INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION & CHAMPIONSHIP CONFORMATION SHOW AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER ADBA, FIAPBT & UKC in the best european canine club, located in Orvieto, Italy. Organized by TNT Dog Kennel.

September, Saturday 4 and Sunday 5,  2010.


Campionato Italiano    Campeonato en Español


The FIAPBT Italy inform:







On the right “BUBBA Jr (ADBA & FIAPBT), winner of the Best In Show General that confirm him as the asbsolute winner of the 2010 International Conformation Championship in Italy.

On the left “BJ” (ADBA & FIAPBT),  that won the second place in the Championship behind “ BUBBA “. “BJ” also won the American Pit Bull Terrier Trophy (APBT) reserved for those dogs with the best phisical condition and preparation. Congratulations to the owners of those two wonderful dogs    



1 Video del Campeonato: Choicing of 4th, 3th, 2nd and 1st places on males class 1-3 years old


The similarity of the conformation of the two APBT finalists in the Championship it was so closed, that Judge Mariano Peinado, duly studied every single details of the two dogs candidates to win the Best In Show (B.I.S).


According to the explanation of the Mr. Mariano Peinado, in the judgements, some features of the dogs APBT, that participated to the event, not strictly inculded in the ADBA standards, was taken into consideration, for their extremely importance at the time to express the verdict on the animals; those featues was the attitude and what was called the heart of the dog.


A balanced and positive attitude toward people a good behaviour an excellent predisposition to the work and to please the owner, are features that cannot be seen, simply taken a look at the morphology of the dog, but with the experience made in several years, help a lot to evaluate simple details, that with the right interpretation, shown without any doubt, the real side of the behaviour of the dog and give the possibility to express a judgement for merit and for the criterions of the judge.

Those details help to know and to evaluate the character of what we called heart attitude of the APBT dog, even if we don’t have much time to know the animal, just like happen in the show of conformation and not in the show of beauty on the contrary of what some fans think.   


2 Video Entering males class 1-3


In what we can called a “global” sistem of judgment, heart attitude within the conformation in the ADBA & FIAPBT standards, should be very important for every judge in express a verdict of the animal, much more important of the standard itself, considering that we are talking about a breeding with a special attitude for working.    

According to Judge Mariano Peinado,using this way of judging, would help a lot in the future, to avoid the genitical and pathological deneration of the character of the dog, that unfortunately it’s very common nowadays for the majority of the canine breedings, that in their respective shows, are judged without take into consideration the heart attitude of those dogs that are presented in the conformation show, simply because for those ones  are beauty shows.

Sadly the most negative side of that aspect is the reason that those way of judgement are commonly adopted as an habit.        


Judging just the aesthetic side and the beauty of the dogs that pertecipate to a show, bring prejudice instead of a benefit to any kind of breed, in fact, that kind of analysis, make the breeders create dogs, just considering the aesthetic side, to have results in the competitions and have fame and fortune for their breedings and not considering the heart attitude of the dog, creating degeneraton and problems due to a wrong selection based just on the aesthetic.



3 Video Judging Mambas' Brindle


Judging the inner side of the animal within the spirit of the heart of the APBT, is what Mr. Mariano Peinado consider as the base of his analysis of the dogs and he’s sure that for refine the breed, those characteristics should come together and be complementary one to the other .    


There were others characteristics on which Judge Mariano Peinado based his analysis of the dogs as for example the front and rear part of the animal, the head, the studing of the angles during the movement and the stillness of the animal, general look, etc, ect.     


Judging in this way the judge had at his disposal better and important parmeters to know which dog would deserve the title of B.I.S., that confirm the best American Pitbull Terrier of the Championship.



4 Video Judging Mambas' Biombo


Which would be clear and defined without any exception from the begginning of the event it was the fact that the absolute winner of the International Championship of Conformation it would be, without any doubt an original type of APBT with characteristics of 100% attitude at the work and respectuful of the ADBA & FIAPBT standards.      


Due to the extreme balance between the two candidates to the final victory, BUBBA Jr (ADBA & FIAPBT) y BJ(ADBA & FIAPBT), the judge to have more details for the verdict, asked that the dogs was placed at a distance of few meters to have a better and complete view of all the details and decide who would be the winner of the Championship: BUBBA Jr (ADBA & FIAPBT).

Congratulation Champion. 



5 Video Judging Mambas Jack


              Luca Caldarini, Mariano Peinado and “BUBBA Jr (ADBA & FIAPBT) best APBT of the Championship to win the Best In Show.


6 Video Entering males class 1-3 pt.2



Davide Caretta with “BJ” (ADBA & FIAPBT), whose won the second place in the Championship. “BJ” won also the trophy APBT as type of dog with best physical condition. 


The 4th and 5th of September 2010 will be remembered in the italian history of the American Pitbull Terrier in the years to come.

In those days in fact in Italy took place one of the most important Event celebrated in those last years for this breed.


On Saturday 4th Mr. Mariano Peinado ( Spain ) held a Convention regarding the several aspects of the American Pitbull Terrier at the end of whom all the audience had plenty of time to ask questions and be very satisfied of the aswers received.   


The Convention also had the partecipation of the jundge and breeders Kimberly Daw Allison ( USA ) which talked about the genetic selection of her breeding and the relevant developement of it.


Sunday 5th of September in a wonderful day at the end of the summer in Orvieto, Italy, took place the International Conformation Championship of the American Pitbull Terrrier breed ( APBT ). This International Championship was perfectly organized from TNT Dog Kennel in one of the best european kennel club called Centro Cinofilo "i Pioppi".



                                                                                                          Centro Cinofilo "i Pioppi"


For the judging of the APBT dogs that partecipate, was invited the judges Mariano Peinado ( Spain ) to judge the dogs APBT FIAPBT & ADBA and Kimberly Daw Allison ( USA ), to judge the dogs APBT UKC.


The International Conformation Championship of the American Pibull Terrier ( APBT ) it was a great success under all the aspects and had a pertecipation of a lot of APBT dogs with a high level of quality also confirmed by the judge Mariano Peinado. Mr. Peinado said that the level of quality of the dogs of the 2010 Championship was much more higher compared with that, seen in the same Championship held in 1996 and 1997 in Sardinia and Turin both events were Mr. Peinado judged.

For this reason Mr. Peinado said that Italy are walking an excellent path for what concern quality, purity and autenticity of the breed.        


At the end of the Championship for the affirmation of the title Best In Show (B.I.S.) the APBT FIAPBT & ADBA dogs faced the APBT UKC ones winner of the correspondent categories. This was a very exciting moment in the same day during the Championship in which the audience had the opportunity to enjoyed such a spectacular moment, showing a very high level of interest and participation.

The results and the rankings at the bottom of the page.     


Moments of the judging of Mambas' PIOMBO(ADBA & FIAPBT) an excellent APBT type conform to the ADBA & FIAPBT standards and directives.


The audience that participated at the show was very satisfied and shown his gratitude to the organization of TNT Dog Kennel for preparing such an excellent event and was agree with the verdicts that were considerated ethic and fair both from the winners and from those that was won; a very uncommon thing to see in such others dogs championship.      


      Kimberly Daw Allison, judging an APBT conform to the UKC standards and directives.



Moments of the International Championship, that had and excellent participation of audience. 


                                               Another moment of the Championship.



Table of trophies







American Pit Bull Terrier (UKC)



 “BJ” (ADBA & FIAPBT) with his owner  Davide Caretta. “BJ” (ADBA & FIAPBT) was the second best APBT of the Championship. In the picture showing the trophy of best APBT of the Championship with best athletic condition. Excellent dog.



    Matteo and Mambas' PIOMBO(ADBA & FIAPBT)



Matteo and Mambas' PIOMBO(ADBA & FIAPBT). Excellent dogs those ones of Black Mamba Kennels.


 Patterson´sAlly” (ADBA & FIAPBT). 


             The FIAPBT, the FIAPBT Italia and TNT Dog Kennel, enjoying happy moments during the Championship.


    Wonderful and excellent person Kimberly Daw Allison (USA), judge and breeders of  American Pit Bull Terrier (UKC).



Before starting the Best In Show, VILLA LIBERTY'S “TURBO (ADBA & FIAPBT) owner Mr. Oriol Lloria ( Spain ) and VILLA LIBERTY´S “FILOMENA” (CHANEL)  (ADBA & FIAPBT) owner Mr.Cristian Braglia ( Italy ) made a spectuacular conformation exibition not valid for the Championship. This event out of the competition it was decided by the judge Mariano Peinado that was the breeders of the two dogs and for a matter of ethic in the competition and fair play, decided not to allowed those dogs to partecipate to the Championship. Also the owner of TURBO and FILOMENA” (CHANEL), for ethic and fair play just presented the dogs out of the competition.      





                “TURBO”                                                                                                   “FILOMENA” (CHANEL)  


    MAR BARTOLOME with her “babies” “TURBO” and “FILOMENA” (CHANEL)


Kimberly Daw Allison (USA), Mariano Peinado (Spain) (FIAPBT), Daniele Rizzacasa (FIAPBT Italy), Rino of Kennel Club "i Pioppi" (Italy), Francesco Nicotera (FIAPBT Italy), Simone Tiberi of TNT Dog Kennel (FIAPBT Italia), receiving an award plate for the disinterested work made in behalf of the APBT breed.







American Pit Bull Terrier (UKC)



Heinzlbetty kennels “Maya” (ADBA & FIAPBT) despite the young age, shown an impressive athletic functinality with a very good predisposition.



                 Heinzlbetty kennels “Maya in the Championship lead by her owner Sara.


MFS “JOLIE” (3ª) (ADBA & FIAPBT), Zwolinski´sMISS ROLEX”(1ª) (ADBA & FIAPBT), Tiberi´sSALLY” (2ª) (ADBA & FIAPBT)


      The owner of MFS “JOLIE (3ª) (ADBA & FIAPBT), receiving the trophy for the third place of her category.


   Mariano Peinado judging Tiberi´sSALLY” (ADBA & FIAPBT). Kimberly Daw Allison judging an APBT (UKC)


The owner of Tiberi´sSALLY” (ADBA & FIAPBT), receiving the congratulations of the Judge for the second place.


Zwolinskin´sMiss Rolex” (ADBA & FIAPBT), was the winner of Best In Show in the puppies category till one year of age in the APBT (ADBA & FIAPBT).


       Judging the front quarters of Mambas' “IRON JACK” (ADBA & FIAPBT)


Judging the back quarters of Mambas' PIOMBO(ADBA & FIAPBT), one of the most important Conformation places for the suitable functionality of the APBT


                                                                                        Mambas´ ”BLACK QUEEN(ADBA & FIAPBT)


Excellent American Pit Bull Terrier. Bezzi´sTiqwa(ADBA & FIAPBT)



                                   Rachele Bolognesi owner of Heinzlbetty Kennels “Morgan Gordon” (ADBA & FIAPBT)



                                                             Heinzlbetty Kennels “Morgan Gordon” (ADBA & FIAPBT)


“BJ” (ADBA & FIAPBT),  Antonelli´sBubba Jr” (ADBA & FIAPBT), Litle Bitt of Honey (UKC), Bezzi´sTiqwa” (ADBA & FIAPBT)


Monica Voltolin owner of the extraordinary Bezzi´sTiqwa(ADBA & FIAPBT), proudly showing the trophy won with “Tiqwa” as best female of the Championship in the adults class.


     Heinzlbetty Kennels “Morgan Gordon (ADBA & FIAPBT),  Zwolinskin´sMiss Rolex(ADBA & FIAPBT), Lattero´s Thea (UKC)


Zwolinskin´sMiss Rolex (ADBA & FIAPBT), won Best In Show in the puppy class until one year of age, category APBT (ADBA & FIAPBT). Zwolinskin´sMiss Rolex(ADBA & FIAPBT), also won Best In Show in the puppy class , competing  with the APBT (UKC). Wonderful APBT dog.


All the first positions in the championship was won by APBT category (ADBA & FIAPBT)










                                                                               FIAPBT and FIAPBT Italy








Saturday 4th os September Mr.Mariano Peinado ( Spain ) held a Convention regarding several aspects of the American Pitbull Terrier breed such as the defense of the breed by IADCRO against the unfair regulations PPP and BSL, the origin of the breed, genetics ect.,ect. At the end of the Convention, Mr. Peinado aswered to all the questions of the audience that was very satisfied to be deeply involved.


The Convention also see the participation of the judge and breeder Kimberly Daw Allison ( USA ), that talked about subjects regarding the genetic selection in her breeding and the developing of it.


A very special thanks goes to Francesco Nicotera for many aspects of the organization of the event, but above all, for his incredible effort and work in the translation of three different languages ( Italian, Spanish and English ) simultaneously. His knowledge of the foreign languages and his great professionalism made possible that all the people assisting to the event, could easily understand what judges told.




The FIAPBT and the FIAPBT Italy, would like to thank Simone, Alessandra, Daniele, Rino, Francesco, Mar, Tere, Kimberly, Oriol, Sara, Cristian, Salvatore, Gianluca and all those people that made this international event possible. A special thanks to all the people that joined the event and to TNT Dog Kennel.


All the events regarding the APBT breed like this Championship of conformation are extremely important in behalf and defense of this breed before the human society and all the medias. Walking together ADBA & FIAPBT want protect and defend the future of the breed APBT.


We spent a wonderful weekend that we will never forget. THANK YOU TO ALL






More pictures from the International AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER Championship:  




Presentation to the fans the new FIAPBT Italy & IADCRO Italy Delegations

(Web sites in construction. Soon more information in this same place and in the Web sites from the FIAPBT, FIAPBT Italy)



From left to right: Mar Bartolomé (FIAPBT & IADCRO), Daniele Rizzacasa (FIAPBT Italy & IADCRO Italy), Mariano Peinado (FIAPBT & IADCRO), Francesco Nicotera (FIAPBT Italy & IADCRO Italy), Cristian Braglia with “Channel” (FIAPBT Italy & IADCRO Italy), Oriol Lloria with “Turbo” (FIAPBT & IADCRO), Simone Tiberi of TNT Dog Kennel (FIAPBT Italy & IADCRO Italy).


La FIAPBT inform all the fans about the:


FIRST WORLD APBT CONFORMATION CHAMPIONSHIP that will be held in September 2011 and will assign the official title of Champion CH”. Event organized by  FIAPBT, the FIAPBT Italy and kennel club Centro Cinofilo "i Pioppi" with the participation of:


Heinzl Betty Kennels Italy


Tnt Dog Kennel – Orvieto, Italy


Villa Liberty kennelsMadrid, Spain  


THE FIRST WORLD APBT CONFORMATION CHAMPIONSHIP, will be celebrated in the best canine center, the Centro Cinofilo"i Pioppi" located in Orvieto, Italy. Come to enjoy it with us, you do not would forget never it.



All the fans that would like to do the registration of their  APBT to the 2011 World Championship and would not have the ADBA pedigree, could realize the registration showing the pedigree of their APBT ( UKC, Bonafide Kennels, etc.), before the  Championship to get the ADBA pedigree. ADBA have an investigatin department that state the authenticity of the pedigrees that want to have the homologation ADBA to ensure the APBT dog has a real pedirgree and be a pure breed.


Only in this way FIAPBT can officially do the international homologation of APBT recognized by FIAPBT itself as ADBA pedigree for the reason that ADBA do the homologation and validation of the pedigree in an official way and 100% sure at the moment to present the validation of the pedrigree ADBA to any other pedigree.


Members of  FIAPBT, FIAPBT Italy and the owner of the kennel club  Centro Cinofilo "i Pioppi", deciding the last details for the organization of the APBT World Championship Conformation Show  that will be held in Italy in the 2011.




Soon more information in this same place and in the Web sites from the FIAPBT, FIAPBT Italy and the Centro Cinofilo "i Pioppi".




TOURISM TO ORVIETO  Official Web site of Orvieto



       St. Patrick Pit.

       St. Patrick Pit.

  Going down in the St. Patrick Pit.

  St. Patrick Pit.




      “BUBBA Jr(ADBA & FIAPBT), absolute winner of the International APBT Championship of Conformation Show Italy 2010



The FIAPBT and the FIAPBT Italy, giving tribute to Simone Tiberi of TNT Dog Kennel, to make the accomplishment possible of this Championship with an excellent organization and, for being an excellent person with a great human quality like his wife Alessandra. THANKS TO BOTH   















                        FIAPBT Italy 













Octuber, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17, 2010, the FIAPBT and the ACAPBT will organize in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, the First Olympic Games with the Work - Sport breed dog by excellence, the American Pit Bull Terrier, being the First Olympic Games that are celebrated in history with a breed of dog.


In the Olympic Games, besides being realised several modalities of work - Sport like for example; Weight Pulling, Jump, Fence, Agility, Prey, etc. etc., will lodge the modality Queen of the Olympic Games, the MARATHONPIT, where we will be able to enjoy the assured great dispute to secure the Championship of the Canary Islands, of Spain, of Europe and the World of this hard and beautiful test.


Information here.



In the FIAPBT it has been decided that in the MarathonPit Championships of the Canary Islands, Spain, Europe and of the World, an analytical one of urine would be realised to firsts classifieds to the dogs as to the participant people, for this way avoiding doping and in case some will give positive in the test, would be disqualified automatically passing its classified position to the following one.


The FIAPBT plays fair and clean in all the aspects with the APBT and concretely in this it is not going to be less. The FIAPBT does not want treatments nor relation with cheaters and the less even though they are able to set out the life of its dog with drugs


                             F    I    A    P    B    T  

                             FIAPBT  FIAPBT