogs subject. 

Mariano Peinado after to received a recognition plate, the day 11 of May of 1997, in Torino, Italy.


Mariano Peinado, after receiving recognition plate, the day 12 of October of 1997, in Oklahoma, USA.


             Mariano Peinado with Jhon R. Colby, Jhon P.H. Colby grandson. 

Mariano Peinado Judged the first American Pit Bull Terrier Conformation done in Torino, Italy, the day 12 of May of 1997. In the photograph, Mariano does delivery of the trofer to the owner from the APBT that won the B.I.S., called "Zibo".

Mariano Peinado Judged the first American Pit Bull Terrier Conformation done in Cerdeña, Italy, the day 22 of September of 1996, giving winner of the B.I.S., to the APBT Called "Toto". Left to right: "Toto" with its owner, Moreno Buffa (President of the A.C.C.P.), Angelo Scaglioti (RIP), Rosauro Piras (organizer of the Championship) and Mariano Peinado.

Mariano Peinado like President of the International American Pit Bull Terrier Federation (FIAPBT), give a plate of recognition to Mr. Dwait Stubbs, by the great work carried out in the conservation of the genétic Heinzl in his APBT, acting as witness of the recognition a good friend. 19 of October of 2000. Phoenix, Arizona, USA.


Left to right: Barry Scarcelo (Ponderosa Pits), Mariano Peinado, Danny Burns (RIP) (Ponderosa Pits), and Gary Hammond showing the books writings by Mariano. 9 of October of 1999. Tulsa, Oklahoma, U. S. A.

Mariano with Mar and with Villa Liberty´s "Red Bartolo", in Arkansas, state of Kansas in U.S.A.

Mariano working hard in the gym, practicing his favorite sport. 28 of January of 1985, Margate, England, Great Britain.

Mariano in left, doing exercised to the edges of the great Michigan Lake, together with his good Mexican friend. 7 of November of 1987, Chicago, Illinois. U.S.A. 

                         Mariano in Tokyo, Japan, in 1989.

                  Mariano in Cancun, Mexico, May of 1999.

                   Mariano, sample his fair of love about all the animals.

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